The Metaverse could be a problem.

you’ve probably realized the bulletin just a few weeks ago facebook announced that they’re changing their companionship mention to meta because they’re planning on structure something called the metaverse i don’t think fairly people are talking about this the metaverse is going to change my life it’s going to change your life so we need to understand what it is why people are agitated about it but then also how it has the potential to end society as we know it the concept of the metaverse is this throughout history we have constantly been moving towards more and more engaging media we’ve gone from text to photo to video we’ve gone from say diaries and papers to now spending most of our spare time watching tick tocks on the internet and the metaverse is what comes next an internet that you’re not just looking at through a screen but that you’re actually inside of take anything you could think of doing right now shopping chatting with friends reflecting to asmr videos on youtube and now imagine that in the time it takes you to time snarl your paws you could be doing that thing in a manner that feels real with other people who feel present in a lay that’s whatever you want it to be a living shared everlasting virtual nature that’s meta’s see of the metaverse achieved through a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality which they’ve said that they will subsidize the cost of in an effort to get as countless beings on this planet to be a part of the metaverse and in case i wasn’t clear this is pretty damn cool then there are some indisputable positives like precisely to get the self-evident out the route the metavest will allow you to live out your delusions in one single night you could be slaying foes in handheld combat you could be playing a quiet activity of chess on wall street of brand-new york and surfboarding in all the regions of the tropics of the bahamas all with incredible pragmatism but at the same time the reassurance that you yourself are safe at home and on a same greenback there is also a comfort to the idea that you’ll too be able to express yourself nonetheless you want to you know how now you have a profile photo for your social media notes these sorts of the likenes that represents you to

other beings well in the metaverse you won’t simply have an image you will have an avatar a perfectly three-dimensional living depiction of you but you in the way that you would want to be did you ever wish you were three inches taller now you can be did you ever wish you had a bigger forehead now you can have one you can be any gender you require you can be any race you demand you could be any creature you demand yes milo i select you and to be very clear longer term your avatar is not going to look like these cartoon people i think they just use them to make it seem a little little sinister the truth is though metta is also working on the tech to create entirely lifelike avatars fully rendered with every “hairs-breadth” on their front and if we pour on their skin this is not a game this will feel like real life and what i’m saying is that this realism combined with either the sheer amount of preferences you’ll get will allow you to feel like you’re not being constrained by the body that “youre ever” physically assume into in real life you could be someone with a severe disability in a wheelchair but in the metaverse forget moving you could be able to fly and if you are enjoying this video then a sub to the channel would be uplifting on the subject of flight though you know i’ve always dreamed about the idea of teleportation because i’m always trying to be as like efficient as is practicable with my time being stuck in traffic jams kind of horrifies me but in the metaverse there’s going to be a relic of the past each person will have their own home space you form the aesthetic that you want others to see and then you can invite people to really appear within it wait what the teleportation is likely to be the equivalent of only sounding a association in your browser now practically instantaneous and if you compare that to the concept of real teleportation of literally deconstructing every atom in a person’s

body at one point in time and then recreating them somewhere else i think one of those two options is more likely to be the future of transport and it’s not the real one besides if we are moving towards the metaverse and if all interactions are gonna happen virtually anyways we wouldn’t even want to physically teleport we want to be at home with our headsets oh my god i’m lost man and it’s not just travel that will speed up massively it’s also learning you know how now we look at libraries as really old-fashioned because like why would you try and find out info from a record when you can google exactly what you want well the metaverse is going to make googling it seem just as old-fashioned you’ll be able to learn about things by time touching them or even hell looking at them and to be able to obtain that information in a more visual interactive way than we’ve ever seen before you’ll be able to travel not just to any place but also to any time the industrial revolution archaic rome dinosaurs being able to actually ordeal living with the fossils are you able imagine and hey if you can learn faster you can also do things faster i think the metaverse is going to make us even more productive take the current situation a lot of us now are working from residence i mean to be honest “ive never” actually had a proper job but you know what i mean well in the metaverse we’d still is being done that but it could also mean that you could always be in your most optimal environment whether that’s surrounded by others or totally alone whether that’s in an office in outer space or sitting outside a supernatural forest whether you’re surrounded by beethoven symphony while “youre working” or just like the audio of silence it’s up to you plus the tech will allow us to input faster a lot of us

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have grown up writing everything with pencils nowadays people are shifting to sounding things on keyboards in the metaverse we’ll be able to use voices gestures and even originating things happen by just thinking about them i’m not joking meta is working now on electromyographic or emg input device which can detect and intercept the caprices in your guts the signals from when your brain is telling for example what your fingers what they should be doing and move those signals to the equating acts in a virtual space or in other words you will be able to send a message to someone by just thinking about moving your fingers you won’t even was also necessary physically keep moving and this metaverse hardware it’s not as far off as you think fun fact next year meta “ve come” with a headset currently being code named projection cambria which in one fell swoop will apparently answer two of the biggest current barriers to the metaverse one that it will be comfortable enough and the exhibition will be sufficiently close to the resolution of your eyes but you won’t feel like you’re wearing a headset and two it’ll be able to track your facial expressions in real era which if attracted off precisely will mean you’ll be able to have conversations with reasonable body language in a virtual space so these are the obvious benefits from metaverse knows idiom teleportation knowledge and productivity but there’s also a couple of potentially unexpected ones like the environmental issues you accompany growing real products is certainly inefficient the production of a real car for example can quite easily result in 20 tons of carbon dioxide emissions the production processes a virtual car zero zero zero 0.00000 zero zero zero zero you called a number one and that chink in radiations merely gets greater when you start to talk about potentially exploiting that car i totally get that the idea of a virtual car sounds very odd and not at all analogous but really thought about it in the metaverse we have teleportation

both virtual gondolas and physical automobiles are just as useless as each other you’d only drive on if you specifically thoughts a drive not actually to get anywhere in particular and so what i’m saying is that it’s quite likely that the more useds that join the metaverse the more we shift towards purchasing digital goods and digital event and so the fewer airplanes civilizes gondolas sends delivery truck we’re going to use and thus our impact on the planet might well nosedive and the final kind of exciting thing is that the metaverse will also has become a new economy the meta is developing a accumulate within it announced compas marketplace which is not just them selling material to us but a pulpit where anyone can be a seller you could create virtual clothe you could craft a brand-new virtual event and charge beings to try it you were able to design a completely new world anything and you’re no longer constrained by the physical cloths you can get hold of only your imagery and your ability to code and i’ve got no doubt that every forward-thinking brand will likewise make sure that they have a presence here because i mean if we’re spending all our time in the metaverse and that’s where we’re going to meet people and seem to others then our virtual figures and our virtual homes are actually going to start to matter more than our physical ones the point is in a new world you will likewise have new opportunities to earn and if you’re wondering well how do we make sure beings don’t simply buy one copy and then redistribute my creations my best guess is that transactions will principally happen through cryptocurrencies i’ve got a full video explain those up there but basically the idea is that crypto is built with the ability to verify the purity over virtual goods or in other words it once has information systems in place to be able to trace the ownership of them so frankly this whole metaverse thing has a pretty great sales pitch the ability to be together with anyone to be able to teleport to anywhere to be able to create and experience anything but it’s also pretty scary there’s four key

things that i think we need to be very mindful of like data let’s be honest facebook has had a reasonably rocky relationship with how it’s managed customer data in the past and remember that’s from an epoch where we were still somewhat segregated from our digital souls but in the case where we become our digital egoes where our sketches are not just a few holiday photos that we choose to share but literally everything we do in this metaverse we’re going to have to set a whole new level of trust into a company that doesn’t accurately reveal how they’re using the information collected we’re talking about data collection on the level of measuring your psyche activity you wouldn’t even give your family that kind of access but this is a future where you could be giving it to meta but something potentially even scarier than the data problem is that we are talking about how corporations will be able to create virtual experiences that feel indistinguishable from real ones right i make on one hand that is a miracle but isn’t it also a little bit alarming we are already being shown predominantly merely the content we agree with and the contents that we want to see but if you make that theory into the realm of the metaverse we are also able fully lose contacts with what’s actually real the power to curate not just your report feed but your whole world now meant that if you detest hearing homeless people well your metabolism can suppose that they don’t exist if you didn’t think kovid was real in your form of the metaverse it wouldn’t be you if you only loved one tech brand and detested the residue into your metaverse that’s all you’d need to

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see you won’t even really know if what someone is saying to you is actually what the person behind that avatar is saying or if it’s just what meta wants you to hear because it will preserve you on the stage for the longest well let’s say one of your friends notes came spoofed you could be sitting in the same room as a cyber crook and you wouldn’t even know we’d effectively be ceding ascertain of our part gumption of reality to other parties whose incentives are nothing to do with our best interests only making sure that i guess you see as numerous adverts as possible but there’s more you might not know this but one of the biggest challenges of go a social media scaffold is actually in the moderation of it facebook once has part depots filled with people who are just scanning for the absolute bad things parties are affixing hate pronunciation terrorism exploitation and just trying to prevent as much of it as possible from spreading but it’s one thing to try and police written text where you can very easily scan for potentially harmful key words if meta want to carry on this moderation in something as complex and as open as the metaverse then they’re gonna need to do it in a way that’s incredibly invasive they’re gonna have to be watching exactly what tattoos people’s avatars have what the writing on their garment is saying every single item you design or purchase for your home opening every action will have to be monitored if they don’t want it to turn into chaos okay these are all concerns but do you want to know what my most fundamental fear is about the metaverse it’s that we talk about all the cool things it is an opportunity for for our avatar that they’ll be able to do what they want look how they crave suffer anything but it all leaves a big question about what

happens to us at the end of the day right as incredible as the technology is we’re still parties we still need to eat healthy we need to drink lots of water we need to work out satisfy a partner have a family and i’m not convinced that the metaverse is going to help us continue to do that i think the metaverse is effectively the next generation of social media with all the positives and the negatives of those stages taken to the absolute extreme you’ll experience the high-priceds of immersive shared experiences like ever been but too harassment in a manner that feels far closer and more painful misinformation that’s more convincing and activities that are more addictive it’s being pitched to something that will sit alongside our real souls to to complement them but i can’t see a nature where it wouldn’t become our lives in a world where something of this power exists you won’t be able to merely pop off your headset and followed up with your epoch as regular the metaverse will feel no more optional than the internet does now you’ll need it for work to get the required productivity you’ll need it for social opportunities because that’s where all your friends are you’ll need it because relative to your life in the metaverse your real world will kind of suck can you imagine every night taking off your headset and going from this handsome prince who’s just won the approval of your part tribe on an intergalactic pilgrimage to then seeing your actual ego in the reflect and

remembering that you’re not that person that you don’t have the perfect face and torso and that you are eligible to never do any issues that your avatar can do the motivation won’t be to start looking after our real egoes because we can never get there it’ll be to actually threw our headsets back on and waste even more time in the metaverse and i think this will apply to errands more the metaverse video shows us an example of what i can only assume is an architect who in the metaverse can productively design houses with his team but if you really think about it usurp the metaverse becomes what it’s setting out to we’re not going to need the buildings that they’re designing a matter of fact in a macrocosm where you can only sounds a few keys and have whatever you want appear in front of you surely most people won’t have jobs in the realm of technology it’s increasingly possible for more things to be done by the few people who know how you won’t need engineers you won’t need gardeners you won’t need space cleaners you’ll only need beings with ideas and people who know how to turn those ideas into virtual goods we talk about the future as driverless cars and hyper-connected cities but if the metaverse makes over we’re not going to need vehicles we’re not going to need cities all we’ll need is a good internet

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connection and a posterior okay the last thing i’m going to say about this is that the metavest is not one thing that one moment it’s not there and then suddenly it is it’s not a question of if we’re going to get there or how we’re going to get there the metavest is actually here it’s now and it’s only going to keep evolving towards what the company meta is talking about just take fortnite this started off as a game but it’s now so much more than that it’s become the pulpit in which a whole generation of parties hang out they go shopping in they even attend concerts in fun fact i recently got some graphic design work done for my path and the person i hired asked for payments not in dollars but fortnight v horses because to that person buying in-game items was more valuable than buying real life components the metavest is not just a facebook thing it’s the universe that all of these large-hearted tech companies together are slowly but surely spewing tens of billion dollars into artistic together facebook is just the first one to make its part in it official i think it’s an inevitable future but there is one thing that i think could naturalness a great deal of my concerns about it to keep the metaverse open beginning i.e to make sure that all the code of how it’s working remains public so that’ll aim less very concerned about your data less concerns about spying it’ll be less about trust us your personal information is safe more like i can see that my personal information is safe and while this will probably establish occurrence slower because with open root programmes there is much less of a profit incentive compared to keeping your secret generator behind closed- door maybe that’s a good thing maybe that will give us more period for the regulation and beings pondering to catch up with information and communication technologies itself on the document of data though you probably know the holidays are coming up black friday cyber monday we’re all about to be buying endowments from lots of different places signing up to lots of different services and handing out our data like it’s everyone’s birthday but let me ask you a question do you have any idea

how many companies nurse this data and most importantly how to actually get it back a great deal of people assume that at the degree where they delete an app from their phone or deactivate one of their social media accounts that their data exactly disappears but the truth is unless you exclusively write to a company and exert your privilege to be forgotten all your sensitive personal data address phone number everything will just sit on a growing number of servers from every single thing you’ve ever signed up to and well it goes without saying the more servers the higher the risk of a hole and this is what excavation is trying to counter they’re the sponsors of this video and their app gives you a visual summing-up of accurately which fellowships know what about you and then how to get it back so if i sign up with my email address on i can see that oh there 751 firms have my data so the idea is that i can time click on any one of these companies it’ll tell me what type of data they regard the risk level they have for a data breach and then i can simply make reclaim if i decide that i don’t want them to have it any longer and that’s it with mine i can send a data eraser request to that fellowship from my inbox so i’ll leave a link down below to find out more it’s completely free to use but the big picture idea is that to enjoy the internet today you need to be open to handing out your personal data and that’s why you need quarry to get onto back to check out one of the most pro smartphones i’ve ever seen click here or to see why i’m worried about humanity which links quite a lot to this topic that video’s here my call is aaron this is mr who’s the boss and i’ll catch you in the next one

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