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a big thank you to robo rock for sponsoring this video we’re going to start with a question what do you get when you make lidar robots sonic reverberations suction and irrigate threw them in to one thing i know what you’re thinking and you’re right it’s obviously the roborock s7 robot vacuum so i have had some version of robo rock-and-roll patrolling my house now for the better part of two and a half years and we’ve had two of them here at the studio so it’s a symbol that i know very well a label that i have bought their concoctions legitimately i think they conclude some of the most awesome tech forward little robot cleanup chaps uh in the world if you don’t know robo rock they certainly promoted the game when they strike the market it was the first robot vacuum-clean that seemed to actually succeed because of the technology that was built in there’s been robot vacuums before these are the first that really put tech at the spearhead again because of that i’ve been using them for years their recent modeling the s7 takes the sort of the mapping acquaintance that robo boulder is really known for and incorporates it with a two in one mopping and vacuum-clean organization before i used to all of that nonsense simply i want to give you guys a expressed appreciation for a shout out and admire you guys sticking with the direct for watching the videos and give you guys a chance to win a 500 american express gift card stimulated it super easy just like the video leave a comment down below tell me what you would do with a robo stone vacuum be sure to leave your social manage so that behavior when you earn i know how to contact you[ Music] so for the longest time the biggest problem with vacuum-cleans like this was i mean emptying it human laziness absolutely convinced the members of this house get cleaned every day but then you still have to clean it and make sure that it’s empty and i know how hilarious that hubbubs it’s like oh the worst part of cooking is cleaning up but that’s not the case anymore the s7 actually can work with an automobile empty-bellied dock which is as epic as it resonates so instead of docking and spawning you exhaust it afterwards “theyre gonna” do all the dirty work for you so inside there’s a filter and a dirt pocket right like

every vacuum the purse is three liters so it’s going to make quite a while to fill up in fact this thing can last up to eight weeks without vacating that’s a terribly very long time and by the way it gets there is by being smart-alecky there’s rational dust collecting procedures that’s going to adjust how often it’s going to exhaust based on your use and you can adjust which procedure it abuses in the app depending on the size of your mansion so i personally use smart because it anatomies out what it’s doing on its own if forever rationale i don’t empty it there’s a button in the app to impel empty into the auto empty dock and essentially what that simmers down to it gets filled it empty-headed itself and then when the item to dock gets crowded you have to empty that but you don’t have to do that really for like sometimes as far as two months it’s epic it’s awesome play-acts right into my adoration of tech and too my innate laziness best of all all that aside uh if the s7 docks the dustbin and doesn’t relatively get wise right like various kinds of you’ve seen these things kind of line up a little sideways if it’s not lined up accurately it’s going to stop the vehicle vacating so it doesn’t just like dust all over your home it’s it’s polite like that so the vacuum-clean itself when you buy it comes with only a normie pier if you want to choose to go smaller profile if you want to you can purchase the dock separately on its own but it’s important to note that the dock simply directs the s7 model so previous examples won’t be compatible time the s7 so there is a bundle available too which i think is the way to go if you’ re gonna use the s7 i think it attains sense to get the auto empty dock with it[ Music] all right so you really bought the s7 like what are you gonna get you notice that little kind of

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hockey puck face thing on top that is a signature of robo-rock it’s a lidar scanner same thing that a lot of cars using for autonomous technology it’s built into your vacuum-clean uh which is awesome this is going to sort of scan your whole room and make sure it gets every nook and cranny and like i said this feature is why i’ve been using a rubble rock-and-roll vacuum-clean because it simply works along with that you get the cleaning brushes this thing trembles and it shakes a great deal for a ground so it’s sort of using this moving ability it’s going to use sonic pulse technology to scour your storey up to 3000 times per minute it’s always been a question i think with these cleaning purposes right it’s easier for this thing to drive around and make like a snail footpath on the floor but it’s actually cleaning and scrubbing the soil apart or just sort of smooshing it all the way around it use really really well and then that’s one of the biggest intellects to go for the clean function this thing comes with all right so the mod parts great it drives but my home like probably your house too i have carpetings carpets other locates that don’t need to be mopped but i still crave them vacuumed uh so the s7s can do all those things the swab is intelligent so it can detect when it contacts a carpet and face-lifts up the clean head out of the lane so it can vacuum your carpet instead of one single cleansing sesh it’s actually gonna consume ultrasonic bang to detect which to be on and when it does vacuum-clean it’s using a new rubber clean so no longer is it working the bristle brand design it’s gonna come entangled and messy and precisely egregious looking sort of what most vacua look like this one is a solid fragment of rubber that should contribute to merely a general clean floor[ Music] all right so with

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the robot vacuum the hardware and peculiarities are sort of merely step one being able to control it and tell it when and where to go i think is way more important than how well it cleans so i mentioned this thing’s got lidar built in and that’s where the mapping and sort of those cool creates come in everything is controlled with the robo rock-and-roll app and there is a ton that you can provide here so firstly my favorite thing is just seeing the accuracy mapping of the vacuum-clean and this sounds like a odd thing to say but you can see a detailed layout of your residence that has been fully mapped with the s7 so plus i kind of like to see where the vacuum is missed so for example you leave your shoes in the middle of the floor like my adolescents do all the time you can see exactly where the s7 did and didn’t go sort of think of it like the lidar sensor on the back of the ipad pros or your iphone pros it really does an breathtaking activity planning the whole area around you and the planneds can allow you to customize the rooms and layouts of the cleanup round so personally “i m living in” a two-story house so being able to have both levels or saved is important um and the app gives you multi-level maps so when i’m ready to clean up stairs i literally only have to carry it up be awesome if it could go upstairs on its own it’s gonna remember know that it’s upstairs know where i’ve squandered it before and just go you can actually work up to four storeys if “youre living in” a manor but best of all you can clean all these residences with exactly one simple artillery freight all right so aside from the mapping you can actually schedule when the vacuum’s gonna start “thats one” that we use all the time in our room so i’ve got kids and they are happy to make snoozes uh so i want to make sure i don’t disturb them likewise when coming from school i don’t want the vacuum going so i’d rather sort of finish during the day so you can set your particular schedule for whatever you want even do it on a

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room by apartment basis plus you can also do not disturb for nighttime meter just in case or if you exactly need to clean one room real quick you can tell a vacuum-clean just go to that office and clean it straight-from-the-shoulder from the app um which my boys think is a party trick from my phone i’m prod a button and then a robot just goes there you can do a assortment of other substance very you can set up um no go zones with observable walls it’s really kind of granular you can dig in and do what it is you crave so we have a rug that my children play on a lot and that necessitates there are toys everywhere on it i can actually provided a boundary along that rug so the vacuum-clean doesn’t try to clean there you can sort of get that detailed in if you want for most people i don’t have kids or dolls you can pretty much simply hit vacuum it’ll really do its thing it’s also connected so it’ll work with your expres consuming alexa google or siri so pretty much every auxiliary you are jamming with it can work with that so use your voice start it to go i know all the sounds like things you may have heard before but a good deal of contestants a good deal of other vacuums have one or two pieces uh the roborock s7 makes all of these together and it works well i know it’s kind of weird to be talking about a vacuum and a robot vacuum-clean but it is an awesome combination of technology and too like in-home actual usefulness so if there’s something you want to check out you can actually buy it on amazon i’ll leave the link down below

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