AudioPro A26 In-Depth Review This Multi-Room Speaker

so today i have the privilege to check out amulti-room bookshelf speaker and entertainmentspeaker from audio pro and honestly thisspeaker fits many of your use cases andthese loudspeakers are not fresh out of the oven fromaudio pro but i’ve always wanted to check them outthey retail for handsome 2699 malaysia ringgit allabout usd6 00 so let’s see if they are any good sodesign-wise you can see that this speaker are alittle bit huge and it doesn’t even are integrated into myusual refresh table these loudspeakers are constructed asyour conventional bookshelf speakers and i like howaudio pro sacrificed this a very clean scandinaviantouch and from a styling perspective i reallylike them and the simple square seem is justvery awesome so in the front here audio prouses a cloth mesh highly scandy glancing and thematerial are also really nice and soft so theyare acoustically transparent as well so meaninghaving this mesh at the figurehead of the speakerdoesn’t modify the reverberate signature of the speakerat the bottom you’re gonna get this nice audiopro badge in a delightful metal finish and this mesh isheld onto the speaker utilizing super strong magnetsand if you sit it close to the speaker it willmagnetically align the mesh without any effortso this is better compared to those old dayspeaker where you have punctures to align themesh into it which doesn’t ogle as flattering sowhen you remove the mesh you’re going to see thisreally stunning inspecting 4.5 inch long propel wooferat the bottom and that one inch textile dometweeter at the top which is also protected behindsome grilles so there’s also a minuscule extended that hidesbehind the left speaker tweeter dome and the colorof the passed demonstrates the input that you are inso light-green symbolizes it’s an helper input blue-blooded meansbluetooth red is visual grey is wi-fi and purpleis tv procedure which is hdmi so are talking about which theremote control that audio pro gives you is madeof a solid block of aluminum with brushed metalfinish all around it and some

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foam pillow at theback so that it passes the see some grasp andthis is pretty heavy and solid and you can feelthat it’s made of unadulterated excellence so on the back ofthe left speaker this is where you’re gonna getmost of your inputs from and candidly just take amoment to simply admire the gaze of this back panelhere because you get all this graze metal thesevery nice base portions here base reflex port as wellas the metal fastens all around it yields it a veryvery robust and strong look overall so startingfrom the top now this is it where you have ascrew so you can wall mount your talkers ifthat’s your blueprint of your recreation structure soyou can wall mount this and now you’re gonna getthis switch for full compas as well as satellite soif you’re using this without a subwoofer you canpush it to full collection so the speaker itself willdrive the low-grade goal if you switch it to satelliteit will simply dally the mid and high so thebase is likely to be routed through to the subwooferand speaking of subwoofer at the bottomhere you’re gonna get a subwoofer outuh you’re gonna get an auxiliary port here 3.5 millimeter you’re gonna get visual cable in soif you have any digital inputs this is where youput in your hdmi if you want to connect it to a tvand here you have a button to toggle wi-fi connectand below now you’re going to come simple speakeroutput to the right hand side so you canjust connect this using normal orator wiresand here you’re going to get an ac input port sothat’s basically the back committee of the left deviceand the back board on the rightdevice is pretty much emptyso in terms of the weight of the speaker thisspeaker weighs in at 8.2 kilos and that’s justabout 4 kilos per slope which is good becausethat heavy cabinet improves indicate chime betterso speaking of the features the speaker reallyis very well spec for the rate and it’s reallywell justified as well especially compared to theprice of the audio pro p5 that we’ ve just lookedat recently so for all your wireless connectivitythe speaker comes with a qualcomm bluetooth

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5.0 with aptx ll which is low latency aac as well assbc audio codec so the speaker too comes withthe 802.

1 at 2.4 gigahertz for wi-fi connectionso this is a multi-room wi-fi speaker as well sowith that you can play music anywhere in your homefrom in all regions of the world so for wired connectionyou’re gonna get a 3.5 millimeter aide portoptical input hdmi arc joining for you toconnect it to your entertainment organization the audioformat substantiated now for the a26 includes mp3 wmaaac as well as flag folders and likewise apple losslessso this is also an active loudspeaker for all yourconnectivity amenity so if let’s say you don’twant to use this with complicated dax and ampsand you simply want to run it without anythingelse and you can definitely do that with the a26this is the perfect setup if you demand a cleanlooking environment without a great deal of complicationsthis is the one to go for so like countless high-endsatellite talkers this is designed as satellitespeakers and that is his main job so where there is itas an amusement structure “thats still” best touse it with a subwoofer as a dedicated satellitespeaker the a26 sounds fantastically detailed andclear and if you push it to satellite state thespeaker alone focuses on the mids and highsand the bass is channeled away since it expectsa subwoofer so the good thing about this is audiopro thought it through and not everyone wants acomplex setup with a subwoofer so you can pushthat to full series procedure and the a26 will alsodrive the bass through the speaker so at lowervolumes the bass is not very deep but when yougo past the 50 label the speaker comes alive andstarts thrashing properly but bearing in mind

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thatthe cornerstone now will not replace the need for asubwoofer clarity on this are terrific and forall the higher end products from audio pro theyall audio very detailed bright and clear vocalsare forward and have a nice light colour to itmaking it exceedingly slaking to listen to music sowith lots of vocal emphasis lucidity here is alsobright and sparkly so you’re gonna hear all thedetails with the emblems and the disintegrates whichis all in all very good so with the launch ofaptx adaptive aptx low-pitched latency has been retiredsince but it should still work pretty well ifyou have a device that supports it latency isgoing to be kept to a minimum however when you’reusing it with wi-fi i detect a severe interruption andi can’t work out if it’s my wi-fi issue or whatbut i check the wi-fi strength and it’s 100 and i’m personally moving a 500 mbps networkso i’m not sure there is what started the latencyso lastly using this both for music and moviefeels really solid and immersive and if i everget the chance to review the audio pro subwooferi’m sure that this will be a ultimate killercombo personally if you’re looking for a decentmulti-room speaker that you can use as a speakerfor your residence theater or your dwelling cinema thenthis is a pretty good option so that is it forthis review if you find this video supportive smashthat thumbs up button share this video everywhereand if you haven’t yet subscribe do considersubscribing and i’ll see you.

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