Brava Smart Oven Making Food in the World’s Most Futuristic Oven

and the reason we are amassed around is due in part to this gadget right here that’s amazing inside that steak is already 70. that is fast is it red-hot but luscious our steak was pretty much at the maximum height you don’t need any more stress in your life and there’s a camera inside so you can monitor on your smartphone 14 times and 10 seconds with the potatoes there’s no way those potatoes are cooked wow who would have thought we had a cooking show before we get into today’s video i want to mention that this kitchen gadget we’re going to be looking at is going to be on sale it’s coming up very soon for pitch-black friday around pitch-black friday doesn’t go on sale often stick around to the end to get all the details the studio’s been transformed into a fix present hooray cue the public noise here there’s potatoes on the table there’s some steak on the table bake or don’t roast cookies over there which jack picked out and i think you’re gonna get a kick out of them i’ve never even consider anything like it before and the reason we are collected around is because of this gadget right here a kitchen gadget it’s called the brava and this is like a brand-new type of oven i it’s it’s hard to even call it an oven because of fleshes and oven it cooks things but it has a completely different approach it cooks with light-headed and in

different sections and segments fill up a tray like this one or a tray like this one one two three with a variety of food items and instead of heating the whole thing up like the same it can cook each ingredient separately depending on what it is so if you had broccoli up now on crowd three you had steak down here on number one undoubtedly they have different cooking requirements it can do that on one tray all at the same time there’s an app that goes with it with a variety of uh existing recipes but you can of course time throw in whatever you like and it’s fast for me that’s key this thing is immediate it’s like a grilled cheese in a marry minutes it’s like potatoes in less than half the time of what it would take in the oven and there’s a camera inside so you can monitor on your smartphone everything that’s happening with it this temp sensor is gonna ensure that everything is cooked exactly properly so like for the steak we’ll only put in medium rare and be confident so we’re not gonna screw up our 20 steak and placing it is is pretty straightforward as you can see you simply slip it into the side of uh what could be a steak it could be uh chicken it could be whatever it is that you might have to monitor the temperature for so open it up there’s tray localities so there’s a lower and upper tray a couple of instructions now for for how to do one of these combination trays as far as filling the tray up and then on the back a variety of things you can do on here pretty wild you can cook a pizza in here you can do eggs in now clearly steak and potatoes is what we have you can bake in now you can do breakfast in now you can use the app you can use the touch screen here it even has a sear functionality which i’m roused about because clearly when you’re cooking something like steak it’s important to have that ability all right i think we should just call will over because he’s very excited and interested in this device he’s the type of guy that could really take advantage of this right this would be

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suitable for you wouldn’t it yeah you could you were able to do a whole meal on here yeah like you could do chicken offstages i don’t know what type of thing you like to do but unquestionably wings unquestionably ribbed potatoes this will do ladies and gentlemen that’s will do ladies and gentlemen this is your temp sensor it connects on the inside now roughly plugs in like a like a usb almost and then this is gonna go into our venture we’re gonna placed that right in there it can do up to a two inch steak let’s put the steaks to the side just for a moment let’s uh get some potatoes going there he goes just honcho over to the grocery store there and pick up uh you know one of those potato melodies i was so confident it’s like you make potpourrus right well now potatoes in the oven they take forever one thing we don’t have here is uh like any type of oil or solid like we don’t have any butter or oil of any kind we’re kind of missing that but you know what though can we actually get the flab from the beef how about mcdonald’s french fries a little beef fat in there beef towel yeah only uh just trimmed a part of that and then applied it in there you know kind of salty certainly dude ladies and gentlemen this guy’s been around town he’s been around the block that’s what i’m saying so well let me explain to you that why this is going to change your life okay okay because as it stands right now you’re uh you’re taking too many risks the course your crypto this is all about stability you observer you leave the kitchen you exactly throw it in you forget it you just leave it alone right you don’t have to worry yeah it’s it’s on your phone you’re getting the notification you’ve got the probe in there you know how that is you don’t need any more stress in their own lives doing a little something like this so i’m just gonna dollop a few cases of these on there just right too much too little we’re close we’re close for sure okay all right here we go oh that’s salt ladies and gentlemen here “theres going” a

little salt on a potato we’ll take it a little pepper on it on a potato oh the spice reeks immense you know it’s underappreciated the characteristics of like simply a usual spice sure he’s underappreciated because it’s like it’s on everything but what even is our cooking show i’m trying having trouble pinpointing it’s like regular it’s very regular we’re regular parties figuring things out it’s not you know the normal tap dance type thing to it yeah i’m just unusually well understood time me sitting there with like a cap and just like staring over you concluding potatoes i don’t know how much we’re gonna do here i’m gonna only sound a little here it i think it’s steak era so inside the app you can pick i make such a variety of recipes there’s even like videos in here and material very pick what you want to cook including these combo plates so i’m just going to click on search over here if i just type in steak let’s say there we go new york piece and potatoes these are fingerling potatoes we cut those potatoes i think it’s okay no brand-new york divest steak one and a one-fourth to two inches thick this is two inches yep salt it demands cooking lubricant it’s all right we’re gonna have dry potatoes arrange steak in zone one we did that those potatoes might get stuck it says you’re supposed to pitches them with oil okay metal tray goes into the top rack can i just route this to the sent to my brava oh yeah check it out look at that go straight over here so i’m looking picking what i want to cook and then it see it meets the steak in zone one and the potatoes in two and three okay i’m gonna close it up now this says 10 to 17 minutes wow so this is where you choose your favor stage of doneness from medium rare up to well done we’ll keep it at medium rare scene comes up whoa oh there’s a steak right there wow crazy will come check this right now mmm you envision the temperature 53 go up to 120 seek i think we can can we see it on the phone too oh glance come on man now you’re on the couch hanging out i’m just drooling yeah so quenching yeah i is also difficult reeked the steak cooking oh yeah oh yeah starting to cook all right oh yeah that’s amazing inside that steak is already 70.

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And you ever barbecue like with a flesh thermometer hmm no that is fast is it yeah and that’s hard to achieve in your residence when you just got the flapping around with your heaves this guarantees it like the steak has slowed down it vanished disappeared up to 90 fahrenheit really fast then slowed and exactly with my snout i can tell it’s working on the potatoes now and creating them up to the level of the steak it’s a really kind of cool ability it’s being really careful not to overcook the steak right it is intended to smacked accurately 120 and not more particularly granular it simply wants to go up one stage at a time[ Music] target 120 medium uncommon 14 minutes and 10 seconds with the potatoes there’s no way those potatoes are cooked open door and check your meat before continuing i mean reeks apparently smells delicious oh humanity that’s a that’s a serious steak right there i mean the potatoes search cooked anything can happen here i think it’s good oh look at that actually that looks really good top to bottom it’s actually somewhat even you said medium rare right this is medium rare yeah i was wondering if it’s gonna cook top and foot equivalently you see that it does i’m gonna time try a piece plainly a great deal of it is a trimmed that he fought to begin with but “i m loving” it i represent i represent i undoubtedly understand like the nature we do this video is naked minimum like we literally swiped a piece of meat on it and some potatoes without lubricant that’s a steak right there that’s really good the availability of it is kind of amazing we moved the potatoes over onto the oil and did a rapid little top up and this is this the key to getting the petroleum in there now you could use patently olive oil or something like that but it’s a key hmm well i heard that front oh hot hot but delicious what’s that cocoa cookie jam-pack i make a good deal of this has to do with only checking with a examination or some sort of a temperature check but the problem with those is you’re not going to leave it in the whole time you unquestionably don’t have a camera and everything is not enclosed and

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contained and like how can you get that evenness top to bottom i like to see the things that are baking their progress no didn’t you when you were a kid did you not sit in front of the oven if your momma ever was cooking something and you would like look in and turn the light on like it’s almost ready i didn’t even know luck appeals cookies existed fragrances good way crunchier on the bottom than i expected i’m a little concerned gonna be too gooey especially this cookie some type of lucky appeals cookie now but you know how crunch to the bottom very pleasant[ Laughter] that’s what you wishing in a cookie soft surface crunchy foot you did it steak potatoes cookies whatever you want to eat you do it in the oven you do it with accuracy you make love with productivity make love with better velocity that is honestly my favorite duty because of how high-powered these lights are you’re getting things that typically taking so long you’re getting in a shorter period of time so i like that all right so a little more about the celebration season deal that brava is doing they’re offering up to 300 off bravo bundles between monday november 15 th and sunday december 5th this is their best sale of the year so the starter set comes 100 off the roast and breakfast planned gets 200 off and the chef’s choice named comes 300 off you can check those details in the description as well there’s also another color depending on your decor you can get the uh the black example as well equally delighting yeah this is a type of thing it’s not like a normal announce musics a lot more aggressive all right so uh no it’s not coming out where’s it proceeding i don’t know they’re supposed to grind and come through unless there’s a close oh there must be a seal of some kind i think i might have shafted this one up oh that’s salt ladies and gentlemen now we go a little salt on a potato we’ll take it

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