Google I/O 2021 keynote in 16 minutes

good morning everyone it’s great to be back at io today i’m agitated to share our recent breakthrough in natural language understanding lambda it’s a language model for exchange works and it’s open domain which means it’s designed to converse on any topic and while it’s still in research and development we’ve been using it internally to explore novel interactions for example say you wanted to learn about one of my favorite planets pluto lambda already understands quite a lot about pluto and millions of other topics let’s listen to a discourse the team had with pluto a few days ago i’m so curious about you i sense your agitation ask me anything tell me what i would see if i inspected you would get to see a massive valley some frozen icebergs geysers and some craters it clangs beautiful i give you my assurances it is worth the trip-up nonetheless you need to bring your coat because it gets really cold i’ll deter that in judgment hey i was wondering have you ever

had any visitors yes i just have some the most notable was new scopes the spacecraft that seen me let’s break down what built it feel so natural first learn perceptions as you ascertained the representation talked about the brand-new compas spacecraft and the coldness of infinite lambda synthesized these concepts from its develop data because none of the responses were predefined lambda asked with sensible responses keeping the dialogue open-ended natural discussions are generative and they never take the same path twice and lambda is able to carry a conversation no matter what we talk about yet it’s still early investigate so it doesn’t get everything right sometimes it can give laughable responses imagining pluto doing flip-flops or playing fetch with its favorite ball the moon other epoches it merely doesn’t keep the conversation vanish running we feel lambda’s natural discourse capabilities are likely to compile information and computing radically more accessible and easier to use we look forward to incorporating better communicative features into commodities like google helper investigation and workspace lambda is a huge step forward in natural speech but it is still drilled exclusively on verse when people communicate with each other they do it across images text audio and video so we need to build mannequins that allow people to naturally ask questions across different types of information these are announced multimodal examples for example when you say show me the responsibility where the lion shrieks at sunset we will get you to that exact minute in a video advances in ai are helping us reimagine what a map can be but now you can also use it to explore the world around you you’ll be able to access live look right off the map and instantaneously construe detailed information on the patronizes and the restaurants around you including how busy they are recent reviews and photos of those popular saucers in addition there are a host of brand-new boasts

coming to live view later this year we’re adding pre-eminent virtual street signeds to help you steer those complex intersections second we’ll point you towards key scare landmarks and arranges that are important for you like the direction of your hotel third we’re bringing it indoors to assist you get out some of the hardest to steer constructs like airports transit depots and malls indoor live you will start rolling out in top train stations and airfields in zurich the coming week and will come to tokyo next month we’re bringing you the most detailed street maps we’ve ever establish take this image of columbus circle one of the most complex intersections in manhattan you can now see where the sidewalks the crosswalks the pedestrian islands are something that might be incredibly helpful if you’re do young children out on a step or absolutely necessary if you’re using a wheelchair thanks to our applied in boosted ai technology on robust street vistum and aerial imagery we’re on track to propel detailed street delineates in 50 brand-new municipalities by the end of the year so we’re making the planned most dynamic and more tailor-make foreground the most relevant information exactly when you need it if it’s 8 a.m on a weekday we’ll display the coffee shops and bakeries more prominently in the delineate while at 5 pm we’ll foreground the dinner diners that equal your preferences you’ll start seeing this more tailor-make map during the coming weeks beings have found it really useful especially during this pandemic to see how busy a target is before heading out now we’re expanding this ability from specific neighbourhoods like restaurants and supermarkets to places with the facet called area business say you’re in rome and want to head over to the spanish gradations and its nearby shops with area business you’ll be able to understand at a glance if it’s the right time for you to go based on how busy that part of the city is in real term neighbourhood busyness will roll out globally in the coming months let’s talk about all the ways we’re innovating in shopping soon on chrome when

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you open a new invoice you’ll be able to see your open go-carts from the past couple of weeks we’ll also find you promotions and deductions for your open go-carts if you choose to opt in your personal information and what’s in your go-carts are never shared with anyone externally without your assent we captivate photos and videos so we can look back and remember there are more than four trillion photos and videos stored in google photos but having so many photos of loved ones screenshots selfies all stored together makes it hard to rediscover the important instants soon we’re launching a new space to look back that we’re calling little blueprints little patterns register the sorcery in daily minutes by identifying not so obvious minutes and resurfacing them to you this boast works machine learning to translate photos into a series of numbers and then compares how visually or conceptually similar these epitomes are when we find a set of three or more photos with similarities such as shape or coloring we’ll surface them as a blueprint when we started testing little patterns we identified some huge fibs come to life like how one of our operators traveled the world with their favorite orange knapsack or how our make overseer christy had a habit of captivating objectives of similar appearance and colouring we also want to bring these minutes to life with cutting edge impacts last year we propelled cinematic photos to assist you relive your recognitions in a more colors room cinematic times will take these near replication portraits and use neural networks to synthesize the movement between idol a and epitome b we interpolate the photos and fill in the breaches by establishing brand-new encloses the end cause is a vivid moving picture and the cool thing about this gist is it can work on any duo of images whether the government is captivated on android ios or scanned from a photo album in addition to providing personalized material to look back on we also want to give you more restrain “weve heard” from you that ensures

can be helpful for anyone who has been through a hard live happen breakup or loss these penetrations stimulated us to give you the restrain to hide photos of certain people or time periods from our storages feature and soon you’ll be able to remove a single photo from a recall rename the remembrance or remove it only instead of form following capacity what if form followed feeling instead of google blue we imagined information you a brand-new motif that includes you as a co-creator letting you transform the look and feel of all your apps by producing personal substance palettes that concoction complexion science with a designer’s heart a new design that can flex to every screen and fit every device your apps changed comfortably every lieu you go beyond light and dark a procedure for every mood these selections can circulate with your note across every app and every machine substance u comes first to google pixel this fall including all of your favorite google apps and over the following year we will continue our vision bringing it to the web chrome os wearables smart-alecky exhibitions and all of google’s produces we’ve modernized everything from the fastening screen to organization arranges reworking the highway we use dye molds light-headed and motion watch what happens when the wallpaper alters like if i use this picture of my babies actually get along for once i determine it as my background and voila information systems establishes a custom-made palette based on the colorings in my photo the result is a one of a kind design just for you and you’ll see it firstly on google pixel in the come starting from the fasten screen the design is more humorous with dynamic lighting pick up your phone and it lights up from the bottom of your screen press the power button to wake up the phone instead and the illumination ruffles out from your contact even the clock is in tune with you when you don’t have any notifications it looms larger on the fasten screen so you know you’re all caught up the notification colour is more instinctive with a snappy at a glance thought of your app notifications whatever you’re currently listening to or watching and quick situates that give you ensure over the os with really a swipe and a tap and now you can invoke the google deputy by long pulping the strength button

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and the team also increased the cpu age of android system server by a whopping 22 percentage and with android 12 we’re going even further to keep your information safe to give people more transparency and control we’ve created a brand-new privacy dashboard that goes to show what type of data was accessed and when this dashboard reports on all the apps on your phone including all of your google apps and we’ve realise it really easy to annul an app’s dispensation directly from the dashboard we’ve also contributed the performance indicators to make it clear when an app is employ your camera or microphone but let’s go that a step further if you don’t want any apps to access the microphone or camera even if you’ve awarded them permission in the past we’ve added two new toggles in speedy sets so you are eligible to altogether disable those sensors for every app android’s private compute core enables things like now playing which tells you what song is playing in the background and smart reply which suggests responses to your converses based on your personal reply blueprints and there’s more to come later this year all of the confidential audio and lingo processing happens alone on your maneuver and like the rest of android private calculate core is open source it’s perfectly inspectable and verifiable by the security community with a single sound you can unlock and sign into your chromebook when your phone is nearby incoming chat notifications from apps on your telephone are right there in chrome os and soon if you want to share a picture one click and you can access your phone’s most recent photos to keep movie night on track we’re building tv remote features immediately into your phone you can use voice search or even type with your phone’s keyboard we’re too really excited to introduce support for digital car key car key will allow you to lock unlock and start your car all from your telephone it works with nfc and ultra wideband technology stirring it super secure and easy to use and if your best friend needs

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to borrow your car you can remotely and securely share your digital key with them automobile key is propelling this fall with select google pixel and samsung galaxy smartphones and we’re working with bmw and others across the industry to introducing it to their upcoming vehicles that was a quick look at android 12 which will propel this fall but you can check out many of these features in the android 12 beta today let’s go beyond the phone to what we believe is the next growth of portable computing the smartwatch first constructing a unified programme jointly with samsung focused on battery life performance and constituting it easier for makes to build immense apps for the watch second a whole new consumer experience including updates to your favorite google apps and third a world-class health and fitness service created by the newest addition to the google family fitbit as the world’s largest os we have a responsibility to build for everyone but for people of color photography has not always seen us as we want to be seen even in some of our own google products to start smartphone photography certainly for everyone we’ve been working with a group of industry experts to build a more accurate and all-inclusive camera so far we’ve partnered with a range of different expert image makes who’ve taken tens of thousands of idols to diversify our likenes data sets helped improve the accuracy of our automobile grey match and automobile revelation algorithms and given aesthetic feedback to become our epitomes of people of color more beautiful and more accurate although there’s still much to do we’re working hard to bring all of what you’ve seen here and more to google pixel this twilight we were all grateful to have video conferencing over the last year it helped us stay in touch with family and friends and impeded the enterprises and institutions going but there is no

substitute for being together in the apartment with someone so some years ago we kicked off a project to use technology to explore what’s possible we call it project star line firstly employing high solving cameras and custom improved breadth sensors we capture your shape and appearance from several perspectives and then fuse them together to create an extremely detailed real-time 3d pose the resulting data is huge numerous gigabits per second to send this 3d imagery over existing networks we developed tale compressing and streaming algorithms that shorten the data by risk factors of more than 100 and we have developed a breakthrough beacon province presentation that shows you the realistic representation of someone sitting right in front of you in three aspects as you move your pate and body our system adjusts the likeness to coincide your perspective you can talk naturally gesticulate and reach nose contact it’s as close as we can get to the feeling of sitting across from person we have spent thousands of hours testing it in our own roles and the results are promising there’s also fervor from our lead-in endeavour collaborators we plan to expand access to spouses in healthcare and media thank you for joining us today please enjoy the rest of google i o and remain chanted for the developer keynote coming up next i hope to see you in person next year until then stay safe and be well

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