How to Root the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

so i’ve been using the pixel 6 pro as my daily invention for the past few weeks and my full in-depth review will be come to the channel very soon so keep aria for that but as with any pixel invention i’ve literally ever worked i located myself a bit underwhelmed with how limiting the residence screen launcher is in terms of customization and so whilst i’ve kept the pixel 6 pro unrooted leaved one of the next designs i’ll be using and scrutinizing will be the regular pixel 6. i want to see whether i experience the experience more or less if the phone is rude verify the very best kinfolks behind the super popular lawn chair launcher really liberated a brand new update that not only brings with it a cluster of android 12 exclusive features like material u auto theming but it now also supports the quick switch module on android 12 which represents if you have a rooted phone you can actually positioned open breath as the default system launcher meaning it gains access to the gestural navigation organisation and this results in a much smoother conduct in regards to animations and fluidity and so that accompanieds us to this video i was just going to root the pixel 6 and be done with it but i remembered why not film the process to ensure anyone else wanting to do the same can follow along it’s nearly the exact same process with the pixel 6 pro so if that’s the telephone you’re using then you cover it as well and i’ll construct mention of any steps that differ throughout now a huge disclaimer up front here firstly in no way am i advocating you should actually spring your telephone that is purely your decision and i’m just simply showcasing the process and secondly this process will absolutely

wipe your phone at least formerly maybe even twice depending on the process so if you do decide to go ahead make sure you create a full backup of your phone before doing anything but with that out of the action let’s dive in all right the first thing we need to do is download some enters that will enable our phone to interact with our computer and i’ve left some relations down below to where you can pick these up but precisely keep in mind there are different versions for spaces and mac so make sure you grab the relevant folders suited for your pc invention of selection but once you’ve downloaded them we then want to extract the downloaded zip folder and then within that you should interpret a folder now called pulpit implements i’m going to draw and droop this over to my desktop and i indicate you do the same so that following this tutorial is likely to be exactly that little bit easier okay the next step is to unlock our phone’s bootloader and this part of the process will totally wipe your telephone so it’s often better to do this before you’ve even named the thing up but if you’re already use your phone then as i said just make sure to perform a complete backup of your design so you don’t lose anything important so with our phone switched on we need to first enable make alternatives which we can do so by coming into our phone arranges steering down to the about phone menu and then if we come down all the way to the bottom we should see this option called construct numeral and then we need to tap that seven seasons where reference is do our passcode will pop up so we’ll input our passcode then we can head back into the puts menu and then we’ll come into the system page and now a brand-new section should show up near the bottom called developer options we’ll tap on that and then within this page we need to find a fit announced oem unlocking and make sure it is switched to on you’ll need to input your passcode again so time that and then tap on

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enable then we’ll come down to the debugging section and enable usb debugging and from there we need to plug our phone into our computer okay so on our computer we now want to launch into our command prompt application so here on my mac i’m going to be using the terminal application but if you’re using a window design then you can time use the command prompt application but once it’s opened up we then want to type the following cd space desktop then enter and then cd space platform dash implements then enter and this will send the terminal to that programme implements folder that we moved to our desktop earlier from there type in scatter slash adb opening machines on a mac or only adb devices if you’re on a windows machine but then we want to affected recruit and once you do that you’ll probably get this authorization pop-up on your phone that asks to allow usb debugging which you want to allow formerly that’s done you should now examine a random count now that indicates your machine is correctly set up the mod too demo blank if you haven’t yet enabled usb debugging or licensed it on your phone hitherto or it could also be space if the cable you’re using is faulty or it’s not fully plugged in so check all of those things if this list isn’t demo up for you but once this multitude shows up we’re now going to type in speck gash adb or again time adb if you’re on a opening design then infinite then reboot infinite bootloader and then affected penetrate to launch our phone into fastboot mode then we need to type in the following command dot slash fastboot or precisely fastboot if you’re on a opening machine then space flashing opening open then hit enter you should then see a corroboration content on your manoeuvre and we then want to use the volume keys on our

phone to select the unlock the bootloader option then reached the influence key to strengthen the bootloader will then be opened and they are able to reached the strength button to reboot your phone and it’s at this point that your telephone will have been completely mopped and restored to its mill district except the bootloader is now fastened now normally i perfectly defined my phone up properly now but i did encounter another factory reset later on during this process so it might be worth only racing through the setup process once again just in case and then if your phone isn’t mopped again last-minute down the line you can always do a factory reset which will prompt the setup process again entailing you can restore from a backup as per usual either way once your phone is back on make sure you re-enable usb debugging in private developers alternatives as this setting will have been reset in the wiping process and now we need to head back to our pcs to situate the factory image file for our pixel 6 or 6 pro google actually fixes this process outrageously easy because they set all of their mill image files onto their own developer website every single time an update is secreted so we want to find the version that is relevant to whatever software patch we’re currently on so in this case i’m running the october 2021 alternative which is this one now and if you’re unsure just double check that build number and download the factory image with the according count this is literally the only step that differs depending on if you’re using the regular pixel 6 or 6 pro you simply need to download the rectify folder that suits your invention of pick now it is a quite massive enter it is therefore might take a while to download but once it is downloaded we then need to unzip it within that unzipped folder you are able to realize a knot of various types of data and we’re looking for another zip record

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here and for the regular pixel six you can see it’s this one called image.orioli hyphen blah blah blah dot zip for the six pro it’ll be portrait fleck raven dash blah blah blah blah fleck zip so we’re gonna unzip that and then in this folder we’ll see some more data but the one we’re looking for is called boot.image so we want to take this boot persona register and transfer it over to our machine of select so for me i’m just going to arrange it in the downloads folder on my phone using android file transfer but whilst we’re in this pixel 6 likenes folder we also want to locate a document now called vb meta fleck image and transpose that to our stage implements folder on the desktop because we’ll need that a little later on now that we’ve done that we want to head back to our phones and download and install the magisk manager application which of course i’ll leave a link to down below because we’re running android 12 we actually need the latest canary version otherwise this process won’t work so once it’s installed we want to then launch it and we should examine a button now towards the surface that says install so we’ll sound on that and then tap the select and patch a folder alternative from here we want to find that boot portrait file we are only transferred to the downloads folder hand-picked it and then tap let’s go magisk administrator will then create a patched account of this boot idol document and collect it in the downloads folder on our phone as well and so we then need to hop back onto our computer and pinpoint that file either via the android datum carry app or time by the file explorer on a window maneuver and then we want to transfer that register which would be called magisk underscore patch and then some random counts flecked idol to the platform implements folder on our desktop so keeping out of us plugged in we

now want to prance back to our command prompt application and launch our telephone back into fastboot mode by typing scatter reduce adb or really adb on a window design then space then reboot cavity bootloader and then hit enter once our phone is booted back into fastboot procedure we firstly was also necessary disable the dm verity proof by flashing that vb meta register moved over to the platform implements folder earlier so to do that we’re going to type in scatter flog fastboot or again merely fastboot on a space design then cavity then flash seat dash smash disable hasten verity opening hasten panache disable dash proof space vb meta infinite then vb meta dot img if you don’t want to type all of that out which i don’t condemned you if that’s the case then i’ll leave the command down in the description below so you can copy and paste it in instead but then as soon as we hit open avb and dmverity is advisable to disabled and now squandering our command prompt once again we can type the following dot slash fastboot or again really fastboot onto windows machine then opening twinkling gap boot gap and then we want to drag and stop the magisk highlight patched epitome document immediately from our stage implements folder to where our cursor is once that’s completed we can then hit enter that likenes record will have been patched over and formerly it’s done you can then reboot your phone however i actually encountered an inescapable boot loop-the-loop right at this step of the process so i actually had to do a manual mill reset myself via this android recovery menu and then go through the process of setting up my phone again and i’m not sure if that will happen to you but at least you’re aware it can happen but once it was cleaned and rebooted once again i had this weird greyed out magic icon in my app drawer which when sounded prompted me to complete the setup process this then rebooted my phone once again and then finally my phone was successfully rooted so a little more complicated than previous android copies thanks to that dm verity pace and that unpredictable bootloop problem

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but all in all still a relatively simple process and so the first thing i had to do after rooting my pixel 6 was install the quick switch application followed by the latest launcher 12 apk then after a reboot i was able to select launcher 12 as my default launcher via the quick switch application and then after yet another reboot i was finally up and running with launcher 12 set up as my phone’s stock default launcher and i’ve got to say it undertakings pretty beautifully you will experience the periodic gate-crash here there are still generally while you’re setting up your dwelling screen but the fact that i can now is not simply use third party icon battalions as well as have a much wider grid sizing selection but too secrete both the at a glance widget and the google probe table in the dock is seriously amazing i can now initiate pretty much any residence screen i like whilst simultaneously retaining that fluid buttery smooth home screen launcher suffer and it really is super amazing if you want to see a full synopsi of this new version of open breeze let me know by flatten a thumbs up and if you want to find out whether i continue with the regular pixel 6 with beginning access enabled then stand aria for the full examine which will be dropping sometime in december aside from that if all went well you should now have yourself a rooted pixel 6 or 6 pro and so if you’re now wondering how to make the most of your freshly phone well i’ve build various videos that unpack a stack of astonishing street merely peculiarity so i’ll leave that playlist linked up in the cards and down in the description below or if you’ve made it this far in the video and you’re still not sure whether you should go through with the root process at all then i’ll likewise leave a link to a video that unpacks seven reasons why you might want to avoid rooting your telephone which is probably worth watch aside from that if you located this video supportive then a sub would be greatly relished but that’s it thank you all very much and i will catch you last-minute you

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