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so if you’ve ever seen a peek of my direct at any point in the past then you’re probably well aware that i showcase a great deal of android lotions but for the past six months or so i’ve actually been working in partnership with a make to create my own application and it’s afforded me a real appreciation for all of the coding and labour that goes on behind the scenes to create these incredible apps that i’m showcasing and so that resulted me down the rabbit flaw of open beginning lotions if you’ve never heard of the word open beginning before it essentially conveys a developer of any given application has made all of the coding and records related to their app available to the public for goal and even for adjustment and dissemination so this is great if you’re a read developer because you can check out all of the coding for any open generator app that you might like and

even employment that for your own application development or it also precisely provides a rank of trust when using one of these open informant apps because you know there aren’t any trackers or malicious fragments of system obscured within the app more than that open informant employments are free and they never include any ads whatsoever and so with all of that being said i thought it’d be fun to compile a schedule of my favorite open generator employments here in 2021 i’ve got 15 apps to showcase that fit the bill of being both free and open source so buckle up and let’s get straight-shooting in so starting things off we have snapdrop and this is an incredible application that performs sharing folders between any invention a much more seamless process you just open the app on your phone and then in your browser of choice and any manoeuvres in the near vicinity will pop up pretty much immediately then on either invention you select a file for transfer and within seconds it’ll appear on the other device the best part is that you don’t need any sort of account there’s no need for third-party browser increases and i genuinely use this app several times a week and then there’s newport this app is a lightweight copy of youtube that opens a heap of otherwise restricted boasts the design is fairly simple certainly nothing to write home about but where it might be lacking in design it certainly spawns up for in areas of features for example you get background playing picture-in-picture mode downloading for offline playback plus a bunch more and again really a remember this app is completely free with no ads whatsoever apk updater is a tool designed to simplify the process of observe revises for the various apps set on your telephone and what becomes it really great is that it’s not just limited to apps from the google frolic storage as well now while some works can be updated instantly within the app for everything else you’ll simply be

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redirected to a browser where you can mostly sideload an updated version but if you’re someone with a assortment of apps installed on your phone that are not from the google dally accumulation well this app is a must-have all right from there we have hey note and this is an open generator application that takes the basic concept of writing memoes and represents it really that little bit unique how well it actually makes you write notes that then stick with your phone’s wallpaper it’s a pretty cool concept that i can see being super helpful for those who absolutely need to make sure they don’t forget something if you’re a reddit used then a great open root patron you might want to check out is infinity for reddit apart from general usability i think it’s the specific characteristics of the app that offsets it one of the best reddit clients accessible it inspects and feels right at home here in 2021 and what’s great is that there are also a bunch of theming customizations to take advantage of within the app provides now shortcut manufacturer is a customization based application that has been mentioned quite a number of periods here on the path but when i discovered that it was also open informant i was honestly blown away the app itself allows you to create custom built shortcut widgets that you can then place on your launcher’s home screen and this is perfect for if you use a start app that doesn’t carry third-party icon multitudes depending on the phone i’m working this app is often one of the first to be downloaded the fact that it’s open source is incredible all right here’s a quick one for anyone who doesn’t use spotify premium mutify this is a super simple application that will detect whenever spotify dallies an ad and formerly it does it’ll

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immediately turn your phone’s volume down to zero the ads on spotify are often atrocious for being super loudly and in your face so mutify is a pretty great solution then we have shozuku an work designed to spawn the whole process of awarding apps adb assents much much simpler now patently you’ll need to grant adb permissions to shizuku firstly but once you do any patronized app can then have its own adb dispensations granted via suzuku really really handy if you’re someone using a lot of apps that require adb assents all right halfway through the roll is automatic and this is an auto reply application for both whatsapp and facebook messenger with the app set up anytime you receive a whatsapp or messenger notification the app will apply instantly with the autoreply textbook you’ve set up there’s a few cases provides you can tweak as well but it’s definitely a pretty helpful employment now there’s certainly a lot of note-taking applications available on the google play store but one of very good open source options is purewriter as far as note-taking applications exit unadulterated rider is unquestionably one of the best in terms of design and usability it’s got flowing livings that are consistent with your cursor as you type a bunch of these really useful shortcuts for formatting greenbacks and frankly it’s just a really solid and elegantly designed note-taking application locator 5 is a jolly popular ad blocker and privacy work but perhaps the most part about it is that it’s open source yep does need to create a vpn to work correctly but once it’s set up it directs pretty well and blocks most of the intrusive ads you’ll otherwise come across this type of vpn ad impede will never be perfect so you’ll still understand some ads here there are still but i’d say it’s still one of very good alternatives in terms of ad blocking if you’re someone who really experiences employing instagram but you question its

privacy plans well barinstar is a pretty great third-party client that you might just want to check out now firstly if you like you don’t actually need to have an account to use and browse public profiles and hashtags using barista but if you do log in there are some additional peculiarities that are pretty cool for example you can pause and even download narratives you can customize the topic and layout of the app plus there’s a batch more as well and what’s great is that it’s not a mod of instagram so there’s no risk of having your accounting are prohibited by applying it all right skip track is an application i featured quite some time ago on the direct but virtually it allows you to remap a long press of your phone’s capacity button to control media playback even when your phone’s screen is off it’s a moderately helpful aspect that still manipulates just as flawlessly here in 2021 second to last-place is auto dark and as the specify intimates this is an app that allows you to take your telephones plan theming to another level altogether now whilst most phones supposed to do now stand planning of the system-wide dark theme what makes autoduck unique is that you can also set it up so that it alters your phone’s wallpaper whenever the theme reforms super beneficial and finally we have tap tap a really cool application that essentially forms a brand-new tradition button on your telephone this is actually an accessibility piece that can be found on iphones where you essentially double tap the back of the phone to activate some sort of shortcut but demonstrated tap sound is a third party workaround it’s surprising just how well it works what’s even more impressive is the amount of actions and shortcuts you can choose from so obviously a fun application to have installed on your telephone but there you have it those are 15 of the best good free and open source employments here in 2021.

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If you have any other recommendations for free and open source apps that were not featured in this video then obviously tell us all know down in specific comments below and who are familiar with maybe i’ll put together a second episode in the future if you enjoyed this video then a sub would be greatly realized and don’t forget to follow me over on instagram and chatter for behind the scenes content and access to promo codes for paid apps that i release each month aside from that hopefully you experienced the video thank you all very much and i will catch you last-minute you

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