Sky Glass Setup & Impressions The FUTURE of TV?

glees tom it is finally now sky glass the first tv built by skye with everything built in beautiful interference i have the large one here the 65 inch and i cannot wait to get this set up and ascertain what it is like to use at home in the studio so hopefully this doesn’t precisely altogether smash the tv but i should be able to do the big-hearted reveal james i might need your hand with this so the very first thing you’ll notice when you unbox sky glass is well the container it’s fully recyclable so there’s no chunky polystyrene or plastic wrap and together with carbon offsetting this is actually a certified carbon neutral tv so hats off to sky for that and also a big thank you to skye for transporting this tv over for me to have a bit of a play with and likewise sponsoring this video although as ever all minds are my own now you are eligible to wall mount this if you prefer and the specific characteristics represents it’ll be fully flush to the wall with the ports facing down so they’re still accessible and the instructions are included as well but i’m going to attach the stand which comes in a separate box and then plonk it on my fanciful brand-new tv stand all in i think it took me about 20 minutes to make this together and also i had a few distractions so then once you mount the stand to the back of the tv all you need is that power cable that can thread through the back of the stand and that is it

you’re good to go and to be honest that’s the most mystical thing about this no more satellite dish needed on the side of your home if you are eligible to even get one invested no more sky box taking up space and including a bunch of cables to your setup everything is streamed and it really is how it should be in this day and senility hello skye so sky really is shaking things up here in the uk uh because not only is the hardware new of the tv itself uh but the software the sky ui that we are using and you deplete well all your life in if you watch as much tv as i do then this is completely reworked for sky glass and there’s a whole lot more going on and so unlike other smart tvs there’s no separate menu you pop up for your apps or anything this is it sky is the smart tv hub with your tv guide you’ve got your stream apps and also these new playlists that you can add to it’s a familiar sky feel but with a whole lot more content up front and to be honest it can get a bit overwhelming at first although in my experience after a couple of hours of using it and playing around you do get used to where everything is now one small issue of me trying to make this video for you guys uh is that if i play any movies or tv shows the copyright police is more likely to barge in and make this away from me so i’ll do my best but this is as i say the 65 inch the large the committee is also comes in a small and medium 43 and 55 and too five hues i’ve got the anthracite one here which is a very dark gray nearly black and of course the brand-new sky remote equals the color of your tv as well which is very snazzy the anodised aluminium metal chassis is perforated for the speakers as is that somewhat chunky kuki-chin at the bottom but all this has a purpose and otherwise

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the bezels are nice and thin there’s no self-evident badges coming in accordance with the arrangements and sky will too sell customizable figurehead panels that can magnetically attach to that bottom front speaker also the metal stand is both sturdy and as you can see not more wide so it will easily fit on any tv stand around the back there’s a good selection of ports including a persuasion if you want to use a traditional tv input we’ve got a usbc port a cat5 ethernet lan port and dominance now i’ll come back to this in a second but while these are hdmi 2.1 ports they are missing a few pieces although we do too have wi-fi six built in and so if you have a wi-fi six router as well you’ll get a faster and more stable connection so that’s new but so is this we have a brand new refreshed remote control which is a little bit smaller and a bit sleeker than the aged sky q1 that i’ ve been using likewise uh the buttons are a bit rejigged so it took me a hour to figure out where everything was surprisingly unlike a good deal of tv remote controls we don’t have any shortcuts to uh streaming apps but then you can actually use your expres whether through the remote or actually the tv oh and also again unlike the skyq remote this little dial thingy is not touch sensitive anymore so you can’t time swipe left or right to fast forward or rewind you have to actually press it but it’s still lovely to use and i do like this more grippy texture now in terms of picture quality i don’t go into as much detail as the chaps over at or vincent hdtv research but at a high level we’re getting a 4k hdr quantum scatter extended tv but i have done my the investigations and actually the panel that skye is using here is from a company called tv vision based in amsterdam and actually they’re the supplier for philips tvs as well although beyond that everything else has been designed and built by sky and so on the whole picture quality is good for a 4k preceded lcd it does

like a little bit of pop especially in hdr as brightness tops at a reasonably skimpy 570 nits which is okay but not great and likewise not standard if you have a super luminou living room but it does seem to have a modest anti-reflective coating to it so you can see the thoughts are a little bit smudgy and more pervaded than you get with the majority tvs which then builds them less amusing when you’re watching something now we do get hlg hdr 10 and dolby imagination hdr formats which is great and that’s along with 360 dolby atmos surround sound support let’s talk about audio because sky calculate the six built-in talkers uh and the facts of the case that they’ve optimized for this design and firing upwards sideways and at you are actually good enough that you don’t need to then go and buy a separate soundbar or speaker system and the truth is they’re right the tone on this is incredible it’s a 215 watt speaker system and i’ve expended pretty much every flagship tv you can buy right now from the likes of sony lg samsung and to my ears at least this is hands down the best sounding tv you can buy a wide sound stage genuinely punchy bass and clear vocals actually make this a selling point of sky glass don’t get yourself killed out there and it also automatically adjusts the resonate based on what you’re watching or you can pick it yourself plus in the establisheds you can tweak the audio a little bit if you want to boost the bass or prioritize speech so quite honestly you don’t need to have a separate sound system with this which is not simply saves you coin acquiring you don’t already have one you have to go out and buy a resonate barroom but likewise saves a bit of energy because you’re not powering a different manoeuvre you haven’t got to push something else in which also scavenges up your cables it just sort of adds to that all in one kind of imac for tvs kind of vibe that sky glass commits

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although we do get e-arc support with the hdmi if you do conception plugging in a more recent high-end speaker system but let’s talk about games what’s it like to play on skyglass well it’s pretty good considering the price and i’ve been having a great time playing on it but it won’t win any accolades for being very good gaming tv on the market there’s no variable freshen rate as it’s a 60 hz panel there’s no adaptive sync like freesync or g-sync and while the hdmi ports are claimed to be 2.1 and i experimented all three with a high-speed cable that i know does work with 2.1 on ps5 it restraint me to a lower quality non-rgb color at 4k60 and it also doesn’t support any vehicle low-toned latency states on xbox you can see that we do get lots of nice ticks next to most resolutions and options except for 120 hertz and also there is a specific game picture mode you can use which should give you the best response time so there’s no fancy gaming bells and whistles that you might hope for although not definitely expect at this price part but front and midst of skyglass is this new ui there is also motion detection if you walk past the tv it’ll bring up a kind of screen saver of indicate recommendations but you can turn this off although a very cool brand-new feature is the built-in far-field microphones so you can waltz in say hey sky and it’ll turn on hello skye and then you can give words for it to switch canals inputs open apps convert volume there’s a couple of second time but it does work quite well hello sky vol 40.

Yeah okay although you can still use the mic built into the remote if you prefer and if you actually want to turn off that built-in mic uh to the tv if you have any privacy concerns but it does feel fairly futuristic and it makes anyone who’s watching can interact with it playlists are too brand new to sky glass you simply press the little plus button on the remote while you’re flitting over a see whether it’s in the tv guide a recommendation or even in an app and then in the playlist menu it’ll meet episodes of that reveal available through all the directs and apps that you’re logged into it searches and compares it all for you which is actually certainly handy so you don’t have to go seek in every stage yourself speaking of which we do get the usual doubts like netflix amazon prime iplayer 40 d disney plus breakthrough plus so that is all very cool but one downside of not having a physical set top box with a hard drive is it hard drives is it let me try that again with a hard drive in it is that you can’t download testifies so if they get taken off uh one of the streaming apps or sky no longer show it then you can’t keep it forever so you are always reliant on streaming content you can’t store anything locally but too bear in mind this has just come out so we’ll likely construe software updates brand-new features and apps lent over season all right so how much well this is where things get really interesting in the uk it’s 649 849 and 1049 for the three immensities respectively if you want to buy it outright or like your phone you can buy it on a contract at 13 17 and 21

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pounds per month for each size and then you have the sky subscription on top starting from 26 a month i believe so what you could do is get a 55 -inch sky glass and too the sky eventual bundle and together that will cost you 43 pounds a month that is actually a very accessible way to not only get sky but likewise a pretty good 4k hdr tv and you don’t have to pay for any extra sound system because the speakers in this are so bloody good too sky do say that this is just a start for glass and over day they’ll innovate brand-new hardware so again like your phone chances are in a couple of years you might be able to upgrade to a new tv mannequin plus all sky glasses is that the plural i approximate those sky glass come with a two year warranty and if you do cancel your sky due but you have bought the tv then you can continue to use it it doesn’t only break-dance the tv because you’ve canceled skype but then of course you won’t have access to their content so for a reasonably priced enormous sound good-looking all-round 4k hdr tv this is actually a really interesting proposition and crucially the ability to have sky tv without a dish or a carton for most people that’s reason enough to give this a go and i will leave a link in the specific characteristics if you want to check this out but if you do have any questions then let me know in the comments below and likewise let me know what you impel of sky glass would you be seduced to buy one and also if you did get one would you buy it outright or on a due let me know what you think thank you so much for watching guys don’t forgotten to affected that little subscribe button if you enjoyed and i will catch you next time right here on the tech chat

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