4K 144hz HDMI 2.1 for PC & Consoles ASUS TUF VG28U Review

hey chaps i’m tom of techchap and this is not your ordinary pc gaming observer because it’s 4k 144 hz but too hdmi 2.1 so if you’ve got one of these snazzy new consoles then it also doublings as a viciou good console gaming check which is not something you realize very frequently and while arguably tvs are still a better alternative particularly for hdr and likewise they’re a whole lot bigger that is one of the issues if you want something that likewise working well with your pc and can be participating in your desk without completely destroying your eyesight then this is definitely worth considering so this is the asus tough gaming vg28u and it’ s one of just a handful of observes sporting one of these swanky brand-new 2.1 ports two of them in fact along with a couple of regular hdmi 2.0 s and a displayport 1.4 so this is just as much for the pc employer scoot as the uh console lord rays and if you do find this video helpful then a cheeky little like and subscribe “wouldve been” lovely okay let’s talk specs and it makes a good first impression because we’re getting 4k at 144 hz via displayport or 120 hz via hdmi 2.1 we too get a great inspecting ips committee fast pixel response and amd freesync fee and g-sync compatible adaptive sync label but at 700 pounds or about 750 dollars you are paying a bit of a premium for that hdmi 2.1 as there are better quality boards out there for less money now this isn’t your exclusively option when it comes to 2.1 observers but it is the only one right now at least that claims uh to support amply uncompressed 10 flake 444 chroma coloring and without getting too much into the weeds here because this can get very complicated and too awfully birthing rather quickly but in

theory this means you’re getting more true to life complexions on pc and xbox uh because actually the ps5 is limited to four to two color but the difference between them you really can’t tell to be honest it’s the panel quality and the complexion accuracy that are actually measures how good this screen is and the good news is that color accuracy is actually moderately high for a gaming expose like this it’s not professional elevation but it’s great for most apps and even photo and video editing and in my assessments asus’s own allege of 90 coverage of the dci p3 color gamut is pretty close which is impressive and don’t forget that this is a full 4k resolve and with this 28 inch screen width it implies whether you’re console gaming or exercising a pc everything is super abrupt and crisp and working together with that 120 or 134 hertz refresh charge everything’s buttery smooth as well the thing is though while there are a handful of ps5 and streaks x tournaments that is compatible with 4k at 120 typically it’s one or the other but when we do get high freshen frequencies it draws console gaming feel a lot more like pc gaming having said that there are some advantages to the consoles for example we get an automated increase up to 60 or 120 hertz thanks to game boost and fps boost on the ps5 and the xbox however from a solely pc gaming perspective i think there are better options out there for less coin and realistically 4k is still a bit overkill especially at 28 inches where unless you’re sort of right here i don’t think you’re fully acknowledging that full uh sort of higher pixel print density but the issue is 4k merely destroys your formulate

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rating tournaments i necessitate i’m getting 60 fps now uh without ray marking cyberpunk on a 3090 so you’re not taking advantage of that high refresh frequency unless you’re playing older less demanding competitions so genuinely i think the sweetened blot for a pc gaming monitor is quad hd 144 or 240 not 4k but on the other hand you can always reduce the resolution if you miss although it won’t be quite as good as native and you do have the benefit of being able to run these consoles at full 4k but regardless of how you use your check one of my biggest issues with this tuff is the hdr performance it’s rated for spectacle hdr 400 which is the entry level visa standard for hdr and it implies it has to excess at least 400 nits of brightness which it does i weighed around 520 so while it is displaying hdr content correctly arguably it’s nowhere near bright enough for a proper hdr know distinguish operation also isn’t fantastic so blackness can sometimes emerge grayish and we do get a little bit of blooming i think given the price as i say around 700 pounds i was expecting a little bit better having said that sdr performance was good even though it’s a little bit dimmer at around 350 nits which is just bright enough to show off the punchy emblazons and while we’re not talking mini extended oled or even va board levels of contrast it’s not bad and there’s only minimal ips radiate more impressive though is the pixel response because asus assertions exactly one millisecond greater grey-haired response time which is what you get in the fastest of the five overdrive modes and while i did meet some striking inverse spirit on the highest setting knocking it back a couple of heights still “ve been given” a fast pixel response and too little pixel overshoot around fast moving objectives now scheme wise it’s

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your pretty ordinary gaming observer from asus there’s nothing truly that interesting about it i like the facts of the case that we have nice flush bezels except for this slightly chunkier chin at the bottom but overall it searches and feels a little bit plasticky and there’s a distinct lack of the usual rgb nonsense often reserved for their top-of-the-line rog commodities we do get a ton of flexibility though ladens of incline and rotation including is well positioned to employed it into full description procedure and you can even making it right down to virtually desk position and there’s scarcely any wobble the on-screen display is nice and easy to use we have this little joystick at the back with a few buttons and there’s the usual array of options for you to have a tinker with so the big question should you buy it well it’s sharp-witted it’s got fast pixel response times it’s pretty colour accurate we’re not get any liking oled or mini extended levels of color or differ now but for an ips it does a good job and also if you are a console gamer then having hdmi 2.1 while not strictly necessary and actually i made a whole video talking about whether it’s worth buying a 2.1 observer which i’ll leave a link to the end of the video that’s definitely worth watching because you don’t need one right now but it certainly does make it more future proof and there are a few advantages to it beyond uh merely having the high freshen at 4k so outside of using a 4k hdr tv which would still probably be a better bet for these consoles if you do want a monitor that fits on your table but you can also use with your pc and too maybe do some is currently working on then this is

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a really good option and while it certainly isn’t cheap it is one of the more affordable 2.1 monitors and of course it has that secret weapon of the 444 10 -bit color the only issue is really is that slightly iffy hdr rendition it exactly doesn’t get quite bright enough for that suitable hdr know-how also i kind of wish we had a 32 -inch option which i appreciate would reduce the ppi so it’s not quite as sharp as this but i think 4k at 32 inches is a much more reasonable size and of course this does have some event you’ve got acer’s xv282kv and also gigabytes aurus fv43u which patently is a lot bigger and if money is no object then the asus pro artistry 32 inch showing is fantastic if you miss pro levels of color accuracy with a delightful 4k 120 hz screen but for me the best tv slash monitor slash display whatever you want to call it for a console is probably the lg 48 inch c1 which will cost you about a stately or so the hdr event is far better you get true pitch-blacks because it’s oled also 120 hertz also hdmi 2.1 and likewise actually faster pixel response times although it is pretty big for a table believes me i’ve tried so i’m spanning my fingers for that 42 inch copy which lg teased last year but what do you suppose would this be a good fit for your gaming setup right now or well only a little of a waste of fund let me know what you think in the comments and also if you’ve got any questions at all thank you so much for watching guys i will leave a link to this below if you want to check it out and i’ll see you next time right here on the tech chat

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