The M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro 10 PROBLEM

we’ve been expend the last month position a entire cluster of brand-new 14 and 16 -inch macbook pros through many tests and comparings and have also been using my own personal 16 -inch m1 max model at my house mostly every day and unfortunately we’ve noticed quite a few problems over this past month so in this video i’m not only going to cover those problems but i’m also going to provide solutions for the ones that actually have them or may have them soon but don’t get me wrong i absolutely love my new 16 inch macbook pro for various reasons and to be completely honest it’s the best apple device purchase i’ve take in years but nevertheless there are some problems that i want to be fully transparent about because they are very real and some of them have some interesting sterilizes that you dangerously need to know about so let’s get right into trouble number one one of the things that was the most stimulated about with these brand-new macbook pros is the new 120 hz advertising peculiarity ever since i do a good deal of

web browsing at home and “i m loving” how smooth “its on” my iphone 13 pro max but to this day both safari and chrome are still limited to 60 hertz scrolling which is very unfortunate on these new macbook pros now recently apple liberated a brand-new explanation of their safari engineering preview which claims that it substantiates 120 hertz ringlet livings but everyone on the internet says that it still doesn’t work so hopefully apple is going to be working on a application set soon because they did intentionally show off safari 120 hertz scrolling in their own keynote video so they have to add it soon now get into the second problem i recently modernized my internet at my house with centurylink fiber which now endorsements fasts up to 940 gigabits per second both up and down and while test the cabled ethernet lan moves exercising a qnap gigabit ethernet adapter i got very close to the full speeds which was very impressive nonetheless when i measured out the wi-fi it seemed to always be slower than on my iphone 13 pro no matter the location within my home up to a difference of around 200 megabits per second in certain blots which is a bit disappointing since i need the faster hurries on my macbook not on my iphone and upon doing some research i was discovered that the brand-new macbook pros actually have slightly slower wi-fi hurryings compared to older macbooks as you can see the maximum phi data proportion for ax wi-fi six is actually a hundred megabits per second slower than the ac wi-fi five data

rate on older max but constructing it worse the wi-fi five rates are hugely slower at 866 megabits per second compared to 1300 on older macs so if you’re still working a wi-fi 5 router you’ll likely appreciate a downgrade in terms of wi-fi speeds until you upgrade to a new wi-fi 6 simulate moving on to the third problem it’s got to do with the brand-new notch now while i’ve personally gone be applicable to it and i honestly don’t mind the look at all specially because it dedicates us the super immersive display with thin bezels there are a couple of issues that you might experience thanks to the notch first of all i’ve noticed that in some plays like projectile organization that have important ui points in the top hub of the screen the notch can actually dig in and covering important info at times and other than that there are actually some apps that have numerous menu saloon items that will be hidden underneath the notch like quinn from snazzy labs showed us in a recent tweet and finally if you have a lot of menu bar parts on the right side like we do when we extend our testing and analogies like for example to show cpu temperature and fan hurrying some of them are really disappear if they get too close to the notch which is very annoying but in my daily implementation i haven’t really noticed it myself since i don’t really need to do any of that at home but it is something that you could potentially run into yourself for trouble number four i want to mention that even after a year of the original m1 max being out in the wild we still have a lot of software and apps that don’t have full native apple silicon patronize in terms of video editing exerting final gash pro we’ve had to supersede some of our flow vfx plugins with ones that may have missing pieces because they just aren’t reinforced anymore now of course i know this is fully up to the developers but it’s already been a year and a half since apple announced transition periods and this kind of stuff can really slow down these brand-new insanely fast macbook pros for example the open generator blender interpreting program still doesn’t support metal which reaches rendering much slower than it is on windows laptops with traditional graphics posters that use

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cuda or whatever else and then of course there are issues with unsupported audio plugins in reasoning pro it is therefore suctions to see that the transition still has a lot more work before it’s perfectly improved for trouble numeral five this is perhaps the most annoying thing that i’ve knew at home and that’s actually expose blooming as we all know the brand-new 14 and 16 inch macbook pros come with new mini guided displays that can get insanely luminous while also having incredibly dark levels of contrast however since i don’t personally have a tv in my house i resort to using my macbook pro to watch movies which is great because of the brand-new and improved speakers but if the showing isn’t pointed instantly at you then the bloom becomes striking and it’s actually quite distracting and the thing i didn’t expect was that i would notice the blossom in shots that are more dimly ignite and hazy like many of the shots from the movie dune and it only gets so much worse when you’re viewing it from the side and extremely if your eyes are looking down at the flaunt which may happen when you’re sitting upright on your lounge to maybe dine snacks or grab a sip or whatever else so with that said i actually have to be intentional about how i arrange my macbook pro when watching something to avoid blooming which is a bit saddening but the spectacle still gapes so much better than the previous ones so it’s still worth it for problem quantity six we’ve been notice that the deeming slants in general aren’t as good as they were before causing the display to look a bit dimmer from the two sides and the top this is likely due to the switch to the brand-new mini resulted showing tech since it has more blankets that are required to make it are so beautiful with all of the regional dimming zones and everything else which likewise manufactures it appear a tad bit more cool ambiance compared to before but once again when you’re looking straight-shooting at it there are no editions at all and most people likely won’t even notice when looking from the side for difficulty crowd seven we’ve been suffering from that new recall spill publication that

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has been messing with the performance of the new macbook pros specially when editing off of a nas storage structure making a knot of lag and other issues so to quickly explain this problem the ram that usually comes cleared and swapped by your apps just stops get cleared and it maintains crowding up starving the rest of the system and slowing down performance as you can see in this clip which evidences windows server using up a big 33 gigabytes of ram on my imac pro but thankfully some useds are reporting that the latest beta version of macos monterey has deposited this difficulty but of course not everyone has access to the beta or wants to upgrade to it so hopefully the public release does this fixed soon now moving on to problem number eight the 14 inch m1 max macbook pro actually controls the performance quite a bit compared to the 16 inch simulation which apple didn’t mention anything about in their keno for example the gpu clock accelerate on the 14 inch will not go higher than around 11 36 megahertz no matter what even if the temperatures are cool and you’re plugged into power it’s literally a hard cover by apple since we weren’t able to get more than 35 watts of influence flowing to the 14 inch m1 max’ s gpu compared against as high as 43 watts on the 16 inch mannequin which can get up to around the full megahertz clock move which is around 14 greater than on the 14 inch which of course leads to faster performance across the board as you can see in the gfx workbench graphics assessment and based on all of the other measures that we ranged the biggest performance difference we read was when we experimented cinebench and 3dmark wildlife at the same time and the 16 -inch dissolved up being 37 faster which is a huge jump but don’t get me wrong the 14 inch is still more than powerful enough for almost all and is by far the fastest laptop in its sizing and heavines class which is why max recently returned his 16 -inch and deposited to the 14 -inch for the breathtaking portability so unquestionably check out his video on that if you haven’t already for problem number nine this finally

brings us into gaming assist i’ve already started two gaming evaluates squandering both the m1 pro and m1 max macbook pros and they gave us very impressive performance at least for the games that actually operated games with mac os ports extended are you all right like diablo 3 starcraft 2 dota 2 and minecraft but some recreations precisely didn’t act that well like cs run but the worst part is that bootcamp support is now gone so you have to resort to using apps like parallel 17 and crossover 21 to play windows tournaments and while they in fact do an excellent job there is still so much translation going on that it seriously is slowing down their execution compared to playing native tournaments for example we had to turn the places room down to get grand theft auto 5 to run at 60 fps on the m1 max macbook pro which bearing in mind is a very expensive machine but representing world-wide of warcraft which is native was amazing easily going over with the adjusts turned action up and matthew moniz even showed that it was almost as fast as a 3080 mobile gpu laptop which i don’t think anybody was expecting but the issue is that there are barely any native plays and even with crossover 21 direct x12 windows plays aren’t subscribed yet so you’re pretty much limited to older aaa game titles but the worst part of all is that games that use kernel-based anti-cheat won’t run at all so you simply can’t play any online games like call of duty vanguard and we’re not even sure how long it’s gonna make before they ultimately can but thankfully there is a chance we could get boot camp support in the future since qualcomm had a secret exclusivity deal with windows on appendage which might be why boot camp support disappeared and since we know nvidia is working on an arm-based gaming laptop we should hopefully get anti-cheat support for forearmed sends in the future and finally for difficulty numeral 10 while the microphone excellence must surely improved compared to older macbooks it sometimes sounds a bit dull or subdued when you have some background racket in the area so it roughly seems like it’s over compensating for the interference therefore cutting out the high resolve of the vocal collection compared to older macbooks so really hear it for yourself and now let’s compare the webcams i have both opened up right here and i’m gonna switch between them as far as the video and the audio so you guys can liken which one glances better and which one resonates better now there is a chance that this is a bug that can be fixed in the future but it’s definitely a bit odd to hear right now but don’t worry this is a very minimal issue and it’s unlikely to bother a great deal of parties since the quality is already so much better than mostly any other windows laptop microphone system out there so with everything that said those are the problems that we’ve noticed over the past month which is actually quite impressive since it could be a lot worse and bearing in mind that a good deal of these have to do with software so they can get prepared with informs and they’ll do deposited over time when we get better apple silicon support which is very reassuring but if you’ve been discover any of those issues for yourself go ahead and mention your thoughts like this one thanks for and we’ll see you

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