20 Underrated Android Features that you Forgot

number 20 if you’re ever on a telephone call where the link is choppy or you can’t hear the other person because you’re in a strident environment try out the live caption piece for most phones you can enable it within the loudnes body and then whenever you’re talking to someone everything get taped you can even have it detect other languages within the provides 19 if you dial pound 662 pound and hit the call button all of your scam labels will get blocked it’s pretty sweet but here’s the catch it merely toils if you have t-mobile if you have verizon or at t you can instead use their scan blocking apps verizon’s is call filter and a t’s is call protect believe it or not google has a weather app and it’s not easy to find because you can’t just open it like an app on your dwelling screen unless you have a pixel or can you open the google app type in condition along with your metropolitan then within the card tap on the overflow button and select add to home screen now you can quickly bring up google’s weather forecast so that you don’t need to install a third-party app if you ever get tired of reading long articles and want your telephone to read them instead but don’t want to download an app have google helper read it you just open up the essay bring up google assistant and say read me this article then it’ll begin to read it out loud and you can follow along simple as that by the way if you guys are enjoying this quick-witted form video stop a thumbs up to show me if you’re tired of your status prohibit being filled with useless icons like screen cast bluetooth or you time want to disable any icon or even the time within your status disallow you can do so with the obscured shortcut it’s so concealed though that you can’t get it unless you use an app like task launcher to situate it on the home screen within the app you just search for system ui demo long press it and choose create shortcut then “re opening the” new shortcut that’s been added to your home screen select status rail and you’ll be able to disable any icons you like another magnificent thing with undertaking launcher is that you can also bring back the old-fashioned datum overseer which went replaced in android 11 with the enters by google app you precisely need to search up the app address that is on the screen to be able to put it on your dwelling screen if you’re tired of using your articulation to ask google assistant to do the same stuff over and over you can

instead place shortcuts on the home screen that automatically launches those same assignments with a single tap so no longer do i need to use my articulate exactly to turn on the beacons or see what’s on my planned for the working day to target these shortcuts on your residence screen move into the assistant gives tap on programmes create a new one for the starter section you only need to write out the phrase you would typically ask google assistant to do and for the action you need to select something that you are interested in google assistant to do afterward and look for an icon in the top right corner that looks like a phone with a diagonal arrow sound it and now you have a quick shortcut to trigger your smart-alecky inventions or daily chores we’ve all been there where we go to a restaurant look at the menu and “ve been looking for” particular layer words because we aren’t sure what will be served if we prefer it well to construct the search process a lot faster before the server comes open up google lens tap on research with camera and switch to the dyn tab now you can snap a photo of the menu and then tap on the plate calls to pursuing them much more quickly without even typing anything out google chrome has this interesting feature where when you google anything and tap on a hunting develop a carousel divest will appear right below the address to let you speedily switch to the next hunting ensue will enter into any if you don’t like going back and forth when doing investigate to get the carousel on your telephone only enable the chrome flag announced ongoing search piloting if you ever need to lock up and obstruct any feelings documents but don’t know which third party app to use or cartel entered into with records by google now you have a safe folder that does time that the only downside is that you can only move documents into the safe folder when you’re using the records by google app you can’t merely share it from any other app plus it doesn’t supporter a biometric unlocking programme

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but it’s still free secure and gets the job done android 12 has this great new insurance facet that lets you block the camera and microphone within the quick positions for those working on android 11 or lower though you can do the same thing by jump-start into the directs developer options if you don’t know how to enable that only search it up and then look for a menu announced speedy lays make tiles now you need to enable sensors off and you’ll get a new tile that will let you disable the camera and microphone the next point that i wanted to talk about is not an underrated android feature instead it’s a great platform that you and your squad can use to better organize your workspace if you love get the most out of your tech you’d enjoy to sponsor this video is a platform that lets anyone create absolutely customized workflows no matter what you do from unionizing your schoolwork to keeping everyone on task for a group project to even maintaining the core of your business youtube channel or app development process no matter what it is you can run your work on as a youtuber has spawned it really easy for me to manage my video product first i started with a board with different rows each for a different video category then i supplemented several columns to help keep track of all the data we need for video things like assigning a team member to work on a video preparing the timeline uploading data computations and much more but here’s the most part when collaborating with team representatives you can retain everyone up to date on progress so easily by only commenting on the item plus you can all work on a document together with a new boast announced monday workdocs it renders a real-time collaboration so you can add content to a employ doc with your team and you won’t override each other’s work and operate docs fall within the scope of the monday.

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com platform so you are eligible to embed boards or dashboards and your data is always informed in real period no more screenshots as if that wasn’t enough makes you integrate with third-party apps create automation for your workflow and even have differing widgets that give you a clear outline of various types of data it’s the real batch and you can do so much with to stay on top of your work if you’re interested in trying it out make sure to use my relation in the description isn’t it jolly annoying when you plug in your telephone to the computer and have to do that extra stair of needing to drop down the notification and select your usb wish precisely to transfer files yeah well within the developer alternatives you can named the record transportation alternative as your default select by looking for a menu called default usb configuration that highway when you are connect your phone to your desktop your documents automatically pop up while we’re in the developer alternatives you are eligible to start ingredients on your screen glance a good deal smaller to show more content at once excellent for chatter or instagram you merely need to change the smallest width number to something a bit bigger i personally really ran with 20 crowds higher than what originally came with the phone but only mess around with it to see what you like best if you name multiple reminders in the past with the deputy and don’t want to mine through the google app or query google helper to make them up you are eligible to instead open reminders within chrome and add that page as a residence screen shortcut now your remembrances are more easily accessible and you can also create one within this page i feel like countless people don’t know that this next piece exists even though it’s so easily accessible on your launcher within the google feed board if you have one there’s a button right below the profile picture that lets you bring up a new screen announced snapshot now you’ll attain placards that can be very useful when “youre starting” your date it advises you things about the forecast reminders schedule contests monies commute time to your work or dwelling birthdays tickets and a lot more everyone to transfer files between a light drive and your phone or backup slides from your dslr we’ll only push the maneuver into your telephone and a notification will appear from your phone’s file manager to quickly transfer

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the data you can also plug in a mouse to control your phone if your touchscreen isn’t working just make sure to use a usb type-c adapter if your cable is usb-a this next feature is only for google pixel useds whenever you call screen anyone you can now actually listen and hear what the person’s enunciate sounds like press the magnitude up key at amazon and i just wanted to tell you about it i represent yeah it is feasible again for pixel telephones you know that now playing feature that recognizes ballads even when your screen is fastened well you can have that as a shortcut on your home screen to pull up the history of all the recognized hymns and you are eligible to even open them in spotify or youtube music you’ll meet it within the widget panel under manoeuvre personalization works or if you have a search option within your widget body you can now type in now dallying i already talked about this in the past video but the quickest and easy action to get rid of ads is just to go into the gives wi-fi and system tapping private dns and changeable the private dns provider multitude appoint to dns. that’s it now every ad within the website or app will get blocked no need to download any app read your phone or pay money ultimately just for the hell of it you can bring back blob emojis as stickers within gboard you simply need to hop into the stickers section tap on the plus icon and scroll down until you investigate the the lumps live on or long live the globule it’ll take a while to find them but they’re there anyways those are 20 underrated android peculiarities that i bet you forgot existed or didn’t even know they existed if you detected one or more android peculiarities be sure to stop a thumbs up also why not get subscribed with the notification buzzer turned on quality videos like this are a weekly thing on the direct and you’re not going to want to miss out either way thank you guys so much for watching and sticking to the end i really appreciate it and i’ll catch you guys in the next one kapow you

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