LG G1 EVO Experience! THIS is the BEST 4K TV

what are we doing today we are getting the best 4k tv that is absolutely correct we recently moved and today we have got ourselves an lg g1 evo tv the best 4k tv that is around um i’ve looked into oled tvs for a long time i have owned one in the past but this is the real deal we want something that’s high quality it’s going to last-place and that is why we are getting one of these so there’s multiple reasons why this is the best 4k tv now the first one is obvious and that is the fact that it is oled so we’ve had qled tvs before undoubtedly lcds we still have an lcd display it’s the only one we hindered moving

here we try to get rid of as much stuff as possible and i was asking noah if he recollected anything from that television and what stood out and what did you tell me noah it turns off a tiny bit of the screen that is pitch black like if you crave something to be black it turns tar yep that’s absolutely true what did you mention this part was really cool we didn’t really talk about this

ahead of time you mentioned your watch everything around it is bright but the personas that needs to be black are pitch black yeah that’s absolutely true so noah has an apple watch ase if you guys watched the video last year and i was scandalized that he you are well aware figured that out it is an oled showing so everything’s really dark so yes you’re absolutely right this thing is an oled same exact technology as your watch and it determines it glance astonishing now what else do you remember from our last-place oled tv that one at night we’re watching a movie yeah and the screen was really bright the one we had was a six successions this one right here is i think 11 now it’s so this is the brightest oled board that is out there so that one was amazing for hdr movies when we were watching end game the fight vistums the lightning it examined shocking this is even brighter and that was one downside actually of oled tvs in the past and that’s one intellect we had a q-led before but then the hdr did not look anywhere near as good as oled and this guy goes much brighter all right people let’s get this thing lowered down and emily what else are we going to be doing with this tv xbox that is absolutely right that’s why we have the succession x over there what games are we going to play emily immediately projectile league yes so that’s another astonishing thing about this tv is four hdmi 2.1 inputs for 4k 120 hertz high-pitched freshen proportion along with that dolby vision that supports dolby perception hdr at 4k 120 and dolby eyesight in general which is amazing and then too atmos reverberated for the built-in orators i hear they are very impressive and with that it has the a9 gen 4 ai processor now what most people don’t know it’s not only the panel that matters it’s the processing for the hdr that draws it glance a lot better than other third-party

options and with that of course we have this wall mount now this tv is designed to be attached on the wall it’s the gallery design that represents it super thin from the top all the way to the bottom so there’s no prominences is that the remote let’s get the remote out of course lg has their network os and this thing also supports hands-free so it’ll actually listen to yourself for masteries and then i think one of the biggest deals with this tv is the five-year warranty so beings have talked about burning issues that’s always been a concern well lg has done such a great job that now they’re giving you a five-year warranty not a one year or two time that there is not going to be any burden there’s not going to be any issues and if something does happen then you’ll be taken into consideration and the crazy thing is that even though lg made this tv better in every single way they lower the price by 500 horses compared to last year’s model and that is the next reason why it’s the best 4k tv so if you guys want to check out more info i will relate the sheet down below to buy dig that is working with us on this video so thank you lg thank you bye day go ahead and check him out and we are going to go ahead and get this tv set up so it’s been a bit since we set up the g1 and i want to give you guys my experience both some things that surprised me some things that are very unique to the g1 along with a few downsides now we set this up in this little cubby above our hearth standard for older residences now i cannot wait in order to remodel this spring make a nice modern fireplace and gave the g1 flush on the wall so that is what the g1 is designed to be a flush organized slim tv that regards astounding on your wall and it doesn’t stick out like an ugly dense box on there with that there are no legs included in the box you can’t buy them separately but it does come with a wall prepare that is flush so you can still mount it to you know a tv stand if wishes to do that like “what ive done” but as far as setup this was the easiest one i’ve ever done i did everything with my phone it was super quick and then formerly we

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got it set up man this thing searched shocking i did some measures side by side with my lcd that i had there that fit in and you exactly cannot compare it at all obviously oled the black heights are amazing but the hdr the difference is stunning even sdr it is just crazy i’ll get into that in a sec now stealing up the xbox everything worked out of the box perfectly subscribed 4k 120 substantiated hdr dolby seeing i went and i toggled 120 hertz and we were playing rocket league at 120 and it ogled astounding super smooth we’ve had the series x for almost a year now this first time we were able to play at 120 hertz my children love it and it looks great to be able to maximize my console with this tv now i also represented forza and that was with hdr and wow it appears stupendous extremely when you’re going through trees you have you know the sun coming through you have the dark contrast that looks great if “youve had” the sun in the sky my camera can’t even capture it i had to turn the showing channel down in order to not blow out as much stuff so i wish i could show you guys what it looks like in person but time the highlights in the hdr it takes the likenes to a entire another level now what’s really cool is that the tv will notice that your gaming automatically applied it into gaming state and that brings you down to 5.5 milliseconds uh that is like no slow at all that’s a big reason why people will buy an lg oled because it is just such a great experience so if you have a newer console or you’re going to plan to get one in the future this really future-proofs your setup especially with those four hdmi ports they’re all hdmi 2.1 not just like one port or two all of them support it which is awesome now moving on to videos and movies subject it is better than i expected i had the streak six that was a little bit too large for this setup but this takes it up to another level pigments seem stunning once again i wish i could depict you exactly what it looked like because i can’t it examinations practice better in real life colorings are amazing contrast is amazing black stages are perfect if you’re watching like the skies anything with unadulterated blackness that you’re watching at night you have black rails on movies that is pure black it’s not great like my previous tvs it’s amazing you do not have any blooming or anything like that and it exactly i don’t know what else told you


have the specular spotlights for the hdr so so colors much brighter than before just a big observable difference between uh the previous setup and anything else like oled in the past sure that could get shining but just how bright the highlights that pop in hdr and how dark the differ is you can’t compare it and i too revalued the filmmaker state you literally toggle that it gets rid of any gesture smoothing or anything else you don’t have to go dig through menu like you had in the past and it just represents the persona look like it should be 24 encloses per second and with that there is no jutter when it comedies that it treats that so you don’t get that stuttering gist that you are eligible to with other tvs if you have a fast pan to 24 fps so movies ogle extraordinary now on top of that if you’re somebody that wants to use one of these as their display for the computer man it’s a great option a great deal of parties are doing that now you don’t have to spend 20 30 000 for an hdr editing check or even 6k like i did with the pro expose xdr um this screen gives you super accurate colours 10 -bit backing hdr support for grading so it’s a really really cost effective way to use that if you’re somebody that works with photos and video and with that one concern was burn in and like i mentioned at the start of the video as far as these new evo boards they use less supremacy to reach the same brightness so burning is much less of an issue it wasn’t that bad of an issue before but now it is so good the lg is giving you five years guaranty not a standard one year warranty like other tvs have five years so you are eligible to have confidence that you’re not going to have any issues so if you want to use that as commuter monitor you emphatically can this tv has atsc 3.0 or next gen tv which is basically like back in the old days we just turn on your television and you get a bunch of free directs but it is next level and this is one of the few tvs that have this so you can actually have 4k

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over the air hdr over the over the breath up to 120 over the aura you can have atmos audio so that’s another thing that in future tvs some of them are going to have is going to take a while to go down to lower price tvs but if you buy one of the following options you are future-proofed and you have access to a knot of channels but with really high quality i currently can’t use a phone disallow i’m going to wait until i have everything set up and maybe i’ll time a residence theater organization or a sound forbid but compared to my last lg tv which had amazing orators for tv this took it up another level and i don’t know how they’re doing it with such a small slim tv i think that it’s up to 60 watts or so of influence and it came mode louder than i expected it also voiced better better than i expected and i’m used to having to go up to like 100 and want more capacity out of built-in loudspeakers if you have to use them like i was but here i didn’t have to do that i could actually turn it down and have more overhead for you know videos or movies that might be a little bit quieter to have that access so overall i am even more amazed than i thought it would be this is the size that i missed the setup that i craved and it makes my previous oled suffer to a whole a different level and of course it is future proof with the hardware with the inputs and has a really nice warranty as well so if you’re looking for something that you know is going to last-place a long time you’ll have all the inputs that you need has really great hdr great brightness especially for an oled this is the one that you want to get very low reflectivity even in light rooms it play-act phenomenally i would go and check it out i have the link down to buy dig down below so thank you bye dig thank you to lg and you guys can taken to ensure that out go ahead and sounds that curve above to agree if you guys want to see more videos check out one of those huge videos right over there this max and i will catch you

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