The Apple Car Design Release Date

okay so almost all knows by now that apple is actually working on a vehicle and “youre supposed to” have the three following questions number one how will it look like number two when will it liberate and count three what boasts will it have well in terms of the design we need to remember that apple has zero ordeal in manufacturing gondolas which means that they will need to partner up with an actual “manufacturers ” several reports over the years have been saying that apple is in talks with hyundai to create their car but more recent reports are saying that the talks miscarried largely due to hyundai confirming the discussions with apple to the media which apple wanted to keep all private okay this video is sponsored by anker who have now propelled the nebula cosmos max and the nebula pod projectors the cosmos max is a 4k projector with android tv supporter so it’s perfect for living rooms and residences whereas the vessel is significantly smaller so it is perfect for when you’re traveling and it has a built-in battery so you can guess content instantly from your phone we are doing a giveaway of the nebula pod so make sure to follow us on instagram and leave a comment on this video saying how you would actually use it alongside your instagram administer and now back to the video apple likewise approached other car manufacturers including nissan but those talks apparently became even worse than with hyundai as nissan craved more acceptance for building apple’s automobile whereas apple simply craved a equipment creator they didn’t want to have a nissan branded vehicle racing apple’s software which was apparently what nissan required but then something interesting happened according to mark german apple has only just been been in talks with foxconn to fabricate their auto which is strange as foxconn doesn’t have any ordeal with manufacturing posters but apple does already have a strong relationship with foxconn as they already manufacture apple’s iphones ipads and macs and with right people foxconn could theoretically fabricate apple’s vehicle now a sash from

foxconn apple has been in talks with lg magna e powertrain yes this is uh this is the actual name of the company i’m not even making this up it’s essentially a collaboration between lg and magna international which is a canadian corporation that produces automotive electronics and together with lg they would making many electric car ingredients including the drivetrain apple is looking for a very specific drivetrain so something similar to hyundai’s egmp electric vehicle platform with two machines a five associate back adjournment and an integrated drive axle and they’re now looking at foxconn and lg magna for manufacturing it but okay okay this is this is all really boring you wanna accompany an actual pattern right well according to mark german apple is considering a intend very similar to the lifestyle vehicle from canoe okay i symbolize uh i can’t say that this glances bad it clearly gapes unique but it also looks like a minivan and i was under the impression that apple would improve something like i don’t know a deluxe sport car or was that precisely me well we’ll get into why apple’s car might look like this when we talk about the features but for now this is indeed a scheme that they are considering the thing is that in the more recent years apple has decided to go for a more unique look in a lot of their products even if that unique gape doesn’t always translate into the best look take the iphone’s notch for example not the best look but surely a memorable one or the imax chin or the new macbook pros notch you get the idea apple could have readily designed products with no notches and no unnecessarily sizable kuki-chins if they really was necessary to but they decided against that in order to be allowed to to make their product stand out from the rest of the competition which is why i believe that whatever apple car design apple eventually starts for it will 100 stand out from the respite kind of like how the cyber truck does exactly hopefully not in a truck sort point okay so now let’s talk about the liberation time according to multiple informants the apple vehicle activity officially started back in 2014 under the code name project titan nonetheless the idea of apple building a auto was actually something that even steve enterprises was interested in with reports saying that he met with brian thompson the industrial designer behind the v vehicle automobile a auto with very unique look this was back in 2010 four years before the project officially started nonetheless tony fadell who led apple’s ipod division between 2001 and 2010 he said that steve was even considering structure an apple vehicle back in 2008 simply that he leaved the idea up to focus on the iphone instead okay so apple has been interested in a auto for more than a decade now but according to multiple reports including one from our gurman the earliest we could see on apple gondola “wouldve been” 2025 with a paradigm planned for 2024.

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This is apparently apple’s goal and they have been hiring like madman especially as of recent and they have over 1 000 parties actively working on this but even 2025 is looking fairly unlikely and that’s because apple will first have to solve a lot of the issues in regards to the brains powering the car and more about that once we get to the features and second the apple vehicle campaign went offset quite a few times already with various reshufflings over the years so it is quite likely that apple will once again run into some more step disagreements and more disappointments with its project this is aside from the fact that uh four years before its open apple still doesn’t have a contract in place with a manufacturer nonetheless i does in fact have some good story here apparently apple is considering the first form of this car as sort of an experiment they firstly want to see how many beings would be interested in you know an apple vehicle before committing to a large-scale worldwide production which means that working with small-scale creators like lg magna and foxconn would still allow them to have a 2025 exhaust date as apple won’t be targeting their automobile at a global market and not only that but according to mark german apple schemes on manufacturing their vehicle only in the us so same to the brand-new mac pro and speaking of the us i actually predict that the apple car would only be available to purchase in the us at least at first and the main reason for this being its features multiple reports claim that apple has finally made up their recollection in terms of what they want this card to be and no it won’t be a package that you attach to a regular poster to make it smart like some of the original reports nor would it be a semi-autonomous vehicle but instead apple plans to make this the world’s first amply autonomous gondola a car that would not require any human input at all in fact markham’s report even claims that apple is considering not including a steering wheel or pedals at all and that the interior of the car would be fully designed with this idea of having no input from the motorist at all okay now at the beginning of this video i briefly mentioned anker’s new cosmos max projector and now i want

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to show you five reasons why you might want it number one this is a 4k projector turns out that there’s not many 4k projectors out there but this is one of them number two you can scale up the persona to a big 150 inch we scaled it until it clothed our part wall and i gotta say even at that width the epitome was still impressively abrupt just as sharp or maybe even a bit sharper than at an actual cinema number three it will automatically chasten the epitome if it identifies any aberration numeral four it has a built-in 360 position talker with dolby digital plus subscribe and the din is powerful enough that even though they are you don’t have any other speakers it would do just fine and quantity five it runs on android tv which means support for over 7000 apps all of your favorite streaming services as well as google assistant support and casting immediately from your phone check it out by using the link below and don’t “ve forgotten” our nebula vessel giveaway and now back to the video oh and if you’re worried about this whole self-driving aspect mark gurman did state that apple is considering adding some sort of emergency takeover mode just in case something does go wrong according to this report the interior is also said to be inspired by canoes lifestyle vehicle with tushes that will allow the passengers to face each other and therefore allow for more chamber inside the car there is also said to be an ipad-like tablet in the middle which would act like an recreation hub but distinguish german hasn’t really specified how this would work like would we get multiple ipads so that every inclination is covered or only a single big ipad on some sort of platform that can rotate but even then there will be parties that wouldn’t be able to see the screen depending on where they’re sitting so when i first heard about this i had some mingled feelings because from the inspects of it apple’s vehicle won’t be a traditional vehicle in any way but very an autonomous minivan that can take you and a assortment of other parties from place to place and this is why i said that i don’t see this being available outside the u.s at least not with the first model as even semi-self-driving vehicles today are still in their infancy when it comes to regulations and the level of autonomy that we are to be able to legally have okay so a full self-driving car which we all know is a very difficult thing to achieve tesla is still struggling

with this even google with their waymo so how will apple be able to do it well according to a couple of roots apple will be using both cameras as well as lidar for the most accurate delineating possible they’re already in talks with four different suppliers of ladder modules as they want to see who can provide them with the best and likewise the most cheap modules which of course for a vehicle would also need to have far greater range than on an ipad or on an iphone and then all this getter data is set to be analyzed by a practice apple designed chipping the stronger one that apple has ever developed to date this is said to be designed by johnny cerule’s crew so the same team that brought us the insanely powerful m1 max chip inside the macbook pros but this chip is said to be on a totally different level it’s said to be loaded with neural processors far more than the 16 corneal locomotive that the latest m1 carries have and according to mark german this thing would lead hot so sizzling that apple’s working on a very sophisticated cooling system for it all this in order to provide us with the most advanced self-driving experience ever at least that’s the idea speaking of experience the apple vehicle is also set to integrate heavily with the iphone the apple watch as well as apple’s other services like apple music apple maps and of course apple carplay now since this is an electric car the wander is of course very important and according to a report from reuters apple is allegedly working on a brand-new type of artilleries a mono cell battery layout that would remove pouches and the differences between modules that hold the batteries together so as to permit big capacities and longer range nonetheless michiko states that apple is currently scheduling on having over 500 kilometers of series or just over 310 miles on a single cost which would make it in about the same range as a tesla model 3.

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So yeah i know that doesn’t really seem that superb nonetheles apple is apparently going to add an insanely fast fast accusing up to 80 in merely 18 hours which has never been done before in an electric car this would of course require some special charge terminals however reports are saying that apple schedules on supporting the blended accusing organisation which is a universal charge standard that most of the other electric car corporations once funding and this means that you won’t have to take your apple car to an apple accusing depot as it would work pretty much anywhere it’s just that using it at an apple charging terminal would be transformed into a much faster charge which constructs me realize that i have one more question to ask and answer which is can apple actually do all of this well i have no doubt that it can 100 develop the chip that’s required to analyze all the data from their large number of sensors i’m too awfully certain that with enough time they can train the neural networks to act more responsibly than a human operator can apple has already been testing self-driving vehicles since 2017 by equip 60 lexus rx 450 h suvs with onus of sensors and cameras and they’ve been testing those gondolas on a daily basis since but exclusively in california in different areas of the us and the world with more severe weather conditions like snow that would actually cover street signeds that’s where the whole self-driving abstraction becomes more difficult but give them enough time and training and i’m pretty sure that apple’s neural nets will be able to achieve this i think that the major obstacles would honestly not be the technology but very the existing regulations to approve such a gondola on the street this really even tesla is constantly having issues with now apple is apple and they have managed to make some giant changes in the tech manufacture before like removing the headphone jack or borrowing usb type-c early on the macbooks with the entire manufacture then following suits but will they be able to do this again with gondolas i guess exclusively occasion will tell and clearly “ve been told” in the comments what do you guys think about this apple car and emphatically subscribe if you have enjoyed this video and you want to see more league summing-ups episodes i’m daniel this is conveys fairly tech and i’ll see you guys in the next one it’s not technological cheers

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