AirPods 3 Review After 1 Month

i’ve been using the airpods 3 for over a month now so today i’m going to talk about everything that i detected together with why i stopped employing my airpods pro and instead started applying the airpods 3. who would have thought that when apple had courage to remove the headphone jack in 2016 and right away gave us a solution to the problems they created that airpods would become a massive firm grading in the top 30 shaping out both nvidia and amd’s revenue compounded and virtually reaching tesla’s in 2020. beings hated the idea of spending 159 dollars for wireless earbuds but here we are years later and that rate seems like a bargain with the new airpods 3 coming in at 180 bucks not far off from what you can buy airpods pro for this moved it a really hard sell when we firstly experimented them but thankfully a few months later you can now pick him up for 150 bucks which we’ll link to down in the description so after all of my testing are the airpods 3 actually worth spending 150 bucks on let’s talk about convenience these things are extremely cozy even for somebody like me that doesn’t have any issues with the airpods pro i know some people do some people really don’t

like that sealed design and some people simply can’t use them which is why the aura cod original have been still very popular now compared to those air cod these do have a larger design i feel like they fit more snugly into my ears but “theyre not” painful for me for a hand-picked few people they might be a little bit too large but in general these things fit very nicely they do not move and i think it is a much modernized scheme and because they don’t seal into your ear you get nothing of that plugged feeling which is very very minimal on the pros because of the expres that it has but for this you just simply don’t need it and you don’t have to use the ambient mode or any software to be able to hear your environment everything just divulges in now there are two things that most people don’t talk about when they’re reviewing the airpods 3 that are exclusive to these new earpods the first one is a skin sensor that supplants the optical sensor and this is great because if you ever throw your air pods into your pocket they won’t automatically turn on like the previous air husks and the next one is the precision determine in the app people lose airpods all the time and with this feature it can actually guide you to your hearing cod just like if it had an air tag even if they’re in their case which obliges it a lot more difficult to lose them compared to airpods pro now as far as battery life these are also incredible and a really big step up from the airpods more i was coming about seven hours with simply the twigs themselves and i thought that was a little bit too high but i started doing some research online and that is what beings are getting commonly so that’s about a 50 improve in comparison with the airpods too and then with the suit that computes an additional four full blames and that gives you approximately 35 hours of battery life which is amazing compared to most of their adversaries now probably the biggest issue with the airpods 3 is the sound leakage these things get quite loud and the open design leaks a ton of sound i was sitting in the area “id had” him up like maybe two thirds of the direction and exchange two computer terminals down could clearly hear all my music so if that’s something that matters to you definitely take note that is something that is greatly reduced with the pros or other earbuds so if you’re going to turn these up and you’re in a gentle office everybody’s going to hear what you’re listening to and that open blueprint without anything that actually goes into your hearing canal is probably one of

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the biggest selling moments and most of the contestants they don’t give that almost everybody builds earbuds that seal with a silicone tip so apple is making sure that they’re still making this design for the people that love it and overall i get to say that i could wear these for about two hours longer than i can with the airpods pro and that is a big deal now as far as sound quality these things resound really good i love apple’s new racket signature and what they have done it doesn’t have as low-grade bass as the airpod pros because it’s not a sealed layout but for mid bass they actually represent about three decibels louder which is twice as thundering while the mid-range is a little bit toned down and then on the high dissolve the treble is also quite a bit louder and the ultra highs are toned down once again which yields it a more natural sound and after over a month of use i have to say that these are my favorite airpods in terms of sound quality apple’s new moves clang fanciful and i really hope they release pros that use the same technology because the sound concludes me pick these up and use them instead of the airpod pros i too affection the apple integrated magnets into this case so i just walk up to a mac safe accusing puck and it will magnetize so i had one in the car i have one at my desk here and at home and it’s just super convenient to be able to just attach it now i do know that the new airpod pros also have it if you get a newer build mine does not have that so it is one additional amenity piece now probably the biggest issue with these it’s not really an issue but it’s a downside is the absence of active interference abandonment now over the last month i’ve been doing a ton of stuff that requires this so it hasn’t been that large-hearted of a deal but for certain cases where for example i’m vacuuming or i’m razz my lawnmower or mowing that is actually one time where i do want to pull out my airpods pro but other than that if i’m have them commonly and a great deal of eras i like utilizing really one earbud inside my ear these run a lot better for that and of course you have the benefit of the better audio quality so it’s kind of up to you how often you you are going to use active interference cancellation and obviously something that’s very nice to have if you’re in a great deal of noisy environments that’s probably the biggest selling point that you still have to buy one of these airpods pros has is there for a duet years now if you’re somebody that invests a good deal of hour talking on the phone for example phone calls or anything else the

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microphones in here are really good this is the microphone quality with apple’s airpods pro in a regular office with some hvac interference and this is the microphone quality with apple’s new airpods 3 in a regular apartment that has some hvac sound they’re basically the same analogous mics as the airpods pros which are class contributing so people can’t even tell that you’re using a pair of earbuds it chimes just like you’re actually holding up your phone so there’s not much to say there other than it toils really well so overall after a month of use i have found that i really enjoyed the airpods 3 i like the smaller case i like the better battery life i like the din aspect of it the racket signature that resonates more natural you have more sound stage or importance likewise between different instruments overall this is the better produce now that we are really chipped the rate down to 150 horses from the original 180 which was a little bit too high even though they already descended it from 200 with the airpods to the wireless blaming occurrence i think this is a really good buy unless there is a requirement to active interference elimination and for those of you guys out there that do want active noise abandonment i would just say wait for the air husks pro 2 because they’re going to get all the same increases as these maybe even better bang aspect so personally i’m very excited for those to come out and after a few months basically what i found is that these are much better earbuds than what beings throw them ascribe for when they came out because not only is it exactly you are well aware a new motif and basically the same thing like some people were saying so thank you guys for watching click that curve above to subscribe check out one of the large videos right over there that’s been max and i’ll see you

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