Hands On Moto G71 5G Ideal Practical Mid Range Smartphone

hi guys this is ranji then in this video we’ll be having a look at this moto g71 5g smartphone and as you can see chaps i have the smartphone with me but i don’t have the box this is the initial what do you say sample so i didn’t get the box but again i have to say uh this is going to be one of the most important mid-range smartphones in this price range and because of all the divulges we actually know the pricing of the smartphone now it will be sold in india flipkart for 18 999 and for that premium for what this is offering this is a very good deal let me talk about it why and of course chaps this also comes with an amoled screen again it’s a 5g smartphone in fact 5g strips it reinforces 13 5g straps which is the highest in this price range comes with the stock android know that you expect with motorola that amoled screen but again guys the large-scale thing about this smartphone is this comes with a very new processor that’s the snapdragon 695 5g and guys uh i was rolling some benchmarks and stuff in fact this processor is actually way potent than many of this seven series processor in fact it could be like closer to about 765 let me actually talk a little bit about the processor first and people as you can see from this screenshot it’s again an octa-core processor that intends eight core processor but the first two powerful codes are based on the arm cortex a7 8 which is a big deal because guys in this price range most of the what do you say uh chipsets that you ensure are generally weapon cortex a76 and a77 so that’ s a 78 vastly faster and then we have that what do “youre telling” other six cores are the power efficient a5 5 and to give you an idea guys again here is a small chart that gives you an idea about the processor compared with some of the other processors and as you can see this is significantly better configuration than many of them and in fact uh coming to the gpu also this one has the adreno 619 gpu but

again this is clocked the highest in this one in fact this is clocked at 975 megahertz which is really high and to give you a rough idea guys again you are eligible to download these apps so i’m showing you that one if you have a mid-range smartphone you can download these apps for example i installed this geekbench 5 and pc stigmatize on the smartphone and let me actually present you the benchmarks course in fact i was impressed with the benchmark tallies as you can see geekbench we got a score of 671 and the single core and multi-core 1922 which is actually pretty good and i too roll pc symbol you can also run this pc mark or this and as you can see we got an overall rating of 7873 which is again a terribly very good score and this is the other tallies that we got so uh to give you an idea this is a very good processor guys and in fact i still don’t get the naming convenings of for qualcomm now what they are doing they call this the 695 this should have been mentioned something like in the 7 streaks but the implementation of its as you ensure is very good in fact i’ve been using this selected sample for the last couple of days the processor acts very well i would say and also it does not exhibit any heating on stuff and because of the gpu that’s the adreno 619 gpu clocked so high-pitched this should be also very good for gaming uh again now coming to the specific handset let me give you a physical overview first then we’ll move on and on the top where we have a secondary noise cancellation microphone on this one it was really dual uh microphones for interference nullifying and over here we have the google assistant button on this one a dedicated button they have given and uh here “were having” the work rockers and the dominance of sheaf uh it’s tactile it’s good uh underside we have a speaker uh it’s a single loudspeaker chaps no stereo talkers on this one uh central microphone the different types c port for blaming fortunately we get a 3.5 mm

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headphone jack on this one and here if we go uh here you have your what do you say uh sim tray let me just open this up uh by the nature guys in india this will be coming only in one configuration that is six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage and the ram is a lpddr4 ram and again as you can see guys no micro sd card swelling on this one but again if you notice we have a rubber gasket because this is ip5 2 rated so what do you say splash proof uh so exclusively one configuration six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of uh storage uh again guys this one actually supports 13 parties of 5g here are the 5g bands which is the highest in this range so the configuration careful it’s very good uh now moving to the camera chaps triple camera setup the camera setup is again very close to the moto g5 1 uh again we have the 50 megapixel main camera then we have eight megapixels that’s ultrawide the committee is also does the penetration thing so it integrates both and we also have a two megapixel macro uh the breast facing is a punch what do you say punch hole kind of a thing and this is a 16 megapixel and chaps uh here are all the specs for information purposes if you want to know the general stuff about this one so overall the configuration is nice and again uh this is also having an amoled screen people so it’s nice that motorola is continuing with the amoled screen uh but guys this is a regular 60 hertz i’m literally not that 90 or 120 hertz and again the we have that broth android so no broad extra bloatware or trash on this smartphone so that’s actually a delightful thing as “youre seeing” so left you get your google pane and all those things clean uh android experience that you are getting on this one and here if i travel uh it’s android 11 still out of the box i pleased it comes down with android 12.

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I requested the motorola team they said that the android 12 modernize will be coming to the smartphone unusually very shortly so that’s what it does i bid it came with android 12 but yeah this is what we have on this smartphone and clean uh what do you say uh android know uh this also has the motorola’s thing shield security on this one and also the moto gestures like doubled chop to what you say online twist to open the camera so all those gesticulates that you find on motorola smartphones are available on this smartphone and coming to another thing that i noticed on this smartphone uh this also has three uh ca aggregation so appreciate too 4g plus etc you will get on this countless parties request does a smartphone have carrier recreation yes this has that and in fact this also has 4×4 uh mimo backing likewise so in that aspect it’s good in fact if i remember this also has nfc yes this also has nfc so i would say in terms of basics what a normal user expects from a smartphone they have given everything uh now let’s also look at the speaker on this one let’s just open let’s say youtube so this is the speaker chaps it’s single over here as you can see but it’s thunderou enough so this is the speaker you’re getting on the smartphone and uh the battery life should be actually good on this one uh again guys back if you look at it this looks like a glass finish but this is not glass chaps this is elastic finish it’s actually plastic and a compounding but renders a finish of the glass fingerprint scanner is here the m logo is fingerprint so let’s look at it and as you can see it is really good so

and another thing i completely leave chaps uh and this is a nice move um in the box this will actually come with the motorola 33 watt fast charger generally motorola was exclusively rendering about 20 25 watt fast charger but this one we will get a 33 watt fast charger in the box so that’s actually a delightful thing and in fact this is having a 5 000 milliamp hour battery uh so the battery life should be very good because the processor is very efficient and it’s based on six nanometer process so in day-to-day pleasures i did not notice any lagginess or anything uh this is again initial uh testing people and initial testing also the battery life ogles to be good so overall i don’t think so we’ll have an issue regarding the battery life on this one uh moving to the camera setup guys the camera as i’ve told you is very close to the moto g5 1 exactly the same uh setup that we have attend and again front facing is supposed to be 16 uh so uh it’s the same camera boundary that “were having” envision earlier likewise so we have this 1x then “were having” this ultra wide and then we also have a macro lens and macro in fact guys you are eligible to even shoot videos in macro with this one and you have the other modes like portrait and all these other procedures are available on this night mode etc and figurehead facing is that 16 megapixel that you are getting and here likewise you have quite a few mode like description yield like this so let me do one thing let me actually present you some sample shots taken with this smartphone some tests with the rear facing camera and as “youre seeing” the 50 megapixel rear facing camera is actually doing a pretty good job knowing the human topics also human topics scalp moods were created well these were

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taken in the normal mode now i invoke the painting state the photograph procedure is good but i feel it’s a little soft hopefully they improve into the software update to give you an example this is the regular supermarket and note how sharp-witted it came and this was in the description bokeh procedure this is a regular shot and this was in the ultra lily-white procedure now moving to the 16 megapixel front-facing camera here i would say the front-facing camera is doing a very good job and now the front-facing camera with the likenes procedure even in the sketch procedure i believe are the front-facing camera is doing a good job so guys this is the moto g71 5g smartphone so what do you guys think about this one the moto g51 was a pretty powerful smartphone but that did not have an amoled screen uh this one is having an amoled screen yes i choose it comes down with the 90 hertz one this is a regular 61 hertz but again the amoled screen tone is good and another thing that i like is the amoled screen can go bright it can go up to 700 net so that nature there likewise they did not settlement so overall i would say this looks like a very practical uh smartphone it gets a lot of essential that you need uh freedom in fact 13 circles of 5g also are available on this one it’s light-headed it has nfc it has ip5 2 so overall i would say this looks like a very practical and uh overall balanced smartphone and certainly i will try to get the retail unit of this one and do a full review of this one very soon but initial notions i’m very impressed with this moto g7 1 5g what do you guys think about the same do let me know in the comment section below regardless people that’s it for now for this video if you guys are not agreed hit that subscribe button anyways guys take care catch you later

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