Review Moto G31 (2021) Practical Budget Mid Range Smartphone or Not

hi guys this is ranjit and in this video we’ll be doing the full critique for this moto g3 1 smartphone and this is sort of a plan mid-range smartphone from uh motorola and uh chaps i’ll let uh i’ve been using it for more than seven days with my primary summarize so here is the full review and by the way people this is not a 5g smartphone so if you’re looking for 5g smartphone this is not the one but we’ll go over some of the things that i’ve noticed that should help you in making a decision if this is right for you or not okay the first big-hearted thing i would say with this smartphone is the screen and again guys watch the unboxing video that “i probably shouldve” announced earlier to get a general overview i won’t go over that and this is having a 6.4 inch screen people and it’s an amoled screen and it’s a full hd plus screen and i like the fact that this screen can actually go a little bit bright up to 700 nits that’s why even when i organized this telephone on my motorcycle it was very bright sunlight or everything left off on auto brightness the screen was perceptible so in terms of brightness i would say they have done a good job but again guys uh to cut cost and to keep the cost in check this is not uh what he said this is a regular 60 hertz screen not that 90 or 120 hertz so that is something you got to note but still i would say a very good quality screen and even because it’s an amoled screen watching videos on this one was a very good experience now moving to uh scold caliber and proximity sensor i’m really happy to say that the call quality and the earpiece was very good loud and clear on this one and also i did not have an issue of proximity sensor which is plaguing a lot of mid-range smartphones so even uh for do calls and stuff this was a good phone in fact still my main sim that is primarily somehow is in this one and of course yes volte and all those things it has it also has wi-fi calling and that works in fact i would say uh it has mimo 2x mimo and in fact in terms of network reception too they have done a good job in fact i was worried a little bit how would be the wi-fi performance and now also i would say the wi-fi performance is good let’s test the wi-fi i’m on wi-fi let me check if i’m on my five gigahertz yeah five gigahertz wi-fi so

let’s just evaluation this and see and yeah it’s just picking up you can go up to 250 ish or something the wi-fi but nevertheless as you can see it vanishes like that so nevertheless the wi-fi performance was actually good on this uh smartphone so you don’t have to worry about it i’ll display you some upshots right now my wi-fi is acting a little bit funny looks like that if i start here and if you go to results okay the outcome and as you can see i touched about 311 megabytes so in terms of wi-fi performance and even the network cellular network uh this was uh done well i did not have a issue with this one uh another small thing that i noticed and this was a surprise because this is not an expensive smartphone again what i researched is the base variant that has four gigabytes of ram and 64 gb of storage and this is for 13000 that’s the one that i am exercising uh what i like is uh when you mention the keyboard on this one the haptic feedback is actually pretty good for a mid-range smartphone it’s not don’t liken it with flagships or something but for the premium the haptic feedback was a surprise to me so i like the haptic feedback on this smartphone and uh next thing again is about user interface and you are familiar with people it’s a motorola phone so asset android ordeal on the left you get your google pain and all those things no ads no bloatware or something this is something that i really liked with this one and at least now under 15 000 we have some selection a person who wants an amulet screen doesn’t want to deplete a great deal but misses a asset android smartphone we have a choice so that nature i would say still no bloatware or redundant trash that was loaded on the smartphone now coming to the processor used on this

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one they’ve used the uh g80 f5 on this one and i would say it’s a reasonable processor uh day-to-day stuff was fine chaps but i noticed some micro uh stutters here and there uh maybe it’s just because i’m so be applicable to 120 hertz screen and immediately coming from the iphone 13 pro to this one uh so that maybe it’s just because of that i’m noticing uh but i gave it to my daughter she said it was perfectly fine but sometimes i am noticing some micro jutters here and there it’s not a transaction breaker but precisely want to be transparent with you guys so if you used to that 120 hertz you will notice it but apart from that as you can see uh it’s able to handle stuff fine and this is the best variant that is four gigabytes of ram and uh good thing is that with this processor some of you have asked me is there any heating publishes i know i haven’t noticed any heating issues with this uh smartphone use it for the past seven days even as i’ve told you uh employed it on my bicycle continuously for gps for more than one one and a half hours endlessly then also it did not exhibit any heating issues or anything yes with continuous gps and this gets warm but in regular consumption i did not have a issue so heating is not an issue with the smartphone uh coming to the fingerprint scanner it’s that rear attached one and it makes half a second as you can see and uh now i’ve got used to it first yes you have to pick up the phone like this and it acts so i would say it’s not a lot breaker nor a con i bid as i said in my unboxing video also i wish they could have placed the fingerprint scanner here within the power on off button because that mode it’s more handy i would say but

this is just a thing to get used to and it directs i would say one issue that i noticed with the smartphone and that is because of the g85 soc is that on some of the youtube videos let me see if i got to find my own channel uh again this is a 1080 p screen full hd amoled guys uh but if i go to let’s say this uh legion 5 pro video i think so this one is in 4k let’s go to 4k now if i go to advanced options character oh okay 440 uh 1440 p merely it is uh this one is working fine because this is 1440 p at uh what do you say 25 or 30 fps but sometimes i’ve noticed in some of the videos that at 1440 p fps there was that miner again as you notice i noticed that so that is that sometimes i have noticed the slowdown but with youtube videos in normal resolution that 1080 p and trash 1080 p 50 1080 p 60 etc not an issue for example let’s uh go to my own term uh this uh yeah this uh monumental freedoms that’s my new canal uh this was in 1440 p 50 fps max let’s see if it handles it let’s go to advance as you can see it exertions but higher than this one i have noticed that lagginess on youtube and that’s because of the processor guys so it’s not a slew breaker but again you are pushing the processor i would say the g8 5 soc ideally uh you’re just drive it it was better if they would have gone for g95 but again i’m just propagandize it doing extreme trash too seeing gaming i did dally call of duty on this one chaps and it played the game fine but the

game situates were max alternatives were limited to medium by default it was set to low-grade but “ive played” it on medium and played fine so that is the thing yes you can play games likewise with this one but for many of the games you might have to keep the arranges at medium or lower this is no longer a smartphone for super ponderous vigorous gamers i’ll be very projected about that one moving two talkers i’ve already evidence an unboxing video it’s fine it’s a single talker so uh not any shoe now coming to something that i liked and i think so that uh is only possible because this is a close to stock android smartphone no bloatware or anything this is the base variant guys that comes with four gigabytes of ram and even in this one i should not have ram handling issues which i have seen on many smartphones even with six gigabytes of ram many of the apps that have to be in memory are stay in memory you don’t have to worry about them so uh yes of course after a certain point it will go back but some of the apps for example truecaller this my gate etc these apps need to be in memory and “theyre not” booted out so that road i would say the ram management is fine on this one yes it will prop a lot more apps if you offer the six gigabyte variance but even with this four gigabyte ram vm abusing it for the past seven days this was not a agreement breaker to me the only thing is this comes with restriction 64 gigabytes of storage so that’s the only thing and you don’t have a dedicated slit it’s a hybrid slit so that is something you have to note if you are of ponderous customer you install a lot of apps and stuff and you use both the sims then you might not be able to put a micro sd placard then maybe you might have to go with that 128 gigabyte variant but ram conduct was actually good now one thing that really surprised me on this smartphone is uh the 5000 mah artillery it has a 5000 mah artillery and i have to say the battery life that i was getting on

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this smartphone surprised me every time easily it was lasting for two plus daylights on a single price and in terms of sot anywhere from seven and a half hours to even nine hours you can actually get so in terms of battery life i was very impressed with this one and again it all comes down to the optimizations what they have done and because of the stock android they’re not unnecessary what do you say treats that are running in the background that room they are able to get very good battery life so if battery life is a concern to you you don’t have to worry here i was surprised because i was a little bit skeptical how will it be with the g85 soc but i’m happy that uh the processor is actually able to handle it and it’s all because of the optimizations what they have done so battery life is not an issue and too like the vape though this is having that 5000 milliamp hour artillery earlier moto phones i said that even in my unboxing video used to be very very heavy this is super flare and this also gives you that traction on the back so i’m employing it without the occurrence the action comes in the box i used it without the suit and still after a week i didn’t baby it around and anything no blemishes or anything so that action it is actually a delightful now coming to the camera uh this has that triple camera located of 50 megapixel is the main then “were having” eight megapixel that does the number of jobs of two ultra wide plus depth ability and then you have a two megapixel macro for close-ups and as you accompanied in the unboxing video so there was some of the samples even at night in fact it did much better than i expected if i compare it to some of the earlier moto

smartphones and then these are some of the brand-new samples i took in daylight and again as you can see in daylight also it actually did a moderately good responsibility so i would say the camera i was very terribly skeptical because some of the motorola mid-range smartphones that overhead that do cost a little bit more than this one does not have this good camera performance so i’m really glad that now the motorola team is concentrating a little bit more on the camera so looks like it’s all because of the software optimizations what they are doing and it is showing the difference so camera i won’t say it’s the best in this range or something like that far from that but the camera is good that you don’t have to worry about it i would say uh most of the shots that you make will come out good in a bench that you want to take will come out good with this smartphone that’s what i wanted to say uh the front-facing camera is definitely a better i would say and it takes a pretty good shot i would say and uh i was satisfied with the front-facing camera and here are some quick video samples that i’ve taken with the breast facing camera hi guys this is a quick sample from the front facing camera of this moto g31 and the audio is also being recorded via the same one thing i noticed is that in video uh you have to really pull your hands uh because it pastures in quite a bit but this is the footage with the breast facing camera okay chaps now coming to another thing again it’s a engine phone it is therefore this one also still has those moto gesticulates so i feel it’s very convenient for example doubled chop if you do this flashlight comes so if you change the

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camera come so these things are there and they make is a good one again i was also noted that minor slow that sometimes i noticed that stutter it’s not every time that’s what i have no experiment so the gesticulates likewise make is a good one on this one and now coming to android update some of you have asked me and the chaps out of the box this comes with android 11 if i go to about in fact i was hoping that we would be getting one more uh what do you say uh uh android ot modernize but then android 11 is there out of the box as of now on this one and i asked the motorola team and they said that android 12 “il come” early next year they didn’t specify the month so i think so early 2022 we should be getting that and in regarding android the security informs they said that the android protection revises too will be getting for this phone for the next two years so that’s regarding the android update statu so people uh this was the moto g31 smartphone and to summarize i would say uh if i have to summarize this smartphone uh obviously i would say if you are a sort of a hardcore gamer or a super super heavy user this smartphone is not for you and also if you’re looking for 5g then no this is not for you this is a smartphone for beings uh average who who does normal usage not awfully aggressive customers and who don’t care about 5g as of now but for them i would say they want an amulet screen and they too wanted to go close to stock android know-how without any bloatware rubbish fright and all that blah blah blah that comes with smartphones these days and you don’t have very high budget if you are that kind of a person then you can certainly have a look at this one and yes for 13 000 rupees if you are that kind of a person i can definitely recommend this smartphone uh but if you’re looking for 5g and more supremacy if you’re a gamer then this is not for you in fact i was just checking the flip card page i noticed that the motorola will also be

coming out with the moto g51 very soon i think so it’ s on 10 th of december i should be getting my section very soon uh that’s a more powerful smartphone we don’t know the exact pricing we know it on 10 th it said but that’s supposed to be a proper 5g phone with 12 parties of 5g uh and it has a new uh what do you say a process of that’s the snapdragon 480 5g and people there’s a lot of embarrassment about the snapdragon 480 in fact the snapdragon 480 5g version that they are using is almost close to about 720 uh snapdragon 720 in terms of performance so again if you’re looking for 5g maybe that is the smartphone but we don’t know the details what is the pricing and all of that uh i should be getting the unit of that one too very soon so i’ll cover that and i’ll pole the video when we have all the details but regardless this was the review for the moto g 31 what do you guys think about the same do let me know in the comment section below and people if you’re still not subscribed to this channel smacked that agree button and also subscribe to my other direct if you want that vlog style of like videos and other stuff that’s gigi ranjitha writes and vlogs regardless chaps that’s it for now thanks for watching this is ranjit and i hope to see you in my next video take care guys

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