Overview Lenovo Legion 5 Pro AMD Gaming Laptop

hi guys this is ranjit and in this video i’m going to give you my hands-on overview with this new gaming laptop from lenovo that is known as the lenovo force fifa pro and i have been actually using this for the last couple of weeks so i’ll give you an overview and what do i feel about this laptop actually this is a pretty powerful uh gaming laptop it comes with the amd ryzen 7 5800 h processor and a very powerful gpu that’s the nvidia rtx 3070 uh and uh guys i just want to make it clear that this video is being made in association with lenovo and amd and in fact uh due to the sponsorship we are having actually three giveaways of this laptop so three luck of you can win the there’s a laptop i’ll have detailed information about that in the description and again uh thanks uh lenovo and amd for patronize uh this uh video and the giveaway so guys let me begin with the physical synopsi of the laptop and if you notice this flare is radiating actually you can disable it or enable it uh i’ll show you the hotkey but firstly let me actually start with the physical synopsi and uh now on this end if you notice again as it’s a gaming laptop we have a lot of volcanoes on this one here we have a type c port and uh this is your headphone microphone combo jack uh you cannot

charge the laptop of such types c port but if you move towards the back again it has that lenovo branding over here here are all the ports uh here the prime power brick will be attached i’ll show you it’s actually a 300 watt ability brick and this is your what do you say uh type a port we have a hdmi port and the good thing is that this is hdmi 2.1 so you can output at very high resolutions and even that 120 fps if your tv support then we again have two more what do you say type a ports and we also have a category c port and uh this is special guys because this supports power transmission up to 100 watts so you if you’re just casually carrying the laptop now and they’re not doing serious gaming or something you can charge it via this one too and then we have a lan port that’s a gigabit port too again uh lots of vents on this one and here also we have a vent and again you have a type a port and uh this is interesting key this is actually the shut the key for the webcam physically it’ll disable the webcam if you move this so i’d like this key for privacy concludes so let’s open the laptop and uh you will be actually saluted with this gorgeous screen that we have this is actually a 16 inch uh screen that we have on this one it’s actually a quadruplet hd plus 2k screen on this one and i like that the aspect ratio is 16 by 10.

So if you’re doing some productivity work or a web browsing or something you get a lot of vertical seat on this laptop if i go to twitter etc it’s not logged in here i go here as you can see you get a lot more horizontal gap so for productivity i like the facts of the case that uh this is that 16 by 10.

Another thing that i like with this laptop i’m just going to increase the brightness guys and for example if it’s white background you will notice that this laptop can go actually really really bright for a gaming laptop this can go up to 500 webs which is not that common for a gaming laptop most of the gaming laptops top out at about 400 cyberspaces another thing that i like is the color accuracy of this laptop is also very good so when i was watching some videos and material also it was a very good experience and it’s having a mad screen so it stands the time and the viewing tilts are likewise very good it’s a complexion accurate screen and what i like is that in terms of refresh proportion this is actually if i uh go to display provides uh this can actually help if i go to s boosted presentation as you can see right now uh it is at 165 hertz and you can of course drop down to 60 hertz if you miss so natively it corroborates 165 hertz so great for gaming and 100 srgb and also it is actually dolby vision licensed i too like that the bezels are not super super thin thick and then too they have managed to put a webcam integrated into this one now coming to the performance of this laptop the performance of this laptop was very good thanks to the amd ryzen 5800 hedge processor it’s a highly influence efficient processor that’s actually based on seven nanometer process hence it does not consume that much power and the result is that it does not heat up likewise that much and as you can see this is a cpu z and this is the uh ryzen 7 5800 h and the maximum tdp is 40 watt it’s based on seven nanometer process and it’s a proper eight core 16 yarn processor and

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memory on this specific variant again guys on the side i’ll have all the specs uh 32 gigabytes of ram the government has two dimm slots uh so this is the 32 gigabyte variant that we have it also comes in 16 gigabytes and the gpu is the nvidia rtx 3070 with eight gigabytes of ram and the speciality of this gpu is it can go up to 140 watts which is great people because i’ve seen some of the other 30 70 what do you say gpus that don’t go up to 140 watts i also range quite a bit of standards to give you new ideas and you can also download these standards so that you have an idea how is your laptop performing first let’s look at the cinebench r23 and as “youre seeing” for the multi-core we got a unusually very healthy score of twelve thousand seven forty two which is actually excellent i also extended at the single core and for single core we got a score of one thousand four hundred twenty five next uh i also led up this is the geekbench five again you can download it for free this is for the gpu ram uh this is using the rtx 3070 and as you can see we got the crazy score of one lakh 25 680 i likewise raced it for the cpu and here we got a single orchestrate value of one three six five and multi-core score of eight 8104 which is excellent people and i too moved pc mark 10 and here as you can see the overall tally that we got was 6643 and i too rolled uh for the gpu if i remember yeah 3d rating i feed and here we got a score of 10 000 what was that 10 548 moving to the battery chaps this has 80 watt r artillery on this one and you can get anywhere from about three hours to about four and a half hours based on what you are doing uh but i would say if you’re using on artillery

power uh go into the screen refresh the regulates and give the screen refresh to 60 hertz instead of 165 and likewise uh in the lenovo advantage software that we have i really like that this one we have it uh enable this hybrid procedure which is actually nothing but a mux substitution if you don’t know what is a mux switch google that’s very very important for gaming laptop and thankfully that is there on this laptop and this laptop also has the lenovo ai locomotive uh it is therefore actually optimized in the background with the firmware to get the best fps in tournaments in fact lno ai auto detects about 16 aaa names and you get about five to 16 percentage better fps but let me now speedily testify you uh some recreations that i played with this laptop and the first sport i want to show you is overwatch and guys this is the power brick that we have this is the massive 300 watt supremacy brick and while gaming utilization this to get the best performance but while traveling because it subsidizes that uh superpower transmission you don’t have to carry this one if you have a portable supremacy transmission charger and uh let me actually present you first the resolution and the prepares i’m playing it at the highest quad hd and i’ve hold it limited to 165 fps that’s the screen and graphic tone as you can see is on ultra and guys i really like the screen aspect on this one they threw a very good quality uh screen on this laptop guys and simply notice the fps over here 175 176 so again this was the thing with most of the games i could play the highest graphic create and still coming very good fps navigation so people uh that was overwatch and as you can see it performances very well so let’s move to the next play now and chaps this is doom and i have just been maintained the body starts over here so “youre seeing” and as you can see we are comfortably exiting at 150 160 fps on this one and again almost no load on information systems and as you can see i can merely move around so butter smooth graphics on this one and this is at high arranges that i’ve given max that i’ve save so as “youre seeing” no issues and get the illuminate gists so again this is a very powerful uh gpu that’s the 30 70 and the combining with that uh what do you say amd ryzen 5800 h is a very powerful combination and chaps this is forza horizon 5 a new activity and let’s see how it does this one and if i go to options and people if you look at the graphics i’ve designated most of the things to ultra and let’s see how it handles it so guys this is forza 5.

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I simply noticed the graphics the lighting and everything how well it’s done on this one i’m just doing trying to do the impetu and everything and as you can see it’s treat everything so just wanted to give you an idea how well it’s handling only notice the lighting and the thinkings and everything so people this is battlefield and uh if you notice how smooth it is this is online i’m playing oh i’ll get here i just wanted to show you the graphics and as you can see it’s good now let me actually vanish here in options and if i go to video if you notice i’m keeping it at 165 hertz and then too uh it’s working very well and again this is uh i’m playing the multiplayer this is a highly addictive activity i used to play this a lot this is just mind you guys this is multiplayer the campaign is also beautiful on this one and again as you can see particularly smooth enclose frequency don’t have to worry about that on this one so again even for battleground uh it’s a great event that you will be coming again guys the campaign uh lookings too sumptuous on this one in fact i’m waiting for the new uh battlefield sport that’s going to be propelling exceedingly very soon uh would love to play that one on this laptop oops so yeah this was battlefield people uh so people overall i like this gaming laptop from lenovo as you realized overall it’s a very good package that we are getting the screen is a highly

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good screen it’s a 16 inch screen with that 165 hertz flaunt and the quality of the screen is also very good even for professional effort actually you can use it because it’s color accurate and i like the fact that though it’s a gaming laptop it can go up to 500 cyberspaces moving to the processor the processor is a beast on this one as you verified with the performance uh that the 5800 h is a beast of a processor so even for yeah gaming as you considered it did gaming without the specific issues but even for ponderous tasks for example like video editing and substance or making this is a very powerful processor in fact i like that this laptop though it’s a gaming laptop does not heat up that much even when it’s emphasized when i was stressing this laptop exporting 4k videos also yes it became warm but it didn’t become uncomfortably what do you say hot now guys moving to some of the shortcomings that i’ve noticed with this laptop uh there is no fingerprint scanner on this laptop so that is something that i have missed and also it has all the ports as i have mentioned even the hdmi 2.1 port and the back type c port you can charge it but they should have also required um what do you say sd card slot because i feel for productivity also this is a very good laptop uh but anyways guys if you’re looking for a potent openings laptop and if you have a budget about 1.6 lakhs you can definitely have a look at this laptop it’s a very good laptop for the configuration that you are getting anyways i’ll leave the links in the specific characteristics people and now for the giveaway guys and i want to thank lenovo and amd for sponsoring this video and for the

giveaway and we will be offering three laptops yes three laptops as a giveaway guys uh the rules are pretty simple you’ll have to actually use this hashtag that i have created and uh that is geeky ranjit legion 5 pro laptop give away and again you have to share this video on social media like chirp etc and use the hashtag i’ll too be tweeting about this uh specific video so again comment on that video i’ll have the link in the description guys and use the hashtag so that i know uh so i can move those enterings guys uh so guys uh uh it’s pretty simple i would say but this giveaway will be only limited to indian users and after two weeks of publishing this video uh i will be arbitrarily selecting three wins and i’ll actually guys contact you via uh twitter dm so again follow me if you don’t follow me then i can’t ask you those winners i’ll be asking and get the what do you say address items and i’ll pass that to the lenovo team and the lenovo squad will directly be sending you brand new laptops check out the description area for all the details anyways guys that’s it for now for this video uh what do you feel about this lenovo brigade 5 pro laptop do let me know in the comment section below regardless guys if you are still not subscribed to the youtube direct touch that agree button this is ranjit and i hope to see you take care guys

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