Overview New Airtel Black One Plan for Mobile, Fiber and DTH

hi guys this is ranjit and in this video we’ll be talking about the brand-new airtel black bushes and people i’ve personally moved to the brand-new atl black floras so i’ll be talking about what do you get with the same and uh chaps i just wanted to make it very clear that this video was made in association with atl india but only to be fair guys i’ve been actually a tell pole paid customer for my primary sim for virtually 15 years now and as we uh are collaborating with aytel i got this special box likewise from atl so let’s have a close uh look at this one and uh as you can see so we get this box so let me just gather this out so it says innovating it to black so it’ll black so i’ll really hinder that to the side and now as you can see uh oh it gives you an idea what is this a tell uh what do you say a pitch-black schedule mostly it’s the your mobile sim ddh and fiber all in one scheme so you get a single what do you say bill for all your service so ideally this is for people who are using multiple a-tel services for example let’s say you have a a-tel sim you have atl broadband connection and a dth it blends all of them as you can see your mobile your dth and your fiber and again with your fiber that’s internet bond you likewise get a landline free so here it is and i likewise get a a nice word from a tell guys as you can see then gives you an idea about the bushes so that you can combine many services it says i’ll give you an idea what it is and what is this welcome to ital black and looks like it’s a qr system so let’s just scan that qr code and i think so it’s going to open an atl app if i’m not mistaken yes let’s open it up yes uh so it’s mostly uh going to open a till uh uh app guys and then thanks app and if it’s not installed it’ll ask you to install it so let’s have a closer look at the same now so here is the ital uh uh app and i’m already moved to the atl black but before i prove you what it is what is this atl uh black plants let’s talk about that now so guys this atl black is for customers who are already utilizing atl works as i’ve told you let’s say you already have a 18 pole paid programme or let’s say uh you also have a tel fiber connection or even the dth associate so this air block blends all those seeds into one so you get a single seamless ordeal and apart from that you likewise get some benefits if you opt for this plan and

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you can actually customize it uh it’s not like you have to use all the three works let’s say you merely want to use uh yeah what do you say uh phone connection that says sim and a tell what do you say uh broadband connection you can do that so compoundings are possible and the government has various intentions and in fact if you look at it uh i’ve already opted for this so in either thanks it’s demonstrating us an idea that i’m already a black states members and again a big deal is you get one single statement so integrated proposals are no separate proposals for all the service so represents your life very easy uh so and again one call center single label center for all the services you have a special dedicated unit for anything so very quick customer care i would say again priority resolution and calls they’ll say it will pick up in 60 seconds and also installation and zero switching payments yeah with the black this is there for example if you have any service questions a service query or a sir what do “youre telling” technician comes to your house for anything there is no service cost or anything like that with this one and again you also get uh what do “youre telling” free busines hotshots with that and you likewise get the atel extreme box that’s the dth box that you want you pay what do “youre telling” refundable situate of 1500 if you want that so essentially free and again guys if you look at this screenshot they have numerous uh different schedules again you are eligible to even customize it as i’ve told you guys but again universally these are some of the plans that i noticed on the website so again a combination let’s say uh you want only uh the phone services and broadband you have that let’s say you want exclusively the phone services and let’s say ddh “youve had” that option or

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a combination of all the three works uh frankly speaking people i opted for the atl black 2099 plan because i already have it till uh sim actually this is my primary sim my wife too exercises a till uh tie so i have added her into this uh plan and also my daughter is having one muslim so i have added i’m going to add her also in this plan so thereby i’m getting actually uh i can add three portable associates in that design apart from that if you guys recall a couple of months ago i opted for the 8 till 200 mbps fiber attachment so i have a 200 mbps fiber tie-in likewise and you get gth also in this plan so i’m getting all these three business in this single propose so effectively i’m saving a little by adding all these services if i would have taken all these services separately it would have been slightly higher and again that besets of variou greenbacks here i’m just getting a single bucket so again as i’ve told you this plan is for people who are having multiple a-tel assistances it makes a lot of sense again guys depending upon the plan that “youve selected” you too get the atrial extreme box roughly for free that’s uh valued at 39999 uh you have to really be uh what do you say refundable sediment of what 1500 and again based upon your strategy so you likewise get some ott services too streaming services like amazon prime hotstar as well as atl extreme app nearly for free or at a huge discount based upon your strategy so i feel if you’re already at a berth paid reader and in fact use multiple intel services like that broadband schedule or dth intentions then this ether pitch-black makes a lot of sense so what i’ll do is guys i’ll leave the link of this either black in the description so that you can check it out anyways guys that’s it for now for this video thanks for watching this is ranjeet and i hope to see you in my next video take care guys

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