Review Sony WF 1000XM4 Almost Ideal Premium TWS

hi guys this is ranjit and in this video we’ll be doing the full in-depth review for this premium tws from sony that are known as the wf-1 000 xm4 and i feel if you are looking for a fee what do you say tws this might be the ideal tws for a lot of you but personally for me this was not the excellent tws because this was one major breach that i noted with this one uh so we’ll cover all the aspects of this one in this in-depth review and people if you know i’m used to premium tws this is the airpods pro this is the jabra light seven this is the pixel saloons etc so i’m used to them so let’s get on with the review and people if you understand the packaging is very weird it comes in this sort of a casket so you have to tear this to open and here we have a recycled uh instance uh and here “youve had” some paperwork and all these things and here you have some additional hearing tips exactly extremely that we get in this one so a little bit different type of packaging that you’re getting uh these are the actual tws that we get let me merely zoom in to give you an idea and uh they glance good guy and we’ll go over all these aspects one by one so that we cover all the points so let’s talk about the body-build tone and regards and here i would say the build quality like any premium tws is good uh this is made up of plastic guys but good quality plastic and “youve had” that good feel when you close it and open it and you have one preceded headed over here uh green signifies it’s completely blamed in the earlier what do you say xm3s which i inspected about year and a half ago uh they too had a resulted light over the buds but this one we is not have that uh unquestionably in terms of size of the earbuds these are somewhat uh bigger but again unlike the xm3s which chit-chat out quite a bit out these one

actually don’t come out that much but certainly these buds are bigger in sizing compared to many of the fowls for example this is the jabra tws as you can see how big it inspects so certainly it’s slightly on the bigger side i have to say okay next thing is regarding the bluetooth range and did i find any connectivity troubles on this one and i measured this with multiple smartphones chaps and i have to say i did not have any problems with the bluetooth range on this one this is typical bluetooth range that you are able to expect with tws in the same room i never had any problem even in the next office then when i went out and even the door was closed of this one then also it didn’t really so the ordinary bluetooth straddle that you expect it’s like that i did not have actually been any connectivity issues with this one so that style i don’t have a problem but again guys uh one thing to note is that these are premium uh areas again it’s available on amazon as of now it’s at about 20 000 i’ll leave the links people so that you can check it out but again this simultaneously cannot connect to two different smartphones so that multi connect is not there on this one uh for example the headphone the bigger brother of this one the headphones the xm4 headphones can connect simon’s simultaneously to two different manoeuvres this cannot do that but connectivity no topics now how about slow while watching videos and material because you know many of the modern smartphones simply do not have a headphone jack so you have to use this and here i would say i was happy i watched quite a bit of youtube videos and i should not get that lip sync issue i even watched what do you say a little bit of netflix for about 20 -2 five minutes and that also i did not have any lip sync publishes on this one so “thats really not” that but again if you’re trying to do gaming and material if you’re very picky about it you will notice it again that’s the case with even most of the other tws okay now let’s talk about apps and button customization uh firstly let’s talk about the physical phase of this again we have this right and the left earbud and this area what we have is actually touch feelings guys so when you wear this from the right hand side you can control what you say the music for example if you precisely tap it formerly it’ll breather doubled tap to the next way triple bunker go to the previous move standard stuff that you get like that on the left hand side uh you can actually customize this but by default it is set to active noise cancellation or active sound cancellation off and uh switching off you have the third option likewise so i’m use that you can actually if you don’t

want that you can change it to publication regulates but again you have to select within so the insures are okay on this one but i felt again as this is a touch confidential domain uh it succeeds about ninety percent of the cases sometimes ten percent of the time i do have that missing thing another one facet that i like with this earphones and if you have squandered many of the high-end sony headphones also for example let’s say you’re just wearing it individual comes to you you can just tap this left around region and it enables the examine through so that you can speak to that person without removing this because these provide a very good seal so even if you keep the active noise abandonment off uh you are not able to hear the people so you have that here to peculiarity also on this one now moving to the app again if you have okay let me just open this so that it is connected and let me show you the app and in fact you can also use it with only a single one also you don’t need to actually employ both the but sometimes for making because i was just working a single one so you can do that just keep one over here and let me just open uh this app it’s the sony headphone app and guys now as you can see it gives you an idea first about the battery starts on uh what do you say the birds everything like this and this is inside that so it’s not showing let me just take and it fell down okay so again as “youre seeing” hundred percentage and these will be almost all the time hundred percent charged people because like any other tws whenever you’re not listening you’ll have to put back in the case uh but generally the battery life is really good on this these are rated for about eight hours but i simply could not evaluation it amply i’ll talk about that uh later on but again as you can see this is what we have and in status uh it gives you an idea and sound you have a lot of aspects that been talking to chat also is there so automatically when you start speaking it enables what you say uh year through features but again if you’re a person who likes to sync then don’t expend this because it gets activated all the time uh good thing is that we also have a lot of equalizer options on this one as you can see like this so you have quite a few and in fact you can also have your own custom ones i’m actually uh prepared it to manual and if you notice i have just improved the treble sounds a little and you can also adjust the clear bass from here if you go to this and stumbled this customize alternative you can actually customize it so again in terms of sound uh and nonsense the


customization that it has it has a lot of options uh again i should not have any issues with bluetooth connectivity i was keeping on priority audio the good thing is that if you are using an android smartphone it can use the higher codec that is ldac if i cancel i have enabled it for using ldac it works only on android phones so not on as you can see ldac ldac is supported on android telephones higher death android phones but not on iphones i iphones that uses the standard a ac codec so that alternative is there on this one uh and you too have this dscc extreme alternative uh so here are the system substance again you can change the way peculiarities as i’ve told you you can change what you want a little bit so a little of customization is also editing is not temporary okay i’m going to depart so it gives you an idea and you can update also the the what you say and in fact i already updated this one i’ve been using this now for about seven eight daytimes now this one so that’s the app uh in terms of app i would say uh it’s pretty boast rich app uh so i don’t have a problem with the app okay now let’s talk about the most important thing that is about comfort and here i would say i was not that happy with this one if you notice let me actually evidence you the additional ear tips-off and in fact chaps “ive played” around with this one for three four periods trying to get the right fit and as you can see we have this large small-minded and medium is already fitted and “thats really not” regular what do you say uh your tips these are kind of that sud based and to even wear it you have to precisely pinch it completely and then put in your ear and it expands a little bit but personally for me uh these ear tips-off are simply not that great i tried all the large one the medium that came in default the small ones and after about 20 -2 5 minutes it starts giving me a little bit of aching in my ear so certainly i would say uh the hearing tips are not

that great at least for my times it might be okay for your ears but people i’ve expended the airpods pro i don’t have any problems with the ear gratuities on this one this jabra privileged seven i don’t have any issues even the pixel segments uh i don’t have a shoe but but this one after 20 25 times even though i have tried all the gratuities on this one it gives me a little bit of what do you say ear suffering after 20 -2 five minutes and that’s the reason i simply could not test the battery life because after precisely consuming it “youve got to” introduced it back and it simply starts charging it’s supposed to give about eight hours of battery life so i feel now sony cheaped out a little bit because with xm3s in fact here we only to get two additional duos of ear gratuities there actually we got six pairs of ear tips so with the xm3s we had a lot more ear tips on that and i could get a pleasant fit and i could listen to music for hours and hours without the specific issues but on this one just your tips and it’s just not me chaps i’ve even received some of the reviews for example c net journalists likewise had an issue with the ear tips-off and they said that they used the ear tips-off that came with the xm3s and it was fine but i don’t have the xm3s to research it so again this can be a little bit of a hit or miss i would say the earth tips i i have normal times with other twss that have idea i don’t have any problem the default media are fine fairly this one even the smaller one which i have tested it was simply not comfortable for me after uh 25 30 instants that’s the reason i though i loved it i’ll talk about the reverberate but i simply could not wear it for a very long time it’s just after some time this is not cozy sony should have given us uh considering the price point more variety of ear tips-off like they did with the xm3s in my frankfurter belief okay now let’s talk about the active noise

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cancellation and here i have to say this one is among the best ews even better than the active noise cancellation that we get on the airports pro so among the tws’s i’ve measured and i have a lot of premium twss apart and i’m just listing some of them over here uh this has to be the best active interference cancellation on a tws interval so that gets a 10 out of 10 for me it’s even more powerful than the earpods pro so active racket abandonment they have done a magnificent errand and in fact because of this cache foam hearing tips-off likewise you press them and settled it inside the seal is so good that even if you are not use active sound cancellation it isolates you quite a bit but when you switch it on the active noise cancellation it’s like a vacuum-clean that is created it’s almost as good as the uh what do you say headphones the large-hearted width headphones that is the sony wh xm4 headphones active noise cancellation it’s that good so in tws certainly if active noise elimination is a criteria these are the best as of now guys span okay now let’s talk about the microphone quality and i know this is a topic of discussion if you are learn my review of the xmr threes also the last generation of this one a tws overall i loved it but the microphone character was simply not that good and whenever i was taking calls uh wearing that other other beings used to complain that my summon tone was not clear fortunately on this one i would say it’s actually improved by rushes and fixed so the majority of cases other parties do not complain about the scold quality when i’m use this one as the microphone uh but again i was only still say these are not the best the best what do you say microphones again would go to the airports pro or if you miss multi-connectivity with android and substance then this is the jabra lights these have far better what do you say uh microphone but for most people this will do the job but again these are not the best chaps in terms of microphone i was only pace the microphone excellence to be about eight out of ten and this is a big improvement from the xm3s the last generation that were bad really if i have to rate it i would have rated that one four out of ten this is about 8 out of 10.

So that’s regarding the microphone improve but not among the best now about the publication accommodation immediately from this one this as i’ve told you is sort of a slam or a miss and they should have done something what the jabra is doing here with the jabras if you’ve seen my review of this one you can even control the lines a and c got everything and even the work instantly from this one here immediately controlling the volume is a little bit of a hiss off thing because to do that then you have to disable some of the active noise uh what do “youre telling” governs that you’re getting on this one uh so yeah so still i would say for controlling the volume i was using the phone okay now regarding the battery life here i would say again these are far far better uh sony claims about eight hours of battery on on this one and i think so it should apply about close to seven seven and a half hours uh so battery life is excellent in fact far better than international airports pro almost closely almost almost not exactly but roughly double the battery life that i get on the eight part one certainly my airfields are somewhat older now uh so battery life is not an issue on this one and when you put back in the case it precisely bills and again this also supports wireless blaming so if you’re a fan of that wireless blaming uh you can use wireless blaming but this one okay now let’s talk about the racket excellence and all this thing tone quality for music din

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stage and everything the sound stage is actually done very well on this one i do not have a problem uh it yields a very immersive experience i would say so sound is a big strength of this one certainly in terms of if i have to exactly uh tell you one thing in terms of sound quality just for music listening if i have to rate it these are definitely better than the airpods pro no doubt about that so now let’s break it down uh what do i feel about it okay let’s talk about the base obviously i would say the base is a little bit improved on this one which most of you would like but again you also have with the app that extra bass and something i have to take out the additional bass and something like that to connect it there is a requirement to only remove this so here if i go to the resonated bureau you can in fact if you go to the manual if i’m going here you can go to here and you are eligible to even adjust the amount of excess the additional bass that you want so in terms of bass it’s done very well definitely uh out of the box it’s slightly uh boosted bass but again uh it is pleasantly done so i enjoyed the bass on this one in fact in bass i would afford it as high as about 9.5 out of 10.

Excellent excellent i would say base much better and tighter base than even this one and next if i talk about the mid-range and the vocals now likewise sony has done an incredible job and because of that the announce regime is good you just really experienced the mid-range on this one beautifully done again this i would give almost 10 on 10 on this one the mid-range and the vocals that you’re getting on this beautifully done it’s not fatiguing or anything now but when we come to the higher feelings here i felt in the default mode without any equalization it’s slightly missing uh but you can fix it with the app as i’ve told you i’m squandering the habit chart over here let’s disconnect it i have to take it out to connect it uh now as “youre seeing” and that’s why i’m using the manual and i’ve somewhat improved the treble manners so you have to boost this uh soprano stone somewhat because the default one it’s slightly resist i would say in treble stone so in treble moods i would say it’s slightly uh deficiency a little but you can definitely fix it so here i would devote uh what do you say a rating of about uh nine out of ten certainly beautiful and it voices beautiful chaps uh don’t get me wrong it’s beautiful certainly overall if you look at it exactly from the music point of view certainly one of the most wonderful tws that i have expended and i well experienced listening to the music but the only thing is after that 25 30 minutes i had to take it out it was simply not that

comfortable uh so okay let’s break it down now to how do i rate it personally i would say in comfort for me it was like seven on ten because it was simply not that cozy features and uh you easy of use it’s pretty easy to use i’ll give it nine site five to ten i’m just slash that target of five points because magnitude lines publish is not that easy uh for example the jabra gets a 10 on 10 on that you can do everything from the earbuds itself you don’t even have to actually uh go to the app and fill it around inc tone now this is definitely 10 on 10 boy this if if you are a person who’s specific getting uh what do you say tws for active sound deletion as of now these are the best end of the story guys uh next thing is microphone aspect certainly has improved but i have to give it eight out of ten and music and sound signature again again 9.25 out of 10.

so overall score if i take out the consolation role maybe it’s just my years um that these are not cozy or something like that then i would give this as high rating of 9 out of 10 but personally for me the comfort was an issue that’s why for me it is 7.5 out of 10 chaps so people uh this was my in-depth review of this sony uh wf-1 000 xm4 so what do you guys feel about the same and guys if you’re planning to purchase this one i do use my attach i’ll leave that in the description it does help the channel anyways guys uh that’s it for now for this review and guys if you’re still not were in favour of my youtube path stumbled that subscribe button this is ranjit and i hope to see you in my next video take care guys.

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