Overview Poco F3 GT Power Packed Smartphone

hi guys this is ranji that in this video let’s do the unboxing and have a firstly look at this poco f3 gt smartphone and i have to say guys the specs on the smartphone sound actually pretty good and this is the first smartphone from poco that is having an amulet screen and it’s having 120 hertz amoled screen so let’s have a look at the same and if you look at the back guys uh uh it’s having us uh diamond metropoli 100 soc and that amoled screen full hd plus 120 hertz and it’s good to see that poco is listening to user feedback i feel uh many customers who wanted a poco smartphone with an amoled screen so here we have it and it has dual stereo loudspeakers and in fact they say that orators are pretty good uh it also is dolby uh certified dolby’s atmos and we are getting a 67 watt uh charger so indeed a very fast charger that we are getting on this one and uh has a 64 megapixel central back facing camera and 16 megapixel is the front one and guys it comes in numerous uh uh configurations we have the midtower one that comes with eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage they’ll too be a variant with six gigabytes of ram eight and even 12 and storage is likely to be 128 or 256 good thing is storage is ufs 3.1 so it should be moderately fast so let’s open this up so this just comes out like this we have the poco and it opens some ejector tool over here some paperwork what is this this is something different i was not presume oh so you get a dongle nice to see because no 3.5 mm headphone jack but at least you’re getting this dongle so that’s a nice touch i would say i’ll only keep that to the side we too get a case so let’s make that out and let’s just introduce these things to the side for now so guys it’s a transparent occasion that we are getting and a cutout for the camera so i’ll exactly deter that and now we have the smartphone itself let’s see how do they expenditure it but based on the specs and the configuration that we are having i am expecting somewhere around the 30 000 rate pitch but let’s see how do the price i’ll add that in the description regardless let’s open this up and we have this in the silver color so actually this looks really nice and this is supposed to be gorilla glass five people back as well as front so that’s nice

and this if you notice if i just move around like this this is actually playing around with the glowing so this is nice and this is actually resisting fingerprints so nice job because generally what happens is with the glass back phones uh it’s a fingerprint mess but it looks like it’s pretty good i’ll come back to the device later on because i feel this is uh not only a strong smartphone because of the processor but this is also a gaming centric smartphone regardless this uh so this is the special usb cable and people you have to use this one because it has that 67 watt accusing this is actually a 6 amp cable and this is the big brick let’s say 67 watt so it’s a type a 2 kind c so again use this cable chaps for the fast blaming so let me do one thing let me keep the box aside uh let’s have a physical synopsi about the phone and then we’ll move on and uh guys on the top we do still have ir blaster like other what do you say poco phone so nice to see that we also have a secondary noise cancellation microphone and guys this is actually if you notice this is a dedicated volcano for this uh orators it has stereo loudspeakers so one dedicated went over here and one dedicated went over here and i like that we have a separate vent at the top but generally what happens with many of the smartphones that are having this uh stereo talker they just use the earpiece as the second speaker that’s why the lucidity is not good so i’m hoping uh this should have better quality and also this exterior chases that we call is actually made up of metal it’s aluminium so it’s actually feels good to hold and here if you notice these are actually special initiations if you open this this actually comes up like this uh this is used for gaming they call it magnetized chassis or something so you have this again as i’ve told you this is also a gaming centric smartphone and now we have the power button again the second trigger again like this you can actually it moves i’ll shoot a close-up and give you an idea if you open it it opens up and croaks at the gaming procedure uh posterior that second speaker as i’ve told you uh this is your kind c port portraits for accusing uh one microphone over here and uh this is a sim tray it’ll be dual uh nano sim guys uh but let’s look at it yes it will be

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that simply so yeah that’s what it is no micro sd placard stretch or anything so and uh here again if we go over here we also have one more microphone in fact this one has three microphones one two and three so the ask aspect uh should be actually really good and here “were having” the publication rocker so certainly a very interesting design i would say even flash if you look at it is a very interesting design camera it’s a triple camera setup the main camera is a 64 megapixel then we have that eight megapixel that’s ultra wide then that obligatory two megapixel uh camera that’s a macro on this one uh front facing i believe is 16 megapixel so let’s do one thing let me really strength this on and uh let me actually placed this up and then we will continue so guys i’ve set up this smartphone so let’s have a closer look at the same now and as you can see guys uh actually this is a good amoled screen that they have put on this smartphone and uh i’ll have the specs over here for your reference people uh but uh let’s talk about the screen and if you notice uh it actually looks really good and this comes with the miui 12.5 that you have left you go you get notification now you get your speedy speedy toggles and all this all those things and a better quality of this amoled screen is actually pretty good uh the hues are really pop on this one and it also has this always on display you have to enable in the locateds but here it is the fingerprint is here within the power of button and as you can see that works very well uh let me actually indicate you the showing uh but it also actually has this anti-flicker mode that is actually known as dc dimming and this is important for people who are very sensitive because uh some of the uh what do you say uh smartphones with an amulet screen skip this and people notice that flickering so you have that dc naming available and you can plan the refresh frequency to 120 hertz that’s what i have done and i’m employ it in the full gesture mode and i haven’t installed any apps or anything on this one guys and though poco declarations this is a 5g smartphone but guys it exactly subsidizes two stripes of 5g thought that you guys should know and if i go to about the phone as you can see i haven’t installed anything so out of that 128 gigabyte 17.9 gigabytes will be sort of used comes with the miui

version 12.5.2 it says and i’ve been playing around with this for some time and feels very smooth and fluid chaps again as i’ve told you the screen is good it’s a hdr1 0 screen and guys if you notice uh this one now we have some extra apps that are installed uh for example netflix amazon linkedin etc but nice to see not that highly crooked apps like moj or daily hunting or other crap where uh but let’s see let’s see uh linkedin can we uninstall it if you go to the app info yes you can uninstall it so there is some extra apps gets app you cannot uninstall it it’s with me ui uh netflix etc were there but again as you can see let’s see if we can remove facebook oh even facebook can be removed so there is some bloatware but you can remove quite a bit of the same i also checked with netflix if you go to netflix and if i go over here go to app installs and if we go to playback specifications as you can see it does support wide one l1 support and are supportive of hdr1 0 uh so you don’t have to worry about that and as i’ve told you the screen character is very good the touch response is also very good on this smartphone so they have done a good job i would say now uh again in terms of in hand field also it’s resist the fingerprint so i like that and again if you notice these two things are there on this smartphone as i’ve told you uh though it’s a pretty powerful smartphone the diamond cd 1200 soc is the flagship from mediatek and it’s a pretty powerful smartphone so in day-to-day consumption you don’t have to worry about it but this is also a gaming centric smartphone and if you switch on these provokes actually the game mode actually loads i haven’t added any activity but you can customize this and these actually achievement

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like physical provokes actually they have a physical feel uh so again this is nice thing for gamers i’ll “re just trying” do some gaming etc later on when i do my review but nice to see this is a unique feature you switch it on and actually these prompts come up slightly and they have a physical feel so this is a unique thing and likewise let’s also test the stereo talkers on this one they say it’s improved stereo talker has all dolby atmos and all those materials too so let’s just fire up youtube and let’s play some copyright free sungs and uh appreciate for example let’s run this one let’s run this so as you can see chaps let me actually move to this side and let me block this line-up sound is coming from this line-up let me go back and block this and now it’s coming from the bottom so certainly uh the stereo talkers actually render a pretty good effect and one thing that i’ve noticed is that it also has slight bass towards it so the stereo loudspeaker gist is actually pretty good on this smartphone and but again no 3.5 mm headphone jack so you don’t have to actually use the dongle if you have a 3.5 mm located headphones so that’s regarding uh the speakers and all those things uh now also uh this is as this is a gaming smartphone uh they claim that this also has multiple strata of graphite chill and even liquid cooling so even with extended habit and ponderous gaming this smartphone should not hot up and i think so it will not do that because i have utilized some other smartphones even with the diamond municipality 1200 soc that’s based on six nanometer process uh and they roll actually pretty cool they don’t get highly very hot so that course even for ponderous customers it should be a nice experience and when we talk about the charging as i’ve

shown you the blaming brick is 67 watt and poco am of the view that you can charge the smartphone from zero to 50 in time 15 times so again that’s also pretty cool but again as i’ve register you use that supplied cable guys because it’s a high powered charger that’s a 6 amp cable that is equipped now let’s also look at the camera this one also has this rgb lighting over here you can enable it if you want find cfx here it comes but let’s look at the camera again if you notice i’ll only i love location okay i love that simply while exerting the app and you have some options so this is typical what do you say xiaomi interface 1x this is the wide inclination that’s eight megapixel and then we have three uh 2x oh you can go 5x 10 x also if you want so zoom is there i would not go above what do “youre telling” 5x i would say because it’s digital zoom you likewise have the photograph state and if you go to more again all of the states are that you expect are available even a dedicated 64 mega pixel mode even have a vlog mode so again as you can see all the software procedures are available and uh this is the front facing camera that’s supposed to be 16 megapixel and this also beauty a filter is enabled so time reset it or clear it like this yeah then it’ll be better and we also have the photograph mode uh so let me do one thing people let me actually take some test shots with this one so that you have a better idea it’s a quite overcast epoch so i don’t know if i can shoot outdoors but here are some of the test shots that i’ve taken with this one it was draining like crazy so some samples from my accommodation this was regular 1x this was at wide slant lens here i used the 2x zoom and this was 5x zoom uh in my department closed all the brightness this is how it seemed and when i switched on one tubing lighter this is what i got and i would say even in the illuminate milieu as you can see the camera is doing a jolly good task as you can see with these samples some tests in the kitchen regular shot this was the wide-angle lens again regular shot this was the wide-angle lens now i made some casual shots in my role again fully artificial lighting what i like is the aperture because of f 1.65 notice the background blur this is the natural background blur that we are getting on this one and these are taken with the front facing camera that’s a 16 megapixel front-facing camera a immediate

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sample video with the breast facing camera guys as you can see it’s like pouring from morning that’s why i just couldn’t go outside and shoot the pictures but uh again this is a sample from the front facing camera the audio is also being captured by the same so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this poco f3 gt so what do you guys think about this smartphone personally speaking i would say certainly a pretty unique smartphone before opening it up my beliefs were very different but now after opening it up and playing around with this one i feel certainly a very good smartphone not only it’s a pretty powerful smartphone thanks to the diamond city 100 soc for general consumers it’s a good thing but because of these gaming substance like this magnetic prompts and all those things i feel uh this is also a very good uh smartphone for gamers but what do you guys think about this one do let me know and again as i’ve told you guys i don’t know the pricing so when i know the pricing i’ll add that pricing report in the specific characteristics below so do check that out anyways so that’s it for now thanks for watching and people if you’re still not subscribed to this youtube channel affected that subscribe button this is ranjit and i hope to see you in my next video take care guys

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