Review Realme 9i SD680-Powered Budget Phone! Powerful Enough for Budget Users? 🤔🤔

hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim discuss now today we’re going to be checking out a plan smartphone because these days we’ve been checking out so many of the latest flagships of 2022 but today now we are going to be checking out the realme 9i that is going to be launching in malaysia really soon so according to realme malaysia this maneuver now will be officially launched on the 19 th of january but today we’re really here to be informed about how far has plan smartphones turn or reached in the year of 2022 so bear in mind time in terms of pricing clearly i is not have the pricing for this guy yet but according to realme the price will definitely be below 1000 ringgit so this is definitely going to be somewhat like a budget or a slightly higher than budget kind of a smartphone over here now just in terms of the realme 9i i have actually previously unboxed this so let me exactly share with you a couple of key specifications that is on the box right here so you can actually have a brief idea on what to expect from the realme 9i first up we do have the snapdragon 680 processor it also says here it comes with a 33 watt speck indictment a 5000 mah artillery and last but not least a 50 megapixel ai triple camera so that’s the kind of specifications that you can expect from this budget kind of smartphone but yeah let’s also consider what else came inside the box of this realme 9i so very quickly i’m just going to unbox this yes

again i have already unboxed it but let me show you what’s actually inside this very difficult to open box uh firstly up yes it does say here hey welcome to the real me house uh we do get a case in the box my explanation is actually this uh very interesting blue it’s a light-headed blue-blooded kind of color which i will share a little bit more on later and of course in the box you do get this 33 watt fast charger as well as the type c cable so that’s all that you get in the box there is no earphones in the box that’s it all right so very quickly let’s move on to the device itself now this is the real me 9i that i was just mentioning about and the key thing the main thing about this smartphone right here is that it is the first smartphone in malaysia to launch with the snapdragon 680 fund kind of processor so let’s talk a little bit about that very quickly before we do that let’s take a look at the design of the realme 9i now as i mentioned earlier on my invention here is in this blue it’s called the prism blue and if you take a look at the back you can notice that there’s a couple of cables to actually create that kind of prism effect whenever you shifting the maneuver from left to right you likewise ensure a lot of thoughtfulness going on to me i think it’s quite a decent gaping motif apart from that it’s also worth mentioning that the back panel here is actually matte and it’s very smooth to the touch but it does capture quite a fair bit of fingerprints on the back

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panel itself in matters of the thickness positions it examines all right here definitely not extremely thick as well as not very thin like i mentioned we do have a 5000 mah artillery inside so at this kind of thickness and weight i think it’s quite acceptable because it is actually fairly light now moving on to the sides now on the left you do have your volume rocker and on the right you have that ability button together with the fingerprint sensor moving down to the bottom now you can see that “were having” the type c duty we have stereo orators and we also have the headphone jack at the bottom so that’s definitely a very nice welcome on the real me 9i now done with the design let’s talk very quickly about the showing as soon as you throw the maneuver to the front this is where you are saluted with the 6.6 inch 1080 p ips lcd spectacle that actually refreshes at 90 hertz so with this 90 hertz refresh charge undoubtedly everything is going to be quite smooth i wouldn’t say it’s super smooth like a 120 hz freshen charge flaunt but at this kind of price point and for a budget smartphone here i am thinking 90 hz is the bare minimum because if the processor is not powerful enough you will not feel that sluggishness because everything just feels very smooth on the parade and “i m loving” that about the realme 9i all right now let’s move on and talk a little bit about the next thing here that is all about the snapdragon 680 that comes on board now bear in mind that apart from the snapdragon 680 you likewise get a choice of 4 gigabytes of ram or 6

gigabytes of ram and in terms of storage options you also have 64 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes i unquestionably recommend you to get the 128 gigabyte edition because 64 gigs is just too little now the good news here is that the phone also supports expandable micro sd so you can always pop in the remembrance card to expand the storage of your real me 9i now as i was mentioning in terms of performance how good is the snapdragon 680 now just in terms of benchmark ratings i did a very quick one and compared it with the previous snapdragon 662 and i was able to see approximately 10 to 20 increase in terms of performance between these processors so that’s definitely a good thing if you’re just utilize day-to-day assignment like launching your facebook instagram youtube and all that everything actually propels fairly smoothly and fast i wouldn’t say it’s super fast like a mid-range or a premium position kind of device but for a plan design here i am thinking the snapdragon 680 is definitely pushing it one step further that means everything is just a little bit more quicker without much slows or shelves now in terms of gaming well i’ve actually tried out two sports over here first up mobile lores would run on a peak decideds it goes all the way up to ultra graphics

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settings it even is compatible with the high-pitched frame paces on the real me 9i and overall i was able to get a pretty nice gaming experience on the realme 9i however when you go for the highest maximum graphics uh this telephone the realme 9i is not really made to handle the most or the most significant graphic position so actually i was only still recommend you to drop it down to medium to actually get the best smoothest gaming knowledge now moving on to pub g the graphics will exclusively go up to balance and if you check out the screen now you simply get a medium formulate frequency for that particular competition so if you are a strong or hardcore pubg gamer you won’t be able to get the maximum out of the realme 9i but again that is to be expected with a budget telephone like this overall if you exactly play games ordinarily or occasionally the realme 9i here would still make you throughout the entire experience without much concerns so that is just in terms of the user experience with the snapdragon 680 now moving on let’s talk very quickly about the cameras that we have on the back here yes you do get a triple camera setup led by a 50 megapixel main sensor you also have a 2 megapixel dev sensor and a 2

megapixel macro lens so what this signifies is that the prime sensor is the main thing that you would want to use because that’s the only one that’s quite useful and if you take a look at a couple of photos now that i’m going to share with you right now you can see that the pictures taken by the realme 9i looks average at best you can’t really expect a you know spectacular kind of performance from the cameras of these kind of budget smartphones but overall i think if it’s just sharing on social media or maybe merely communicating to your best friend and all that i think it would be fine uh you might want to actually adjust a little bit of the showing because i noticed on sometimes the pictures do ogle a little bit overexposed but yeah a little of editing is certainly help to create a better image from the realme 9i now not least before i dissolve let’s talk a little about the haptics and the audio coming out from this redmi 9i now in terms of the haptics is getting the basic kind of a vibrating motor so you can’t expect those really short and crisp kind of reverberations but the good news here is that in terms of the audio tone the stereo talkers were astonishingly very loud you can also notice here that like i mentioned earlier we have a headphone jack at the bottom so all of you guys out there who still likes to use cabled earphones you can do that using the real mi 9i all right so last but not least let’s talk a little bit

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about the artillery we do have a 5000 mah artillery on board compressed with the 33 watt fast accuse charger that came in the box now i wasn’t able to test out the full charging velocities hitherto but i is certainly let you know a little bit more on that in the full discus all right chaps i think that’s pretty much what i have to share uh a first look on our first impressions on the realme 9i overall i just think that it’s always good to see you know brands pushing it further with their budget smartphones because not everyone today can can afford like a mid-range device or even a flagship maneuver for that are important and for the fact that they are put in the snapdragon 680 again the first year in malaysia i think it’s definitely good to always ensure a accomplishment being pushed one pace further let me know what you guys think about the realme 9i is this something that you might consider are you still the kind of user who actually still acquires fund smartphones let me know what kind of devices you guys purchase and yeah i do hope you guys like this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up sub to the channel and i hope to see all of you guys in the next one keep safe everybody bye

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