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this is Lisa from portable tech further consideration and I’m so excited and I didn’t think I was gonna be this is the Google pixel 3a in fact it’s the Excel model which is a larger model is a six inch screen sizing the 3a not excel has a five point six inch screen immensity so mostly there is indeed openings you know what this is this is the more cheap form of the pixel three and three XL which were very expensive flagship e expenditure telephone $7.99 and $8.99 starting costs respectively and we all know phones ought to have coming only too expensive right it’s crazy so this you thought well mm-hmm so what it’s just a pared down pixel liberty yeah and actually the whole package is really pretty compelling I like it a lot we’re gonna know some one of the drawbacks for pixel telephones at least least in the United Government is that it was either accessible direct from Google unlocked or from Verizon so you didn’t have if you’re on any other carrier you couldn’t go to the carrier store pick it up get their support some people really like to have that understandably so this time around we have it on Verizon we have it on Sprint we have it on t-mobile it’s not so direct by AT& T but it does work on AT& T just fine apparently there’s some business reasons why they decided not to offer it it not a

compatibility issue by any means so the 3a which is the 5.6 inch edition is 399 list price and the 3a X out of the larger one is 479 with preparatory pricing and it’s about $100 off best buy it carriers that have advertisings and all that sort of thing so potentially even cheaper we don’t know how long these advertisings are gonna go on but that’s good now the 3 and the 3 XL original pixel frameworks often are dismissed to but not as cheap as these generally speaking so yeah both of these have OLED displays these are glass OLED presentations the regular pixel three and three XL have plastic under the OLED display for flexibility and whatever it doesn’t really matter it’s a very good-looking display not quite as bright though as the headlining three and three XL but bright enough I mull for most people now the resolution is about the same on the 3a as the 3 and the 3 XL versus the 3 Axl funnily the 3 Axl is actually a little bit lower resolution than the smaller model but “youre seeing” the specs on sugared suffice to say that it’s still very high resolution it’s lovely appearing presentation they’re offered in three colors clearly white just black and violet ish so when it comes to specs we have a snapdragon 670 that is a very strong upper mid-range cpu probably anthem of anticipation is a Snapdragon 835 of old so yeah you can go with the Snapdragon 845 if you wanted to deplete more on the flagship pixels but candidly like I said the phone processors are so strong these days they’re overkill for a good deal of parties this phone can play pub G in high-pitched sets fluently which is a awfully challenging tournament it does Adobe Lightroom wonderfully it’s perfectly fine I speculate for most people even me and I’m a supremacy used it doesn’t slow down a messing any stuttering or any of the

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problems that actually beset the original pixel three and three XL when they first shipped as 40 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage there is no micro SD card slot which is a ding against this telephone but that’s Google they just hate removable storage so it’s not here as both an e SIM and a nano SIM card slot again if you get the unlock phone I’ll work with any carrier CDMA GSM you you’re all good there you’ve got Android 9.0 onboard and we’re gonna ascertain Android Q before you are familiar with and you’ll be one of the first minors on the block with Android Q because this is a pixel telephone like I said guaranteed three years of revises according to Google hopefully this the processor will hold up for three years and still feel fast I think there’s a good chance actually then that it will it has a polycarbonate body rather than glass and metal and I actually desire that because it’s more sturdy if you drop it it’ll probably just bounce and not end at least the casing fabric the glass is dragon route glass which is a Gorilla Glass competitor as to which is better it’s hard to say anyway it gapes just like the pixel three and three XL flagship examples yet it’s polycarbonate who could ask for more just like the three and three XL the three and 3/8 XL has stereo talkers slightly different placement for one of the speakers instead of having both of them being front-facing with this one month and ardors out the earpiece and the other one fervours from the bottom edge shows us HTC heritage yet again because it still has the squeezy thing you can squeeze the sides of the phone to propel Google encouraged nonetheless you can’t reassign that to do

anything else for security for bio reaches you have a rear fingerprint scanner “whos working” moderately flawlessly “were not receiving” facial recognition now be it the secure kind or the insecure nature so yes you do have to use your thumb on the back of the phone no the pixel three and three XL you got in limited storage for your photographs and videos that you shot at full answer with the three a and three XL you get unlimited high-quality accounts but you only get your allotted extent of storage whatever you already have here’s the world I plan for the full solution different versions of the photos I don’t think that’s a huge talking part for a great deal of beings but just in case you care so you know so what aren’t you getting versus the more expensive pixel phones it’s not ip68 water is this it’ s not an ip67 water-resistant so for those who need that peace of mind you certainly do not want to drop these in the consortium anything like that you can’t rinse them off there’s no wireless charge either now the big-hearted selling stage now probably is for people who love taking characterizations with their telephones which is probably a lot of parties considering the fact that telephones have largely ousted point-and-shoot cameras and this has the same excellent camera that you would find on the pixel three and three XL it’s a single lens camera answer but it’s still arguably the best at taking photos on world markets and it has the painting piece 12.

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2 megapixel is a Sony sensor with an F 1.8 lens and that wonderful nitesite mode where you can take characterizations in near darkness and actually get a

viable photo in fact you can see the difference we have the same shot take place within a exceedingly very dark room with the pixel 3/8 and with the samsung galaxy s 10 plus we use the nitesite state with the pixel and there’s a lot more detail there including all the blemishes on the finish on the top of that little dresser you do get optical likenes stabilization 4k video recording panorama mode and a jolly instinctive user interface as well now the extra processor that Google had with the flagship version of the pixel 3 and 3 XL is not here so what that means is if you take various slides probably in a row like a cluster of beings do and then later look at your photos you won’t notice this but if you’re the kind of person it takes a picture becomes and ogles it takes a picture it does it look at you’ll notice the processing time is a little bit longer the three Avis is the regular 3 sit so you’ll see you got one-mississippi two-mississippi and then the picture reading versus almost promptly video goes less enjoy from Google versus the photo quality but honestly it does shoot pretty good video you can see the test that we have and no disorders there but I wouldn’t say that it’s class-leading on the iPhone certainly 10 s and the Samsung Galaxy S 10 pedigree give it a run for the money when it comes to video recording but you do get a brand-new time-lapse mode which is pretty cool so you can have things speed up

really fast if you want you know the front camera it’s an 8 megapixel with an F 2.0 lens there’s no dual wide-angle lens like you would get on the higher-end pixel 3x own as always with telephones if the processor is not the top of the line monitoring a better battery life if the resolution is high but not insanely high-pitched better than any of us can see truly honestly in terms of pixel density you’re gonna have better battery life so these telephones have pretty good capacity batteries we have a three thousand milliamp artillery in the 3a and a 3700 milliamp artillery in the 3a XL not the biggest battery Samsung still shapes that with a four thousand milliamp artillery and Marin galaxy s 10 plus but that’s a much more demanding phone battery life on this is really excellent I’ve been seeing five six hours of screen on time versus say four four and a half for your average flagship that’s impressive that’s actual screen on time you’re using a season that doesn’t mean that you merely have that much time in a date to use it that alters for most people probably into a daylight a date and a half of application that’s good stuff and I’ve been drive a reasonably hard taking a lot of photographs and videos toy pub gene doing all the sorts of things you do when you first get a phone and you placed it up and use it very heavily in the first week of testing it carries with an 18 watt fast charger and it does indeed charge fast so I insured him come up about 20% after I’m just plug the thing in for 10 minutes not bad so phones don’t lives here in a vacuum do they “were having” the Moto G 7 and the Moto G 7 ability now those playing an even lower price near two hundred fifty to two hundred

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and ninety nine dollars you do get a slower CPU there you don’t get as nice and screen you don’t get as good a camera so there are reasons why the toll is lower but that’s also worth considering if you want to deplete even less money it’s still a fairly strong phone when it is necessary to Samsung Galaxy S 10 that’s what the pixel 3 and 3x at least are trying to up against mode Samsung you get every feature about the kitchen capsize you know three cameras on the rear you get a face recognition logon you’re gonna in parade a fingerprint scanner there are reasons why that phone costs more money and it certainly does even the Samsung Galaxy S ten e which is the least expensive representation is seven hundred and fifty dollars likewise with the iPhone 10 are that one is seven hundred and fifty dollars and that’s the inexpensive modeling for the iPhone so you get the idea there now a really interesting one is the one plus sixty the cheap flagship killer I desire oneplus telephones and I think they are a lot of value in a lot of conduct and a clean-living Android build for the money but the prices have been creeping up so now you’re talking five hundred and fifty dollars starting expenditure which makes it in a different price now even higher than the the Excel version of this telephone you will get a faster CPU though you will get expandable storage these are important things so get an in display fingerprint scanner so again it does expenditure more you’re getting more you have to decide if those things are more important to you the camera on the pixel 3a and 3a Excel will beat the gasps off of the oneplus 16 now that the oneplus 60 as a bad camera it has a decent camera but again pixels just class-leading so that’s the pixel 3a specifically the exceed sit here it’s a very good searching phone in so much as if you consider the pixel three and three XL good looking telephones it’s just about a dead ringer so it swipes above its heavines for seems it’s got a sturdy polycarbonate back it doesn’t have bowed glass for those who are annoyed by swerved glass it’s got a very good OLED display on it it’s got the best camera for still photos in the business video it has rivalry there

but for photos most definitely you’ve got guaranteed Android informs for three years you can get a guaranteed to have the latest version of Android first there’s so much to like now as long as you can live without those creature comforts as you get when you deplete more money on a phone things like wireless charging for example things like ip68 water resistance and there’s the absence of a micro SD card slot which has nothing to do with the phones price that’s just a Google thing if that really bugs you yeah I’m leasing for portable tech asses be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool tech videos and thumbs up if you like this vid

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