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hey everybody it’s la inside and we’re taking a look today at the my indictment mag fasten super superstar artillery this is a portable power supply for the iphone 12 and 13 and any other iphone that has the magsafe connector and these will attach to your magsafe compatible phone and begin blame the phone pretty simple stuff and we’re going to take a closer look at what these batteries are all about in precisely a few seconds but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure these came in free of charge from my cost all the rulings you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone recollected or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and participate what these artilleries are all about now the cost station on these start at forty nine dollars for the three thousand milliamp hour battery and they go up to sixty nine dollars for the largest one here now the large one comes in at nine thousand milliamp hours and one thing to know about these batteries is that even though this has more battery faculty at least the big one here than your iphone has it doesn’t mean you get the equivalent quantity of action out of these and the reason is is that wireless blame is very inefficient so the large-scale

battery here is 9 000 milliamp hours you’ll probably get maybe a charge or two fully out of it depending on which iphone you have this one is six thousand milliamp hours and the little one here is three thousand milliamp hours so you can pick one based on how long you think you’re going to be away from your charger in the wall now the channel these working in collaboration with the apple telephones is pretty simple it’s got that magsafe connector what it does is it kind of aligns itself because of how magsafe undertakings and the magnet is pretty strong it will impound the phone now as you can see pretty well but it does slip off very easily and that’s kind of how magsafe handiworks so i would not say this is a pocketable mixture because it so easily slides off in all directions except it does have a good amount of controlling strength for the force of the phone so you’ve got that but again not very good for the pocket now i don’t have the apple labelled artillery but i do remember these are much larger extremely the largest here as as you can see here it truly takes up a lot of real estate here but it does support a good sum of accusation now these again are using magsafe connectors and if you have a case on your phone you’re going to need a magsafe compatible bag for these to attach however they are standard g chargers so let’s take a look at an android phone and see if it charges that all right so we’ve got an android invention

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now we’re going to test its qi billing abilities now for a non-magsafe device you do have to push the ability button in once to get the battery initiated and then you can place your invention on top now what’s harder here with a non-apple device is that you have to get it aligned properly so that the qi charger can engage so there’s a little bit more coaxing involved here in charging a non-apple device but this is fully qi compatible so you can charge older iphones like the iphone 8 that has qi but not magsafe together with airpods and other designs as well the one thing i really like about this is that it has an audible gauge for when the wireless charger engages so when i got introduced my phone up to it it’ll make a chirp and then if the phone comes slapped off “ve been waiting for” it chirps again and this is really helpful when you’ve got a qi device that’s a little hard to align once you hear that chirp you know that you’ve got everything connected and blaming now these cost themselves through a usb type-c connector now at the bottom this is an input and an production and if you require the best efficiency you might want to go the old-fashioned way and push your phone in via usb because it will be more efficient merely from the standpoint of power transfer but it also bills more quickly so this will output 12 watts whereas the wireless charger only does five so you will get a faster charge and likely more out of the battery if you choose to plug your phone in versus attach it

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wirelessly so the wireless does give you some accessibility but for the best performance my admonition would be to plug in a usb cable immediately to your telephone whenever you can now what i want to do is take a look at charging something wirelessly and accusing something over the usb port let’s have a look at that alright so we’ve got the artillery out here we’re going to framed my iphone down on top it strings itself up quite nicely it starts accusing no problem i’ve got a gopro here that’s got only about a third left in the container so i’m going to plug in the usb type-c cable that is attached to the battery as well and you can see that gopro is accusing but gape my phone stopped charging so if we make the phone off the charger and situated it back down again it will start charging the phone and it will keep the gopro going so the order of operations here is to plug in your external machine first the one with the cable and then put your phone down second and that will charge both at the same time if the phone is on the charger when you plug in the secondary device the phone will stop charging so time be aware of that require of operations now as i mentioned also the usbc here is an input as well so when you have a power adapter plugged in it will bill the battery and it’s going to indict at a rate of 12 watts so it’ll take a while probably to blame the large-scale battery here so you may want to give yourself some time if you have a trip or something to get the most capacity into the battery

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before you leave now the charge indicator is just a single beacon here you don’t get a range of light-coloreds so right now you can see that this one is green which means that i have at least 67 of the charge remaining it then goes to yellow when you get below 67 percent and then it goes to red and then blinking red as you get close to being dead so i would have liked a little better of the performance indicators on here but i predict if you know what those colorings mean you’re in good shape so overall i discovered these to be a pretty good value for what they are they’re much less expensive than the apple one especially if you demand a good deal of artillery capacity one other thing to note is that they somewhat collect the blame skin-deep now let me reattach my phone so you can see what i mean and so the phone is kind of a little bit higher up than the rig the rest of the surface of the artillery and if you’re outside and

you’ve got good airflow that will perhaps provision a slightly cool blaming suffer so that is one kind of unique feature to these they feel like they’re pretty well built but they are not made out of metal it’s just a ponderous obligation plastic and i think if you’re looking for a functional lower cost magsafe battery these are definitely merit taking a look at and of course they will also operate via their usb-c port and with any qii compatible design that’s going to do it for now until next time this is launch thanks for watching this direct is brought to you by the london tv adherents including gold height advocates hot sauce and video games brian parker chris allegretta tom albrecht thomas anfang jim tannis and handheld obsession if you want to help the channel you can by lending as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn speck tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit lawn dot tv s

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