Review Framework Laptop The “Right to Repair” Laptop !

hey everybody it’s la inside and we’re taking a look today at the framework laptop a lot of you have been asking me to get one of these in to review so now we’ve got one and on the surface this looks like any other run-of-the-mill windows laptop nothing imagination to be addressed but what utters this laptop a good deal different than some of the others is that it is designed with serviceability and upgradeability in recollection in fact they encourage the user to do that servicing and refurbishing themselves they give you a screwdriver in the box and this is the only tool you need to work on this laptop there’s nothing glued together it is very easy to do your own work on this thing and you are in a position to even buy percentages for it should something fail down the road they even offer a diy copy where you can pick and choose your own components to go inside of it that is very unusual in the laptop industry and just to illustrate the differences here this is my current windows laptop this is my surface laptop rise i like this quite a bit very lightweight nice performance but you can’t get into it it’s really difficult to break the instance open and do upgrades these rubber paw are very delicate and everything is glued together this thing as you’ll see is a very different story so we’re going to take a closer

look at this laptop and what it’s all about in merely a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that my brother josh paid for this laptop with his own funds i was up in vermont touring him the other day when it came in so he wanted me to take it down here to set it up and give you a review of it so be sure to thank josh down in specific comments region all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone examined or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and ascertain what this fabric laptop is all about now there are two tracks you can take for buying this laptop one is the diy route which starts at around 749 dollars that will give you the minimum bare bone configuration gist you have to get your own ram storage and even your own wi-fi and bluetooth radio to stick inside your brand-new laptop or you can go with a pre-configured version so the one my brother travelled with was one of the pre-configured options this is the professional edition which expenditures about two thousand dollars he’s got an i7 1185 g7 processor in now from intel this has 32 gigabytes of ddr4 3200 ram on board it has a one terabyte nvme ssd inside and also an intel wi-fi six card so this is like amply decked out my admonition though if you are looking for the pre-configured version is to go with the implementation of its edition which overheads about fourteen hundred dollars it has only one 1165 g7 processor on board an i7 along with 16 gigs of ram and a half terabyte of storage i think that’s kind of the sugared place but if you’re feeling intrepid you can start with a bare bones i7 for around a thousand dollars and then put your own components in it to get it going now every configuration has the same display option this is a thirteen and a half inch exhibition it is running with a three by two aspect ratio at a resolution of 2256 by 1504 it is ips but it’s not a touch expose it’ll give you about 400 nits of brightness and it considers 100

of srgb the presentation looks really nice actually i’m not look any bleed through the compare ratio is really nice on it and the colorings actually stand out and daddy here so i was very pleased with the quality of the parade i was also pleased with the quality of the webcam it’s got a 1080 p 60 makes per second webcam up now at the top and you can see a speedy video image of what it looks like here in kind of ordinary room igniting so i was very happy with the resolution and the overall caliber of the idol out of it you’ve got a couple of equipment substitutions now at the top to disable the microphone and the camera so you can exactly cut it off now with a physical switching the camera lens doesn’t deal itself but this actually turns the camera physically off so that’s pretty much just as good as covering the lens up in my opinion the design feels really nice it’s metal it’s not all that ostentatious it’s just pretty simple and one of the things that i like about this is that when you lift the display up here it doesn’t make the keyboard deck with it so that shows that there was some decent design that went into all of it my exclusively gripe though is that the expose does ricochet a little bit more than i would like so if you’re on a table and slamming away on the keyboard you will see that display popping around a bit which might distract people you’re having conversations with online the parade though will go down flat to your table here as you can see this is not in two in one it doesn’t flip over but it does have a good range of motion to it and there’s just a little too much flow when you stay right there it so that’s the one thing i would like to see improve with it now the value on this one is just under three pounds 2.87 pounds to be exact that’s about 1.3 kilograms it’s about the same weight you would find in a same 13 -inch laptop from some other premium brands now what’s really neat about this are the ports because as you can see here they have these little modules that plug into the side of personal computers so my brother bought a knot of usb a ports for his that seems to be his port penchant but you can choose other modules so i’ve got a displayport one now that he too got along with a micro sd poster book they too have one that’s a storage module that gives you a terabyte of storage that you can

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just pop in and out of the computer at will there’s nothing special about these things they’re just little usb type-c machines so you were able to push these into any other computer with a usb type-c port and get the same functionality it’s all standard nonsense they ensure themselves moderately firmly in the machine now so there’s a button to release them so you push the button down and then time kind of pull them out and then underneath here is a usb type-c port so you get four usb type-c ports on the computer and you can either put in your own usbc module here or exactly plug things immediately in if you miss but of course it’s a little more elegant to have that port blush to the side of the computer now these ports are usb 4 ports and the good news is that it appears that all four of these usb 4 ports help dominance data and video framework is not claiming that these are thunderbolt ports because they have to get certified by intel first however people on youtube who have successfully connected nvidia based egpus to these ports and have been able to get those gpus to work at a position of carry-on that is similar to what you would get with a fully verified thunderbolt laptop but it’s something that they’re not directly subsidizing just yet at the time i’m recording this video so if you are thinking about squandering this with an external gpu it’s likely it’ll make but it’s not guaranteed to work i have an amd e-gpu that i use for testing around here in the studio and that one with an rx 580 was really questionable so it’s going to be a hit or miss thing but if they do get the thunderbolt certification i’m sure there’ll be some motorists that will represent everything task a little bit better so merely approach that constituent a bit carefully but it glances as though the usb4 now will support the thunderbolt maneuvers that you might be thinking of connecting to it it’s just not guaranteed to work at the moment now i am very fond of the keyboard on this one the travel is 1.5 millimeters neat and deep the keys feel really good so you get a nice tactile feel on these they’re the claim width they’re very nicely spaced i’m very happy with what they did with the keyboard the trail pad isn’t bad it’s not as good as the surface go

we were looking at the beginning of the video but it’s reasonable fairly it’s a little springier than i would like one thing that i noticed that’s gotten better since i started playing with the laptop is that initially it wasn’t registering every sound as i push down on the trackpad but whatever issue it has it seems to have worked itself out now that i’ve had some time to play with it so even further so good on the trackpad not the best but i have played with worst ones out there now for biometrics you have a fingerprint reader that’s be incorporated into the dominance button you can see that it illuminations up there when the laptop is powered on it uses fairly well there is no windows face spotting though on the laptop the speakers are downward shooting you’ve got one over here and one over here they voice okay a bit on the tinier side so they’re probably better for spoken word and conference calls and that sort of thing if you want to listen to music you do have a headphone jack now on the left hand side or you can hook up some bluetooth headphones to the device wirelessly battery life on this you’re looking at about eight to ten hours will vary depending on what you’re doing you’ll get a little bit more towards the 10 hour recognize if you stick to the basics like utterance processing and email and keep the display brightness down if you have a brighter display going or playing games or doing video revising or something like that you’ll obviously eat into that battery life a lot quicker now it indicts over usb type c this is the included 60 watt charger it is super small isn’t it but you do need to have a usb type-c port accessible on personal computers to accuse it you got to use one of the four slits here so if you pick a cluster of usba modules you can’t charge your laptop unless you take one of them out the good news is that you can connect things instantly to those usbc ports that are embedded inside of the case here so if you are out and about and attain yourself without the usbc module just take out one

of the other modules and persist a cable in there and you can charge things up now the one we’re looking at today came with windows 10 professional install that’s because my brother ran with the professional configuration option if you choose one of the other two pre-configured options you get windows 10 residence now on the diy copy you can choose not to have an operating system installed at all and this will lead just about any spice of linux it is also compatible with windows 11 according to the health checker tool now so when you’re ready to stir that dash you can go ahead and position it on here but i would wait just a little bit longer on that now what i want to do is take it apart and really demonstrate you the approaching that framework is taking to laptops that their competitors chiefly are not so we’re going to take out the screwdriver implement now and ensure just how easy it is to crack this thing open and play around with stuff inside now to get into this all you have to do is unscrew these five fastens now on the bottom you don’t have to pull up the rubber feet there’s no other fucks obscuring anywhere simply these five formerly you get those pins undo you flip it over you open the display up and then you just have to grab the edge of the keyboard deck now and it opens right up there is a ribbon cable here that attaches to the motherboard that detaches quite easily and now our keyboard and trackpad are free and you can go on the back here and oust whatever you need now you’re going to notice that every percentage on here has a qr code and if you scan that with your telephone it’ll tell you what you need to know about that proportion to fix it so i’ll check this one here if i can get in there there we go and it’ll take me to a guide sheet now about how to change the keyboard along with all the constituents that i might need to do that so it’s really nice to see a company thinking about how the subscribers might restore their own stuff and you can see these barcodes on everything here including the track pad and all the different parts it is required to unscrew to get the keyboard separated it’s really again nice to see somebody “ve been thinking about” how the subscribers might tie this themselves or maybe a neighbourhood fix-it shop the battery of course is replaceable now the part motherboard can be replaced so what you see here from mostly now to here is the main board so if down the road intel

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comes up with some conception brand-new forearm architecture you can have a framework motherboard just removed right in now to oust the one that is currently occupying the gap inside the laptop and you’ll be good to go with the brand-new configuration without having to buy a whole new computer what they’re too planning to do is have the motherboard work as a desktop when you attract it out of the laptop so it’s not going to just take up space or get propelled out you can actually keep using it in another way if you want to keep using the components that you’re replacing now on the motherboard you can swap out the storage the ram and the wireless card let’s have a look at that so the wireless placard is right here this one came configured with an intel placard that is compatible with wi-fi 6 and bluetooth this representation with 32 gigabytes of ram has two 16 gigabyte modules now if you are going with a diy configuration my suggestion is to get a matching pair of ram because the graphics structure on the intel processor really likes dual canal cache where you’ve got both sets of slits occupied it will perform the best and you’ll discover the various kinds of graphics rendition we’ll get out of this when we kept it back together in a few minutes and then you’ve got your nvme slot here for your storage this has a one terabyte western digital drive that came from the framework factory this is an sn 730 and again this is a pci express 4.0 slot here it looks like you could fit another one over here but there is no other slot for storage other than this one so again you can do the ram the storage and the network card or you can swap the whole motherboard out altogether at a later time now it’s also very easy to get at the expose and the webcam i’m just going to flip it over here so you can see it on my overhead camera and all you got to do is just get the edge now elevated up

and you only pull it off and it’s holding itself in place with magnets so when you’re done working on it you exactly made it back into target now and everything there is really kind of snaps together no cements nothing to unscrew at least for the bezel and you’re good to go again they do have some different colored bezels you can order so if you required a little pizzazz on the breast now you can do that the breast bezel is plastic but the rest of the unit here is metal and then when you’re done working on the keyboard all you got to do is just flip it back around here you reattach your keyboard ribbon cable to the motherboard connector let me simply do that real quick and then when you’re good to go here you just row it up and it’ll snap itself into region magnetically it’s almost like frame a example on your ipad or something and that’s it and all i have to do now is just fasten the bottom screws back on and my laptop is back to regular so this is easily one of the easiest laptops to work on and of course you can just examine those barcodes to figure out what sides you might need to fix something or ameliorate something down the road all right so let’s jump into some performance now we’ll just go and visit the nasa.

gov homepage like we usually do and see how fast everything outpourings up now this is running on my wi-fi 6 network and as you can see everything is super quick and responsive here as we’re shop around the web video startup right away everything yields in very quickly i would expect this out of an i7 based processor and a little bit earlier we played out some 1080 p 60 encloses per second content on my youtube channel it played back just fine no throw enclose everything was very nice here for media playback one thing to note when you’ve got a three by two display like this is that you will see black bars on the top and tush when looking at hd 16 by nine material because this display is a little taller than your standard 16 by 9 parade might be so you’ll view these black prohibits in netflix and prime video and other things but it’s nice to have this meridian for working on documents and doing entanglement browsing so all in i think it’s a very good web shop and media intake invention and on the speedometer mark exam we got a great score of 211.3 that makes this manoeuvre pretty much on par with the other intel i7s we’ve looked at from this generation along with the ryzen processors that are out there as well all right let’s take a look now at some gaming we’re going to begin with crimson dead recovery 2.

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this is running at 1080 p at the absolute lowest gives it represents pretty nicely around 30 makes per second throw or take it’s not going to rival a gaming laptop by any means but it’s performing as well as some of the other intel i7 machines we’ve looked at from the current generation these iris xe graphics are a big jump up over the prior contemporaries of intel chippings we have played with here so it’s nice to see you can run a triple a claim here at the lowest rectifies and we could probably squeeze some additional frame proportion out of this if we went down to 720 p all right next up is no man’s sky one of my personal favorites we’re running this at 1080 p at the lowest specifies right now we’re doing about 35 encloses per second i’ll give the spaceship on the field now and see what happens when we hop out and this play can run its frame rate quite a bit because all of the content in this game is procedurally made but right now we’re still sticking to in different areas of the 30 to 40 formulates per second mark on this i did see it jump into like 27 formulates per second now or there but generally it’s staying well above 30 which is great to see on a computer that doesn’t have a discrete gpu this is another game where you’ll see a little more performance if you jump-start down the 720 p but at 1080 p it is quite playable and this is something we’ve seen on a number of other i7 based machines from this generation and on the 3d mark time spy benchmark test we got a score of 1721.

that throws this machine’s act right up there with the samsungs the dells and the lenovos that we’ve looked at here over the last couple of months with the same or similar processor so that tells me there’s really no act hit for performing the computer easier to work on which is great and we too passed the 3d rating stress test and there we got a passing grade of 98.5 percentage and you can see that even under full laden it’s able to keep the computer pretty cool so we’re not going to see all that much throttling here nor are we going to see any really big heating issues with it either one thing to note though is that when you are stressing this computer the love is loud it’s not a high-pitched wine it’s just a loud fan that is unavoidable if you’re trying to keep things super cool but the performance here is great generally when you’re just working on the web or doing something that’s not all that stressful on the processor the supporter is completely silent it’s only really when you’re running one of the following options competitions that you’re really going to hear that fan going so overall this is a great laptop from a brand new startup it feels like a very mature product my simply gripe with it is the bounciness of the display here but beyond that i am really pleased with it the performance here is every bit as good as all of the other name brand laptops we’ve looked at racing with this processor inside as you ascertained it does very well with recreations

and other difficult task as well and it’s very compact and of course it is probably the easiest laptop ever to work on you time sounds those five bolts out and you’re in and i think if you are someone who cares about the right to repair or simply misses the industry to move back to a time when you could do a lot of your own upgrades and enhancements you really should seriously consider this because i’m sure the industry is looking at framework and whether or not there’s a consumer demand for this kind of open hardware if framework fails i think it sends a pretty big message to the rest of the industry to keep locking their computers down because it says that consumers don’t care and i know a lot of you write in all the time about e-waste and how difficult it is to get into these computers and how you can’t upgrade things well here you go you’ve got one that really is every bit as good as its competitors and is probably the most accessible piece of hardware i have seen in quite some time so it’s on all of us consumers to decide whether or not this is an important feature to have on a laptop and if it is i think we’ll determine the industry move in a different direction and if not well it’ll be more of the same so thanks to my brother josh for putting his fund

where his opening is on this one he’ll be able to upgrade this as long as he can find constituents for it and i am very interested to see what happens with structure next by the way in the video description you can check out a video i did with my brother at his maple syrup farm up in vermont he’s got starlink guiding up there and he’s got a really cool process so emphatically check him out and the videos that you’ll meet on his canal will likely come out of this laptop so that is going to do it for this look at the framework laptop until next time this is lon simon thanks for watching this path is introduce into you by the london tv adherents including golden grade boosters hot sauce and video games brian parker chris allegretta tom albrecht thomas anfang jim tannis and handheld infatuation if you want to help the channel you can by lending as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn speck tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit lawn dot tv slash s

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