Review Elgato Green Screen Mouse Pad Use a Green Screen on Your Desk!

hey everybody it’s la insideman we’re taking a look today at the elgato light-green screen mouse mat this is a big dark-green screen mouse pad that you might use for video production or live streaming with an overhead camera and you can take objects that you’re playing with and key them out of a shot and project them onto another screen so for example i could key out my hands and this game controller now and had only just been the controller overlaying on top of gameplay footage and we’re going to test this thing out and try a couple of different scenarios that you can do with a lettuce screen mouse matted in merely a few seconds but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that i paid for this with my own monies all the beliefs you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone assessed or approve what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and picture what this green screen mouse mat talk about now this is exactly as it is advertised it is a dark-green screen mouse pad it is a matter of three paws long and 1.3 feet wide and it’s about. 1 inches

thick that is 940 by 400 by two millimeters it’s got a polyester surface here on the top it’s got a very nice glide to it with your visual mouse on the bottom it has a rubber coating now like you’ve seen on mouse pads forever that keep it from slithering around on your desk and they have a nice stitching now to prevent things from fraying i’ve been actually employing this sometimes for the last couple of months i typically go it up when i’m done and fling it in my little bucket back there and so far it’s been able to pretty much look like new after a couple of uses and a couple of roll ups so it seems to be fairly well fabricated what i want to do now though is get it out on my table now and we’ll look at a few different scenarios that you can do with this thing and then we’ll too look at some things you got to think about if you’re trying to key an objective out from an overhead camera let’s have a look all right we’ve got the mouse mat here now laid out above it i’ve got a camera moment directly down along with two sunlights that are also glittering down onto the surface here you’ll notice i’ve got some shadowing going on and i’ll talk about that in a minute but once you got the green screen fairly well lit now you can key it out and so we’ve got a black background there i can frame myself in the shot now so you can do a lot of fun stuff when you’ve got

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something uniformly dark-green on your desk and of course you can use obs or vmix like i do or any other editing software to get the kind of effect that you’re looking for let’s take a look now though at some of the practical uses for a green screen mouse mat now one self-evident utilization lawsuit here of course is gaming and right now i’ve got my controller and my hands cut out from the light-green background and you can see what it actually was like now so my overhead camera is shooting down on the controller here and we’ve got the lettuce there so vmix which is the software i’m use is able to pull this out you can do this with your editing software you can also do it with obs or anything else that you might be using so pretty cool to simply be able to have the controller in hands with no background it gives you a lot of opennes for placement and then of course you can do some cool material like move things around here so if i i just grab my mouse here i can move my hand around on screen and find the best spot to target it i can even do zooms and whatnot as well so you’ve got a lot of flexible here for adjusting the likenes peculiarly when you’ve got it keyed out against its background now one thing you will notice here is that you’ll construe a little fuzziness as my hands get closer to the surface you can probably see it right in the region where my digit is and that’s because you will get some shadowing when you place things flat on the surface here commonly when you light up a lettuce screen

you light the light-green screen separately and then you have your subject in front of the lettuce screen but now you might be placing objects down on top and that might lead to some issues now one thing to keep in mind with this is that anything green on the objective you’re bracing is going to get keyed out when you shooting at us so right now we’re just against the lettuce screen no problem but there’s a green field here on this mouse and when we put in the backdrop here chroma keyed you can see that a good glob of the mouse kind of disappears because it has green in it and vmix verifies this green as close to what it is currently keying out this is something if you illuminated it right you might be able to pull it off but i think it’s going to be really challenging with this one given how close this middle-of-the-road section is to the color that vmix is currently keying out here’s another example this is an xbox one controller guess what’s going to happen to that a button it disappears it becomes transparent because it has green in it standard chroma key trouble now but if you are looking to key out this controller you might want to keep your thumb over that a button to prevent it from looking like it is totally transparent but it might be a pretty cool little outcome if you’re looking for something merriment to share with your viewers another item that we’ve got here is a raspberry pi this has a green circuit card and i bet you can predict what’s going to happen next here yep it disappears because it is

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very close to the color of the mat now this is a fun one because one of the things that they were talking about as a use contingency for this mat is when you’re doing a poster sport and how cool would it be to exactly key out your cards while you’re playing on your live stream and as you can see harrison ford here han solo gazes just fine but look at this one this is like a shot from the endor forest and there’s a good deal of lettuce in it so formerly we make that live that green disappears if you’ve got a lot of different colorings in the things that you’re looking at there’s a good chance something is going to get keyed out because it’s got something dark-green in it here’s luke skywalker’s lightsaber check it out it’s totally transparent now as we’re moving it around and of course that is green as printed on the card so you’ll certainly want to go through the things that you want to key out first and make sure there’s no green in it because if there is it’ll go right through to your background now a little bit earlier i tried the nvidia rtx broadcast app that uses ai to pull things out from the background and as you can see it did not do a very good job here trying to find my objectives against the light-green screen and that’s because this is really chanted for faces more than objectives although it did find

my hands every time i threw them in front one thing that surprised me though was zoom so this is zoom right now with its background feature on and as you can see here although it’s a little flaky it’s actually able to get the full colour of the mouse spied but things like my raspberry pi here are too close in color to the background and this pretty much disappears but of course if you have another object that might be more contrasting against the background that might fare a little better now maybe not so it’ll probably hit or miss on zoom but it can kind of do the job here attracting objects out against the background but keying on the complexion with obs or vmix or something like that is probably the course you’re going to want to go but overall if you got the right colored object i think this can be really useful if you want to just key out your hands against the background and the present working exactly like a light-green screen you are able to put up behind you and if

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you’ve got a mobile phone above you or camera mounted like i do this can be very useful at certain times to be able to demonstrate things in a way that might up the level of professionalism on your river but again merely make sure whatever you’ve got on there doesn’t have green i would have liked to have seen this maybe be a two-sided thing that might have had a different color like blue who is able to key against but for green screen exploit it’s great but again you might run into some trouble when you’ve got stuff that is green that’s going to do it for now until next time this is london thanks for watching this path is introduce into you by the lawn dot tv followers including amber tier followers chris allegretta tom albrecht jim calliger hot sauce and video games and brian parker if you want to help the channel you can by lending as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn speck tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit lawn dot tv s

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