Nonsense Laptop – Dell Inspiron 14 Full Review

On today’s episode of: Wow, it’s a laptop I might actually buy, we’ve got the Dell Inspiron 14 and I think it’s good, I predict we’re gonna catch out soon. First thing up is the charger it is 65 Watts and it’s type C. I really like to see sort C on these, only because I don’t know, it’s type C, you can plug lots of things into this. You can accuse your telephone with it if you want to. I did that over the weekend cause I forgot my phone charger.

It’s awesome. Likewise 65 watts, It isn’t a particularly potent laptop, but it’s fine. And that can go off to the side. -Wow. – Okay.

Oh, we have these instructions here. Plug it in and turn it on. Excellent. And here “were having” the laptop. So this guy right here, I foresee comes in at $1050.

But the option that you probably want is $850, which is much more reasonable. -The other one had so much more packaging. – Yeah. This is another one of those, the most expensive budget laptop you can buy formerly. It’s kind of heavy.

Like it’s a, it’s not a large machine, but it’s not as small-minded as I was expecting. There’s no GPU in now or anything. What do I even say about how this inspects Johnno? -It’s a laptop. Like it’s a laptop.

Yeah. – Yeah. It’s the kind of thing where it’s the laptop where no one’s going to know what it is. It’s just like, oh, that’s a nice laptop. -It’s a no-nonsense laptop.

Yeah , no-nonsense is a good word for this. Let’s have a look at the I/ O.

Micro SD slot, Type A, headphone jack, go over to the other side. There’s our USB C power input, Type A port again. and full-size HDMI.

Don’t know if it’s 2.1, I’m guessing no, but if it is, writer placed a big yes or check mark or something. Here we go.( laptop strikes table) There “theres going”.( Alex roars) Okay.

That’s a little, that’s a bit squishy Little bit.( Alex mutters) specially right here. The rigidity is good on this half of the design. And then over here, it’s not quite the same. Now we need to be fair.

Only the biggest competition for this is the HP Pavilion. This is the Aero 13. So this one right here has an all magnesium chassis and it’s, HP’s a lot lighter. And yeah, the HP is practice stiffer. Like I’m pressing with the same amount of thrust and it’s not give at all.

Dell, On the other hand, you can see the difference right there.

I’m pushing with about the same amount of force. Dell, isn’t quite as well-built. Oh, these are essentially the same price. You can configure them slightly differently, but like, same processor, same RAM.

But, what the HP can’t do, come up far. On the Dell. And also, it is a touch screen, which I really like to see. This one right here, you can touch it all you miss and it’s not going to do a whole lot.

I do of course wish we had the 16 by 10. I always say that. Just a little bit more on the bottom and the top. I would have liked to see it, but, oh well.

This is a pretty nice panel, held what the price point is.

I guess it did just start right up there, Johnno. We various kinds of missed our opportunity to go to our sponsor, Honey. Thanks to Honey for patronizing this video, Honey is the free supermarket implement that searches for the best promo codes when you are shop online at specific locates. Honey helps you save money when you buy things on places where you’re already store. Whether it’s shoes, video, games, tools, computer parts, you name it.

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Okay. Let’s test out this keyboard. This is the kind of thing where when you have chassis rigidity, that’s resembling diskette pate. It’s not a good sign for your keyboard, but it’s quite good. Yeah.

I really like this keyboard. It’s just, it’s edgy. I don’t know how else to describe it. They have like a really nice tactile bump and then it sort of merely turns to mush.

But it doesn’t really matter because like, yeah, parts of the chassis aren’t all that stiff and specific areas of them are.

But because you’re getting that delightful tactile jolt right at the start, the rest of the travel doesn’t really matter. So, good occupation Dell, your keyboards, which is here are decent. Likewise they have a keyboard backlight standard. That’s one thing that this Inspiron 2-in-1 gets right, that the HP Pavilion Aero 13 does not.

You can’t really screw up the config in this by trying to be cheap.

So there’s a knot of foolish trash with the HP where like, you don’t get a keyboard backlight or you get 1×1 Wi-Fi and only crap like that. The things that you want to have are just in the Dell. Likewise, there’s only two configs of AMD one. So you have $ 850 for the Ryzen 5. It’s fine.

Eight gigabytes of Ram. Isn’t huge, but I guess we’ll find out last-minute, if you can upgrade it, what do we call this? People said in the last one, that it was a mid range laptop, but like mid-range is weird. -What is mid-range now? Yeah.

What even is mid series? Is mid assortment like a $600 Flex 14? Because this is way nicer than that. As for the line pad though, it’s okay, this might be one of the ones Sometimes. -Finger lube?

Yeah, sometimes you need a bit of finger lube. It feels a little bit sticky there. It felt kind of, oh, there we go. Nice. Get some digit grease in there.

Now it is better. Perfect. Yeah. So sometimes these move pads come in and they’re, they feel various kinds of sticky. This one over here, my finger was kind of skipping across it, but you get time a little of your digit grease on there and it feels good now.

I like it. You don’t want it to Doritos it, John. We crave precisely a light-footed finger lubing, we don’t want to grease her up.

Hey, you can hear that. It’s.

That’s a really gross feeling sound. Yeah. So like right here, just a little bit of a clink and you can hear it. That feels pretty good. But if you pulp a little further it’s, ugh, it feels like I’m breaking it.

I don’t think I’m supposed to be able to do that, but it simply fully caves in. They need something to support it underneath there. Or maybe your unit’s just contravene. Oh, the HP is practice nicer. Like, can you exactly hear significant differences?

Like ,( HP racetrack pad clinks) versus( Dell track pad sounds) I can’t tell if the HP examines better because the dyes are more saturated or because it’s better at expose and the top down, it’s no contest.

So, there “theres going”. That’s a bit more exhibition to what I’m seeing, but it is the kind of thing where the HP is without a doubt, brighter and time more colorful, which is going to be particularly annoying, given that the HP also has a matte finish. So I feel like with this Dell, there’s going to be a lot of situations where if you’re in a colors locality, it’s just not going to be bright enough. HP also has 16 by 10, like to see that.

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Okay, let’s try out the fingerprint reader here. Lock. Okay. Not the snappiest ever, but that worked pretty well. Actually, let’s see.

Let’s completely sleep it. I’m guessing there’s no caching, but we can see if I touch it. Oh, that worked really well.

Yeah. If your computer is asleep and you time press the power button, by the time that your finger’s coming off of it, it indicated you in.

That was really good, actually. So good chore on the fingerprint book, Dell. It’s much better than having it down here. So then “youve got to” like, press it and then come over here. -Just make it one button.

Yeah. One button is so much better. Play some games. I’m various kinds of strange if you are eligible to. -What are you gonna download?

Well, what do you think I’m going to download John? -Counterstrike.

No, I’m going to download Valheim. It’s the excellent measure of every laptop. I haven’t used an APU, to game for a little bit, like two generations.

If you’re able to game on this, that’s really great report for all the kids whose mothers get a laptop like this for work. Let’s try 1080 p, low-grade. This right here, it looks pretty Runescape-y. And I certainly need to turn down the resolution. Okay.

720. Okay. This, the present working. It feels like it’s close to 60 FPS, but like, this is the sort of thing where you can play this game. You can hop on a server with your friends.

And as long as you don’t make a mansion, you’re going to be able to play Valheim just fine. It won’t be an amazing know. But if your papa or mommy gets this laptop for piece, you can blithely start gaming on it and it’ll do it, like Games don’t get better with what hardware you have. Well, they do, but, same recreation at the end of the day. Okay.

I can dig it. That’s said the HP now will do the same basic thing. I’m guessing the Dell is going to have a tiny bit more FPS because there is more intakes now and you have this nice deplete express at the back. And likewise the screen does heave it up a bit to give you a bit more air underneath. But I don’t want to say that sure as shooting, because I haven’t actually measured them.

Now. Can the Dell Inspiron 14, take over the HP Pavilion Aero 13 in Crab Rave? Audio pretty good. That voices really gone. One second.

It’s down firing.

I need to get rid of the mouse pad. Okay. So “were having” the Dell now. Ooh, yup.

Not even close. Yeah.( Crab Rave stops dallying) Well Dell, good occupation on the speakers on your Inspiron 14 now, they fully blow HP’s out of the spray.( Crab Rave starts then stops) Now, of course, we is first necessary to, you know, as is tradition, bring out the big dingus, Inspiron( Inspiron dallies music)( XPS frisks music, then stops) The Inspiron voices better, which I fantasize conveys something’s wrong with my XPS. -( John chuckles) Uh oh.

( Computers change playing music) – Okay, yep. Hey Linus! You know how the surface laptop studio had considerably better loudspeakers on this the other day? It’s because the stupid audio operators were transgressed. -[ Linus] It’s amazing how much audio is like in software now.

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Yeah. Cause this sounded way better. I was like, what’s wrong? But now this is just, it blows it out of the water.

Oops. Now. So yes, in a shocker to nobody, Dell’s more expensive flagship laptop is better reverberating than their laptop that’s one third of the premium. Although if your motorists aren’t installed the Inspiron 14′ s better. Now I certainly want to make this thing apart, because you exclusively have two configs of this. So there’s the Ryzen 7 that has the 16 GB of RAM and the Ryzen 5 that has 8.

Now what I would want to do is get the cheaper Ryzen 5 account, 850 bucks.

You’re good. Like you use it for one or two years, and then when you have a little bit more money saved up, you can upgrade it 16 gigabytes of Ram throw in like a 1 terabyte SSD or something, and then it’s wicked for a long time. Or if I can’t do that, then I dunno, buy a laptop that you can upgrade the RAM on. This is the kind of laptop that I would actually buy, because I own a desktop.

I don’t need something very powerful. I would buy something like this and it’s going to be good enough. And having the ability to upgrade it down the road would be awesome because then, you are well aware, I can hopefully use it for like six years old or something. And if the line pad interrupts, who maintenances? You precisely buy a new one and chow it in.

Is that plastic? – Yeah, this, this is plastic. I make the chassis also is plastic. Let’s see. Oh, this sounds good.

Awesome. One Ram, two RAM you can upgrade them.

Bippity boppity, your SO-DIMM slot to date. There you go. There’s a protrude of RAM.

Is this her SSD right here? -You’re obstruct it with your hat. – Sorry, dad hat, I’m going to take it out, compel I actually don’t know if the SSD, because it’s so freaking small.

It is! That’s so cute. Little 512 gigabytes right there. It’s adorable. And the delightful thing is that, although they introduced this, although women made this super big SSD in there, there is enough room that you are eligible to made a full blown SSD one, if you want.

I hate it when they only have office for the small SSD.( Alex coughings) Microsoft. Yeah. So I suspect if you’re looking for a laptop that’s $850 and has a touch screen, this is an excellent option. I would say it’s a toss up for me.

If I used to select the Dell or the HP. I really like the facts of the case that I can easily get into the Dell and restore it down the road. This is a sort of laptop where if you simply demand any laptop, it’s a very solid option.

Like no frills, but like good enough quality that you’re never going to be mad at it. And pretty good power, like eight cores.

It represented Valheim. I dig it. Anyway. That’s all we have age for today. And that’s all you have duration for very, because the video’s over.

Have a good night. -Is it on? – Is it on? -Yeah it’s got an LED flashing on the bottom light – It is on.

Yeah, you might want to turn off there.



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