Destroys Solid State Battery Competition Tesla’s NEW 4680 Battery

batteries for years now had only a few breakthroughs and major growing taking place in the artillery establishing process for more than a decade the human race is stuck with lithium-ion artilleries while researchers are hard at work to find a breakthrough battery engineering we are still a long way off from using them since the world is becoming very intentional about our environment and turning towards becoming eco and striving to use and live on recycled products and are intended to use it in renewable energy one day a lot of us have already started migrating to this idea of clean energy hence striving out produces and produce producers such as tesla and many others who are striving to create makes that run on renewable energy but the question is are tesla’s new 4680 artilleries better than solid-state artilleries and why is tesla still shooting lithium-ion when it has so many limitations and safety concerns these questions will be answered today but first welcome to tesla future where we talk about the future of tesla tesla stock and elon musk’s projections if you’re new here it will be greatly regarded if you liked and subscribed to our channel it’s free and you can always change your thinker tesla’s 4680 battery in the first quarter of this year tesla announced that it had delivered 184 800 electric cars that rely on conventional lithium ion technology manufactured by the japanese builder panasonic tesla too announced its new 4680 battery which will be manufactured in house starting with a captain china-based flora in 2022 the new batteries don’t use cobalt but instead employ a high nickel cathode they likewise oust the graphite anode with silicon the second most abundant element on earth current batteries including tesla’s 2170 piece tabs which are metal ingredients at the core that are welded to the electrodes constructing these personas is difficult and expensive and the roles can be a weak link in the artillery since the current flow through the invoices establishes a hotspot that can cause electrodes to neglect tesla’s 4680 batteries have not yet been invoices according to tesla appraisals the new blueprint is 56 cheaper to produce and needs about half the real estate to generate the same power as a 74 kilowatt hour pattern y battery multitude the main advantage is that the laser decoration shingles give a shorter path for electrons to flow not only does tesla claim this designing will shorten billing is necessary to as little as 15 instants but the company also says it will allow for faster electron flow when necessitating superpower for better conduct tesla says this will be the first million mile battery and estimates that it will retain ninety percent of its

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life after four thousand freight rounds the technology is still at least a year or two away from being a viable power source for make motor vehicles and eventually boats solid state batteries the holy grail for those looking toward an electric powered future in boating is claimed to be the solid-state battery car creators that is usually do the ponderous r and d lifting for naval propulsion engineering toyota ford volkswagen hyundai and general engines are among those investing in and banking on its eventual success in addition to eliminating volatile electrolyte liquids or gelatins solid-state artilleries can use different materials such as lithium metal that have about 10 epoches the capacity of graphite anodes and take up far less space than carbon silicon anodes the reason lithium metal isn’t currently being used is that when combined with liquid electrolytes it has a far greater tendency to flesh dendrites which are stalagmite examining arrangements that can grow from the anode and reach the cathode effecting a cell killing short circuit with a solid electrolyte the risk of dendrites is greatly reduced solid state batteries are now being used only for employments such as pacemakers because of the extremely high cost but the potential benefits of a 15 time attack season and capacity that are likely propel a auto up to 1000 miles per bill are driving many vehicle companies to invest heavily in this technology quantum scape is a u s companionship that attracted a three hundred billion dollars asset from the volkswagen group as well as an investment from microsoft co-founder bill gates the company said it has created fire resistant test artilleries with a four layer cell and that the batteries continue to function after 1 100 repetitions retaining at least 80 capability that translates to more than 300 000 miles of life-time for a 300 mile artillery jam-pack and more than 500 000 miles for a 500 mile artillery pack the company hopes to commercialize its cells by 2025.

The big differentiator for quantum scape is that it exerts a proprietary ceramic obstruction to prevent dendrites from contacting the cathode the difficulty was creating a ceramic impediment that isn’t brittle and that allows lithium ions to spurt freely through it solid power is another us leader in matters of a solid-state battery and has received backing from ford bmw hyundai and samsung it realise the challenge a bit differently aiming to design a solid-state battery that can be produced on the same production lines as today’s lithium-ion batteries to leveraging the huge current and planned investments in them solid strength currently develops a 22 -layer cell with a sulfide electrolyte certain advantages of sulfide is that it presents superior conductivity it’s also soft so it can use standard lithium-ion production processes and equipment its current cell causes 20 ampere hours but both ford and the bmw radical will receive batteries with five times the life full magnitude 100 amp hour cells for automotive suitability testing and vehicle integration beginning in 2022 because these artilleries are far lighter and more compact they offer much promise for the future of marine propulsion but for the foreseeable future gas is still the self-evident alternative stray the duel of intellects and epoch tesla’s battery while the assortment has been dramatically increased in the past few years by tesla tesla’s 4680 artillery is only going to improve the existing range tremendously the current range offered by tesla model s begins from 390 miles to 412 miles already tesla’s 4680 battery is going to increase the power density by six periods the power by six eras and the range by 16 the brand-new 4680 battery will be capable of storing 380 watt hours per kilogram amounting to a 54 better over the panasonic 2170 cells currently used in the tesla model 3 rates per kilowatt hour will decline by about 56 percentage this already translates to equally emulating with solid-state batteries too to note the quantum scape is still estimated to commercially produce their solid state artilleries by 2026.

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By 2026 tesla could build a more efficient sustainable and high-pitched vigor collecting concentration battery quantum scape solid-state battery toyota and volkswagen are joint investors in quantum scape and quantum scape solid-state batteries are capable of offering 375 miles for 500 watt hours per kilogram also for a engineering that is estimated to start mass production in 2026 tesla has already achieved this feat in 2021. while solid-state battery is a whole new ability in artillery engineering the production costs and the modification of this technology worldwide is being argued over by analysts and tech devotees toyota and volkswagen are confident about the future in this battery technology as it is offering a playing series for example 375 miles in its first contemporary billing period quantum scape promises to charge from ten percent to eighty percentage in just about twelve times tesla on the other hand previously makes twenty to thirty minutes to fast indictment from ten percent to eighty percentage with tesla’s 4680 battery in the future the bill hour will be much quicker because of the addition of added silicon to the anode generally when more silicone is added to the battery it develops in a faster charging occasion costs of battery product lithium-ion and solid-state battery both have their own set of challenges lithium-ion although is a very mature market and is widely built around the world it is not very cost efficient when comparing with solid-state batteries on the other hand while the solid-state battery was easy to meet scaling is a bottleneck to this industry to produce batteries on a large scale currently

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solid-state batteries are only being experimented by few fellowships unlike lithium-ion which has been around for more than a decade and is an understood and easy to meet battery option at present for any industry to manufacture their own lithium-ion battery therefore migrating to the solid-state battery from lithium-ion will be a very slow process future of battery world while everyone is at a scoot trying to produce a long lasting and most powerful and effective battery solid state is the first one to rise out to battle lithium ion the solid state battery is being researched by a lot of automakers for instance samsung and hyundai investing in colorado-based solid supremacy massachusetts-based ionic substances has received investment from a money backed by nissan mitsubishi and renault in fact tesla’s director technology polouse jb straubel is a board member of quantumscape it is evident that solid-state battery is the next big-hearted thing but until it picks up tesla is still competitively onward thanks to its early adoption and years of research in lithium-ion battery making forevs but does that aim tesla will never use solid-state batteries no they are just waiting for it to grow solid just like its epithet do you think tesla’s 4680 batteries will be better than the solid state batteries in 2025 let me know down below if you want to continue to learn about tesla spacex and elon musk we have got two more videos waiting for you on the screen to check out don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up today and is committed to our channel for weekly content just like this thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you in the next one you

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