Intel NUC 11 Compute Element Small Computer Full Review

good everyone be asian day here we’re going to look into this intel nok1 1 estimate ingredient now this is the follow up video of the unboxing of the nok1 1 calculate component now if you haven’t checked that video out i’ll apply a tie-in in the specific characteristics below so you can actually check that video out for this now i won’t be trying to regurgitate the information from that video now that i actually devoted a little of season on this computer here i’m going to give you the results as well my believes of this computer and it’s actually quite interesting now first off i want to make a disclaimer i just wanted to too thank intel for mail this particular unit for me to do review and have a look at it and after i’ve actually done this review i will be sending it back to intel now i too like to say is that i’ve actually done a review video of the intel cranny 9 pro and that’s about about a one liter length sort of chassis and it does have a graphics poster it was shaped for health professionals now that one did have a knock 9 compute point as well and the calculate part on the thump 9 was about let’s just say probably about two about that sort of size of it so simply minus a little of that but it’s about that sort of size so this was quite

large still and now with the slap 11 calculate yellowish it’s this width it’s like a business card sizing this is amazing look how thin it is and look how big it is it’s crazy how small they’ve actually attain it it’s probably about a third of the sizing um of what the slap 9 compute point is so their main advances commonly you may make a little bit advanced like half a sizing this is like a third of immensity that’s crazy and how glowing it is it’s insane a lot of this so they actually made a big rush with the slam 9 computer element to the knock 11 computer inline so that’s crazy there so and it’s just nice simply to hold that this thing now so this thing actually has the processor ram as well as the bluetooth and the wi-fi six on built into this little card processor now so that’s a really interesting sort of product and this is also where it actually becomes very interesting because the fact that you are eligible to exactly leant the you actually buy this in three different parts so you got the the processor which is the compu compute element as well as the board element which is the

motherboard and then you’ve got the chassis element as well so this is just the outside of it so the board does come with the ports now what’s really interesting is there’s a few different timbers and there’s also a few different chassis now the one that i was given now for evaluate is the one which is a rugged one and it’s also the one that does media capture as well extremely so i was a little bit confused on my unboxing video and now actually i was i might as well go through the quickly through what specific areas of this capture video is so first off we actually have the superpower button in the figurehead and then we’ve got two usb type a ports now there are one which is usb 3.2 gen 2 and there’s also usb 3.0 gen one as well too in front which is up there and then at the back there you’ve actually got two ethernet ports now they’re on different chipping sets there which is quite interesting there and we then got two full width hdmi ports now they’re account two and then we’ve got four usb type a ports now that two of them are three point two gen two ports and then another two more which is gen one ports here which is kind of interesting and then at the top now however we’ve actually got two hdmi ports now one goes in and one starts out which is pass through and that’s really for the capture line-up of things if you’re actually doing capture video which is kind of like the capture placards there so that’s kind of got that built in and then you’ve got audio in and out as well too so that’s that kind of interesting there and they’ve got another few more which were actually the smaller ones is what i’m thinking is going to be really the central key to it in a way so what i say is and there’s of the compute part on the crevice 11 it is the 11 th gen intel core and the one that i’ve given me is the i7 11 85 g7 so it actually has vpro in there as well which is great so you can actually control this in a big business we actually have a vpro infrastructure there so that’s kind of nice there to actually see now what’s really interesting is is

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also that this chassis here and i have a look at the other ones i’m just a little bit disappointed that being the 11 th gen intel it should actually have or what i expected to have was thunderbolt 4 because that’s something that the intel have got and they certainly didn’t that have included that into the chassis all the board designs um so it’s a bit of an interesting that they actually didn’t make thunderbolt 4 in there so that’s one of the big things about the intel feature of things and particularly with the 11 th gen it has gone to thunderbolt 4 endorsement so you’ve got hopefully faster rush supports there all right so this is one of the things the knock 11 estimate factor come here for a 90 watt influence adapter now this is a power looks very similar to like a laptop it’s very image a laptop strength adapter now and i actually did guided the testers for the power for this to see how this runs when this computer is on idle it attracts around about 10 watts so that’s pretty low-pitched i’ve got to admit and when this computer is running on 20 low-spirited so that’s pretty much median its utilization and this computer was only drawing around about 15 to 19 watts so that’s not bad that’s actually saves a great deal of influence i have to admit and one of these computers on a hundred percent consignment so i’ll placed this one on maxed out so that’s ram hard drive and the processor and it pretty much was sucking around about 49 to about 52 watts so that’s not bad at all it actually doesn’t use much power at all which is pretty much like a laptop it actually works around less a little less than a laptop so that’s really good this slap 11.

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This does save a fair bit of power uh peculiarly this little computer handler it’s so small-scale it’s ridiculous this one it doesn’t use bugger or supremacy good admit that is quite amazing now i’d likewise experimented this computer to see how hot this thing loped well took actual basi make off just so we can get straight into the element and just see how it is now when i took the measurements my ambient temperature was 25 degrees celsius and so i’ll lean this computer on 20 percent low-spirited so that’s again median operation so chores like role productivity office streaming videos as well as surfing the web and pretty much the hottest area on this compute factor was 45.5 degrees celsius that’s just pretty good and with the follower racket smacked a maximum period of 34 decibels i also leant this estimate ingredient at a hundred percent onu and the hottest area on this compute element was 66.

5 degrees celsius but most of the others parts of it was pretty much around about 55 degrees celsius and as for the phenyls made a maximum period of 38 decibels so that’s not this blow 11 calculate ingredient does pretty well in hot i was expecting it to affect around about 75 to around 85 degrees celsius but it merely did about 65 degrees celsius and that’s straight-from-the-shoulder onto this

element now so that’s not bad at all i’m actually very surprised by how well it treat hot and also as you can see it actually saves a gala fleck of supremacy it is therefore actually doesn’t do that bad at all the intel nok1 1 compu aspect is configured with an i7 11 85 g7 with a base clock race of three gigahertz so this computer has been running on pretty much max load for over an hour so that’s the processor ram and also the hard drive pretty much on 100 onu and i can see that the actual processor hurried here is anywhere ranging between 3.3 gigahertz to about 3.9 gigahertz and it pretty much climbs up and down between those and this is after an hour so it’s actually doing pretty good so there isn’t any thermal fluttering for the locate clocks which is great because the actual fast is far higher than the cornerstone clock speeding but there is a little bit of turbo lift thermal controlling there i acted the benchmarks for those knock 11 compute point now this one’s configured with an i7 11 85 g7 with 16 gigs of ram and 512 gig ssd and i’ll put up the scores from all the benchmarks only you know the very first 11 th gen intel core laptop i remember which was an msi and that actually played really gone probably won the best 11 th gen intel core laptops compared to the rest of the other intel core 11 th gen laptops i received later on and that one actually moved really quick but it was really hot it was so sizzling you were able to barely touch personal computers while the computer was feeing on 100 quantity now what’s really interesting is that this knock 11 compute point pretty much the actual results of the performance is about the same on equality with that msi laptop and this doesn’t lead as red-hot as well more so that’s pretty amazing i’ve got admit that’s pretty good after looking at all that i was a little bit confused on where this is something that sits in the market because we can’t really articulated a graphic placard in one of these things it does

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all the boards don’t have a graphics poster sort of slot to it and so you can’t really employed better graphics in it and you can’t really alter out this without the ram um it is not slottable it’s pretty much one cell itself so what i actually thought of is that this and the board is really good to integrate to other systems and that’s think that’s where it genuinely glows not in a sort of system like this knock sort of little smaller things i know that is other oems they actually produce a little and they can actually put discrete graphics in that one there whereas this one you can’t do it from intel and the other ones do have other help support picks there now why is like i said i think this is going to be used for integrating to other systems like for example tvs for digital signage media capture methods there that actually can do a little more than that i i don’t know it’s actually really interesting to see where this can be actually integrated into being this sort of tiny width and i think that’s going to be good because quite simply armor is not ready to be integrated more to interesting thing there because we haven’t got a lot of software that actually works on army so i’m still very new whereas this x86 is still very mature and that’s probably where it comes into play is the software still is able to help you out so i actually like to hear what your thoughts are what you think could be integrating to one of the following options things with the little board and one of the following options things into there because you can swap the exchange out and then bang you off to the next statu if you really want to upgrade it as well very so and just see how small-minded this thing is as well extremely so that’s gonna be interesting there to see i hope you felt this video informative or experienced it if you did or even patronize my channel smack-dab that like button for me and if you haven’t already subscribed my path thumped that agree button i do try upload a brand-new video every week and also i do harboured a little bit of a membership and there’s a joint button if you want to actually join my little association there and of course flaws in life does it beautiful and interesting i’ll see you.

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