Review RTX 3050 Is the Cheapest RTX GPU Worth It

so amd propelled their truly saddening rx 6500 xt last week and today is when i can actually talk about nvidia’s response well it’s sort of a response but not really okay i’m getting ahead of myself here i’m talking about this little guy the rtx 3050 and it’s actually …

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Mac mini $75 still good in 2022?

in today’s video we are going to be attempting to restore and or modernize this mystery mac mini that i bought for 75 on ebay now i don’t really know a whole lot about this mac mini i did you “ve learned that” so something’s loose inside the mac mini …

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M1 iMac Full review slim and stylish

this is an imac unlike any imac we’ve ever seen before when we reviewed the macbook pro and the macbook breeze earlier this year we were stupefied they were the first machines powered by apple’s m1 microchip and they were faster longer lasting and just better than any macbooks we’d …

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